• Nov 24th 2006 at 4:01PM
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Is it just us, or is Ferrari slowly taking its place as the Disney of the automotive world? With an ever-expanding merchandise empire, a theme park, and even placement in an animated film, the Wonderful World of Enzo just keeps on growing. Now Ferrari personnel, for their part, will never have to leave the Ferrari magic, even when they go home, as the Prancing Horse unveils Maranello Village, a new residential compound exclusively for Ferrari staff.

The complex is situated in the town of Maranello (near Modena, Italy) only four kilometers from the factory; the two connected, as odd as it may seem for a supercar manufacturer, by a bicycle path. Naturally the buildings feature Ferrari-red livery, surrounded by billboards portraying historic such Ferrari victories as Le Mans '66, Daytona '67, Monza '75 and Suzuka '04. As befits the legendary name, the buildings are, of course, built to the highest standards. Each apartment (including 22 studios, 42 two-bedroom and 58 three-bedroom flats) come fully furnished. The compound also features a fitness center outfitted with the best equipment, restaurant and bar, outdoor lounging areas and of course plenty of indoor and outdoor parking.

All in all, Maranello Village gives Ferrari personnel a harmonious living space to compliment (and never let them forget) their prestigious and pristine working environment.

[Source: Ferrari via Italiaspeed]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      One imagines there's a bike path because the workers can't all afford the product they make.

      How long until they start paying them in "Ferrari bucks" that can only be used at the Ferrari Foodmart?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Ten minutes from my home is a fancy building full of beautiful new lofts in an old, 19th century building. That building was the company provided housing for a successful mill in upstate NY. It's an old idea that's been used on both sides of the pond with benefits for both employer and employee (along with cons for both too, of course).
      • 8 Years Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      from what PRC says, i dont think he's a Ferrari fan, can you afford the products that they make? im almost sure that you cant, what makes you think that employees at the ferrari can ? just because they work there doesnt mean they earn a six figure salary,
      and as always, FORZA FERRARI ! ! ! !
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