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BMW is rumored to be in the process of developing a pseudo-crossover built on the X5's underpinnings, but until now it was only gossip and conjecture. KGP Photography maintains that this mule is such a vehicle, judging by the steeply raked windscreen, higher beltline and camo-clad rear end.
Where a traditional liftback would normally reside on the X5, the X6 will have a more sloping C-pillar (think Merc CLS/R-class), which KGP suggests may draw a few styling cues from the Z4 coupe. The addition of camouflage to the fenders suggests that flared wheel arches are underneath, giving a more sporting pretense to the new crossover.

KGP believes that this is not the V5, a direct competitor to the Mercedes R-class, since the ride height and body style are not inline with such an offering.

[Source: Winding Road]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Crossovers are glorified, re-titled minivans, and if BMW plans on building one the company will have started down a slippery slope indeed.

      • 8 Years Ago
      doing some research on the design, i found it too similar to the 5-series, and yet not enough inovations for the year of 2008. This car is supposed to be pushed by a V10 600 something horsepower when i checked out X6 on google, and it is kind of inapropriate. If you are affraid about the slope Bmw is engagind tiself into with crossovers, I would say it is already done with the 1series. But then again, i wouldn't want Bmw to get of the map, so if that's the way to do money, I won't judge them. I use to consider Mercedes has a brand of choice for an elite of drivers but now with the models they have in showroom, I sort of don't give the SLR the same look i give it now which was the look of a mclaren.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Well...who says that the sedan is a rational dominant car design? From a pure design/utility argument, hatchback vehicles offer the best packaging in terms of utiliteis and size. I have a high-end sports car and love it, but I need my sport 'cross-over' to haul my dog and construction equipment and the larger wheels and greater ground clearance ome in handy both in the crumbling downtown roads where I live and out in the wilds when I visit my family. For someone who has tried to buy a 7-series for years but whose needs simply aren't met by those traditional offerings, I laud the variety appearing in dealer showrooms.

      While the front-wheel bias RX330 may indeed be a minivan, vehicles such as the Inifiniti FX and the (bloated) X5 are very different indeed. If someone can just cut off the fat but keep the hatch and the extra ground clearance, then you'd have gold (a nice alternative fuel powerplant wouldn't hurt, either).