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Ford's presence at the L.A. Auto Show can be summed up in one word: Giugiaro. Unfortunately, the new Escape, the product Ford will actually be selling, has been drowned out by the buzz surrounding the Giugiaro Mustang. Our man Frank Filipponio calls it a Spaghetti Western on wheels, which sounds right to us considering the genuine horse hides covering the seats. Apparently Giugiaro's Italian designers took the Mustang name very literally.

Though we had seen the press shots a few nights ago and checked the car out in person at a media event last night, Ford still went through the motions this morning and "debuted" the Giugiaro Mustang at the L.A. Auto Show by pulling back the shroud. Despite the overexposure, the G-Stang still manages to engage us every time we walk by it. Perhaps that's because we're split over whether or not we like it. The back end has been praised by most of the Autoblog team, especially the rear fenders, though the taillights are polarizing. The scissor doors have been laughed at and the full glass roof is just too out there to take seriously. The front end, however, is where the real debate's happening, since many believe this Mustang is wearing design cues we'll see in the next Blue Oval pony car. Is it too Camaro-like? Again, we're split. The fact remains this concept is garnering an inordinate amount of attention for Ford considering the only other vehicle it bothered to bring was a new SUV.

Check out a big gallery of live shots from today's press conference as well as the media event at which Ford debuted the Giugiaro Mustang last night.


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      • 8 Years Ago
      300 Mile Test Drive of 2007 Mustang

      Last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I was in Florida and had a road trip from Delray Beach to New Port Richey mapped out.

      Using Hertz, I requested a Ford Five Hundred when I made the reservations over the phone, but when I arrived there was a Brand New Silver Mustang parked right outside the front doors of Hertz's rental center.

      I was pretty aggravated over the Airport Security Nonsense I had to endure at JFK before my flight to Florida commenced, and when I saw that Mustang I said to myself 'screw the Five Hundred, I want to drive that Mustang'.

      For an Extra 20 Bucks a day, the car was mine.... it was a 6 Cylinder, not an 8, but that 6 Cylinder car cruised at 85mph just as fast as an 8 Cylinder would have.

      My overall review of the car is 'Very Very Good'. Plenty of room even though I am 6ft 2.... and a bit wider on the sides that I should be.

      But... the car is lacking one important component... 'Insulation'.... the road noise was unacceptable, and considering this car is now in its 3rd year of production, I was kind of dissapointed.

      Yes I know if it was equipped with the hungry V8, the noise of the motor is what you want to hear, accompinied of course with the exhaust sound... but still, on an open road, who wants to hear the noise of the road against the tires?

      Even with the radio blasting, you still heard the road noise.

      For the record... I traveled from West Palm Beach...
      I-95 north to 91 north to 60 northwest to 19 north.

      Anyone buying a New Mustang and is considering doing a makeover, regardless if it's just an interior upgrade or to an extreme like the one above.... a heavier insulation between the rugs and the body is a must.

      I had read somewhere that the Ford Expedition has about 45 pounds of Insulation under its fenders, doors, quarter panels, etc to reduce road noise. In my opinion, this same treatment is needed in the Ford Mustang.

      Gas Mileage by the way, for those who care.. was 25.5 miles per gallon, that is with the AC on and cruising 70 - 80 MPH for half the trip and 45 - 60 the other half of the trip, which overall was roughly 300 miles with a few run around trips on the beginning and end of the journey.

      For the record.. after driving the car.. If I needed a car tomorrow and was looking to spend 20k... I'd buy one. ( the 6 Cylinder Mustang ).
      • 8 Years Ago
      That is terrific.....ly awful. The proportions are bang on, but in the details it falls apart. The tail is ungainly at best, the doors smack of Hot Import Nights, the interior is louder than a Zonda (with little of the tasteful details), and the front grill with stampeding horses is just trite. Perhaps that detail will show up in a JC Whitney catalog, if we're unlucky.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Chevrolet called, it would like the front end to the new Camaro back now.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It's not a prototype but there are some cool ideas here and some crap ones. I think the front end is a little toned down. It's the Mustangs signature and should be a little less tame. Other than that, my main complaint is the greenhouse. the windshield is too sloped and it keeps the car from looking like a fastback. It's not bad but the prototype for the current Mustang just destroys it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I am wondering how much will it cost and what is under the hood. But looks great.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The Giugiaro Mustang doesn’t work. It is not bold American styling, it is rubbish. Ford currently has a great design and they need to be very careful about hosing it up. The current Mustang's straight hood, open grill and round headlamps set it apart (it is bold American styling). The Giugiaro Mustang is back to a sloped hood and front end, squished grill, and rearward sloped side window. From the side, this unit reminded me of an old Datsun 280 ZX. So Guigiaro, no thank you, please move on your way. Ford, you have a good design now, you can redesign the interior if you want, and add some sporty tweaks to the exterior, but don’t hose it up like this please. PS. Ford needs to be thinking about a (Super Bold) 2 door sedan vehicle like the 2009 the Dodge Challenger. And no, the Fusion is not bold enough (great quality vehicle apparently) but not bold enough to compete with future Dodge products. Therefore; if your reading this, you had better be thinking about a top hat & V8 for a RWD platform that will be ready push Dodge and others around when it come to future midsized/full size sedans (open grill designs only please; no 3 bar allowed). Be proactive.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This is the sleekest, most exotic Mustang ever conceived. It could well be the best-looking Mustang ever. Ford needs to study the amount of attention that this car is getting, as no other vehicle has created so much genuine buzz since the Alfa Romeo Brera.

      Ford should lose the Lambo doors, the nerdy taillights,(as well as that singularly weird shifter), and build this 'stang. And as for selling it only in Europe, as has been mentioned in the New York Times? I don't think so. In the U.S. this 'stang could possibly outsell the current one, which would be much needed good news for Ford's workers.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It's soooo close to being a great concept. The rear haunches are stunning. The crisp curve from the door leading to the taillight shows power with a little elegance. The taillights are a little to me too. I think the angle of the triple light stagger is too sharp. The inner lights need to be longer and having them run through the trunk lid is silly. Stick on a deck lid spoiler. I agree that the windshield is too fast for production. The nose is a little to low too. Bring the hood line up an inch and insert on hood scoop at the top of the power dome and please make it functional. Push out the two vertical bars on the lower air dam to ends so that the are not going out towards to wheels but point into the center like the shape of the cobra concept. I like it overall

      Oh and stick on some Cobra sticker for 10 extra horses.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The scissor doors are all wrong, yes, I know, it is italian and all, but it totally doesn't fit the whole mustang personae. If they wanted unusual doors they should have gone with suicide style ones instead. And whats up with the side mirrors? Are they cameras? looks like it, but I think it makes the car look a little odd with those tiny little nibby things. That shift knob looks really dodgy too, I couldn't imagine actually driving with that thing. And I just don't know about that low-browed scowling front end, its pleanty mean looking but it just doesn't seem to match the rest of the body. Granted they did do some things right, that is one gloriously beutiful rear end, and I personally like the flowing glass windscreen/roof/rear window. All in all I don't think there are enough glaring negatives present to prevent it from doing well if they ever sold it, considering the culture clash between this blue-collar hero muscle car and an exclusive italian design firm, they've done pretty well.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Almost too futurisitc to me. Don't think were ready for that. Maybe if they kept the front the way they have it but keep the 2005-2008 back on that mustang.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Never owned a Ford but if they make this one I may just change my mind. I think it is awsome!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Kinda looks like the Pony-Up Hotwheel from the door back...

      Giugiaro has always been an interesting designer.
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