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The relationship between Malcolm Bricklin's Visionary Vehicles and Chinese automaker Chery seems to be changing, Autoweek reports. According to The Wall Street Journal, Bricklin wasn't satisfied with Chery's safety and quality control and will instead design his own cars. The WSJ story says Visionary Vehicles plans to hire Western designers whose creations would be built by a Chinese company to be named later.

Autoblog spoke via email to a Visionary Vehicles spokesperson Wednesday night who said Bricklin has met with 12 Chinese manufacturers and hopes to narrow his list to three early next year. One of those should be Chery. The spokesperson said those three will produce Visionary Vehicles cars in China. Autoweek says their sources suggest The First Automobile Works Group, Shanghai Automotive Industry and Geely are also in the running.

The fate of the 25 or so who signed up to sell Chery autos in the U.S. is unknown.

[Sources: Autoweek; The Wall Street Journal via Car and Driver]

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      Malcolm Bricklin's business model is more likely to be rejected by any of the Chinese vehicle manufactural companies. Accordingly, almost all of the Chinese car manufactural plants are operating at full capacity or due for technological upgrade for their domestic brand maketing effort within China. Unless they have excess capacities, Chinese companies are going to use their plants, which cost hundreds of millions or even billion to build or upgrade, to make Malcolm's personal brand. There is one way the Chinese companies would accept the deal is to create a new joint venture that require billion of US$ to build new facilities and plants just for Malcolm's toys. That means Malcolm needs to put up another huge amount of capital to get his business plan get off the ground. And Malcolm have problem rasing the required fund just ot set up marketing and distributions in US, how much more if he is required to raise another huge sum just for palnt and facilities?
      • 8 Years Ago
      What else should be expected from the guy who brought the first Subarus...the little egg-shaped 360 cc air cooled twin model...and before that, the Bricklin SV-1 to the auto buyers of the U.S.? Wasn't Mr. Bricklin also involved with the importation of Yugos to this country? Guy's battin' 1000.
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      Bricklin...the man behind the Yugo and the SV-1.
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      Didnt they say they were gonna sell Chinese built cars here like two years ago?

      I have a feeling another "problem" is going to pop up and they are going to have to push back release dates AGAIN...
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      Gosh, I just hope that Malcolm's delusional/partner-in-crime punk kid chimes in hear soon.

      I can't wait to hear (yet again) what an incredibly driven and successful guy his old pop is. I'm also waiting breathlessly for the documentary about Malcolm the Great and VV that the junior grifter was making.

      Effen hilarious - all you gotta hear is that Malcolm Bricklin is involved and you know it's guaranteed to be nothing but smoke and mirrors.

      Nothing Bricklin ever says or does holds up to any scrutiny at all - I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone would believe him.

      Oh well, I'd wager that someday one of the 'friends' Bricklin has made over the years will pay him back with interest.