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GM is taking the care and feeding of its growing business in China very seriously. Case in point: The 2007 Cadillac SLS, which will make its public debut at Auto China (the Beijing Motor Show) next week. The SLS is essentially an STS lengthened an additional 100mm (~4 inches) to give backseat passengers additional room to stretch out. In the press release accompanying the above photo, GM states that in China, luxury cars are usually chauffeur-driven, and as such, the cabin has been designed to meet the "specific needs" of the market. We take that to mean that the aft section of the compartment is equipped with more creature comforts than you'd find on a regular STS. Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of the interior to share.

The car will be built in Shanghai, with three engines -- the 2.8L V6, the 3.6L V6, and the Northstar V8 -- available to choose from. News of the long-wheelbase Caddy comes on the heels of BMW's announcement that the 5-Series is getting a similar treatment in China, as automakers scramble to take advantage of every opportunity the growing Chinese market presents to them.

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Cadillac showcases new SLS at Auto China 2006

* Shanghai GM continues to fuel record sales with new models for China
* Cadillac introduces all-new SLS model for Chinese market
* Cadillac Escalade is due to go on sale later this month

Detroit -The General Motors China Group recently reported another sales record for the first nine months of 2006 (645,680 vehicles). These record sales are driven by Buick (+ 27.8 percent), Chevrolet (+51.0 percent), Cadillac (+27.1 percent) and Wuling (+38.7 percent), China's number one brand of mini-vehicles. At "Auto China 2006", this year's international motor show in Beijing, Shanghai GM is showcasing new models such as the Cadillac SLS and Escalade. In addition, an important new offering from the Wuling brand is to be premiered. Furthermore, GM concept cars such as the Saab Aero-X, Buick Enclave and Chevrolet WTCC Ultra will make their public debuts in China.

GM's luxury brand, Cadillac has enjoyed remarkable success since its introduction to the China luxury market in 2004. The Cadillac China portfolio, consisting of the CTS sedan, the XLR roadster and the SRX crossover, will now be complimented with the all-new SLS and the Escalade SUV. Based on the STS sport sedan, the SLS has been lengthened by 100mm to add rear seat legroom. The interior is designed to meet specific local needs in this primarily chauffeur-driven luxury segment. Three engine options will be available which include the 2.8L V6, a 3.6L V6 and the top-level Northstar 4.6L V8 with 239kW/320hp. The new SLS will be built at the Shanghai GM plant for the Chinese market.

"The Cadillac SLS is a very important addition to our line-up in China as it meets very specific market needs," said Jim Taylor, general manager of Cadillac. "Cadillac reacts to country specific requirements and is proud to offer the SLS to Chinese luxury customers who demand extra space in the rear and other features." Earlier this year, Cadillac introduced the new BLS sedan in Europe and other international markets to satisfy the need for a smaller Cadillac model and a turbodiesel engine option.

"The Cadillac SLS is a strategic addition for the Cadillac brand in China, which will enable Cadillac to strengthen its presence in the luxury sedan market," said Mr. Ding Lei, president of Shanghai GM.

"The new Cadillac SLS and Escalade as well as the new offering from Wuling will strengthen our position as the market leader in China. GM's multi-brand approach in China enables us to successfully compete in all important segments of the fastest growing market in the world. I am looking forward to finishing 2006 as another year of record growth for GM in China," said Kevin Wale, president and managing director of the GM China Group.

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Oh and let me throw this out there...

      Ford Motor Company has 'extended bodies for leg room' on their Crown Victoria's but only for Cabs.

      They had to do this or lose the nationwide Cab Business.. but I ask, don't they think the same problems face American Families?

      Again.... the engineers and designers at Ford and GM have their heads up their tailpipes IMO.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Imagine that, more 'Leg Room' for Chinese buyers....

      As a AutoBlog.com fan and a person who participates in posting my thoughts... I have repeatedly pointed out the fact that American Cars lack 'Room' for 'Big' People.

      I am 6ft 2 and most of the cars on todays road are so uncomfortable sitting in for any period of time it's not funny.

      It's either the room sloping low above the doors so I can't see out without bending my neck or I cannot sit without holding my legs together away from the dashboard or the seat in front of me (when sitting in the back seats).

      This is why I think Chyrsler has some winners with the 300, Charger and Magnum... all three of these cars have more room than the Dodge Durango for a person my size.

      For Cadillac to address this in only China though... I mean come on General Motors.. what's wrong with you guys? Don't you think 'Americans' require some more room?

      • 8 Years Ago
      To #9 and #10 - James and Charles..

      To even suggest that there is anything in my post (#1) is in anyway racist or biggotted is nothing more than both of you committing the act of defamation to me.

      I am well aware of there being 'Tall' people in China, as well as everywhere across the planet.

      I was pointing out the fact that Cadillac is seeing the need in China, yet their Country of Origin is subjected to the standard models that do NOT offer the extra room.

      I even went on to do a quick analysis of why Chrysler's recent auto products are appealing to tall people.

      I swear to Jesus Christ, people like the BOTH of you are just looking for things to bitch about.

      Oh wait, did I say Jesus Christ? I hope I didn't offend either one of you by referring to my religion.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow,that's nice #13.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This is the length the STS should be, plain and simple. The regular car has just a bit more rear legroom than the CTS.

      But even a stretched STS would not replace the DTS. It's both more expensive and has a more closed-in feel to the interior. Good for sportiness, but not what many Cadillac buyers are looking for.

      My comparison between the STS and DTS:
      • 8 Years Ago
      #1, what exactly do you mean by "Imagine that, more 'Leg Room' for Chinese buyers..."? Is this supposed to be a racist comment, or am I just reading it wrong? China has plenty of tall people, and because of the population, probably more than the US. Even if a person isn't tall, it doesn't mean they can't use the leg room. If you want more room buy a bigger car, but please, do not make racist generalizations.
      • 8 Years Ago

      This car should be sold in the US. If GM had some sense, they'd do just that. Call it the STS-L. Why not? They'd probably get an extra $5k for it over the standard STS. GM needs to take some more "risks" with Caddy like this here on their home turf. I actually think this car would do pretty well in the large sedan luxury car market here.

      While they're at it , lets bump the hp up on the Northstar V8 to 380, just like the Lexus LS V8.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Looks more like a Cadillac in its long wheelbase form.Back seat room for a 6'1" guy in standard STS is no fun.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Greg posted a comment complaining that the long-wheelbase Crown Vic is only available to taxicab companies. If you've ever been in a New York City taxi -- certainly the largest market for extended wheelbase Crown Vics -- you'll note that there's a barrier installed thats like six inches thick. I'm about 5'11" and the regular wheelbase cabs require me to contort myself in order to fit my legs. The long wheelbase cabs are pretty much required here.