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On the import side of SEMA, few vehicles have garnered more support than Honda's compact Civic. Arguably, Honda brought the sport compact scene to the mainstream with models like the CRX and EG hatch, and partnered with an excess of shoddy ignorant media attention, the Civic throttled the compact scene within an inch of its life.

For over three decades, Mugen has been the premier aftermarket supplier for all things Honda. The company was originally started by the founder of Honda's son, Hirotoshi Honda, and served as the performance arm of the automaker during their forays in everything from LeMans to F1. Although Honda has never owned Mugen, the ties between the two have made it one of the closest partnerships involving an OEM manufacturer and an aftermarket company.

Considering their storied history, it's little surprise that the two have partnered to offer an appealing set of upgrades to the newly released Civic Si sedan. The modifications made by Mugen mainly consist of suspension tweaks in the form of a more aggressive spring and damper setup that drops the Si by 0.6-inches, but still offers a compliant ride. A set of lightweight (16.7 lbs.) 18x7.5-inch forged-aluminum wheels are coupled with BFGoodrich g-Force KDW gumballs, sized 215/40. The only power mod consists of a cat-back exhaust that smoothes out the torque curve.

The exterior benefits from Mugen's world-renowned aero pieces, consisting of a new front spoiler and grille (with Mugen badging, natch), side skirts and a rear bumper diffuser. The attention attracting spoiler's design is an obvious nod to the last generation Integra Type-R's (RSX stateside) own down force producer. Inside a few Mugen badges add to the exclusivity, along with a serial number plate and a new shift knob.

Only 500 of the Mugen-massaged Si sedans will be made available, with pricing expected to be under $30k.

In addition to the Mugen sedan, Honda will be releasing a Honda Factory Performance version of the Si sedan with a revised suspension setup that drops the vehicle about an inch, +1 wheels, stickier rubber, a sport exhaust and a new body kit, all of which is covered under the factory 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. All the individual components can be purchased separately, with the full kit expected to cost around $3,800 plus installation.

Live and stock pics are after the jump, along with Honda's press relase on the Mugen Si sedan.


2007 Honda Civic MUGEN Si Sedan Revealed at SEMA
Honda announces plans to sell factory-prepared MUGEN Civic for the first time in U.S.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., today revealed a prototype Civic MUGEN Si Sedan prepared by legendary Honda tuner MUGEN equipped with a high performance suspension, forged aluminum wheels, aerodynamic body styling and a sport exhaust system at the 2006 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. Planned for production in a limited quantity of 500 units a year, the Civic MUGEN Si will be available at U.S. Honda dealers starting in spring 2007 with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of less than $30,000 and a full factory warranty.

"Enthusiasts have equated the name MUGEN with JDM Honda performance for decades, and with the introduction of the Civic Si Sedan, the time is right for the two companies to once again join forces," said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda. "A MUGEN-tuned vehicle available directly from the factory provides the ultimate level of performance, quality and refinement in a specially-tuned car."

The track tuned suspension, tested at the Twin Ring Motegi racing circuit in Japan, lowers the vehicle by 0.6 inches with aggressive spring and damper tuning for enhanced handling performance while still maintaining a high level of ride comfort. Compared to the stock Civic Si Sedan, front and rear damping force (both bump and rebound) was increased between 8- and 24-percent (the rate varies depending on condition). Lightweight 16.7-pound 18x7.5-inch forged aluminum wheels (27 percent lighter than the stock 17x7 alloy wheel) and high-grip BFGoodrich(R) g-Force KDW 215/40ZR18 summer tires help to further create MUGEN's rewarding and well-balanced handling performance character.

The full-vehicle aero-package adds a front spoiler with a sports grille (with special MUGEN Si emblem), side spoilers, a rear bumper diffuser and a rear wing. The sports exhaust system reduces exhaust system back pressure from the catalytic converter back, resulting in an enhanced power curve. Additional accoutrements include front and rear MUGEN emblems outside. Inside, a serial number placard is located on the instrument panel along with a spherical 50 mm MUGEN shift knob.

The name MUGEN symbolizes Honda performance throughout Asia and around the globe. MUGEN, under license by M-TEC Co., Ltd., of Japan, has been closely associated with Honda for more than three decades in the design and manufacture of racing and premium aftermarket performance products.

Honda's activities at SEMA coincide with the November 1 on-sale date of the new-for-2007 Civic Si Sedan. The Civic Si Sedan embraces the style and performance of the Civic Si Coupe and marks the first time that "Si" performance has become available in a sedan body style.

Civic MUGEN Si Sedan Prototype Specs:
Ride Height = -0.6 inches (5.3 inches total)
Overall Length = +1.1 inches (177.8 inches total)
Wheels: Forged GP 18x7.5 (pattern 5H-114.3 +48)
Color: Fiji Blue Pearl

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      It seems honda civic is going to rule the market.

      but what about the AG's New Chrysler.
      • 8 Years Ago
      there is a problem with this picture. Everything sounds great, and looks great. the problem is, who wants to pay $30,000 for a civic Si? its not realistic. Yes, you get a name of mugen and a few slap ons but pretty much no HP performance, a little handling which helps and some nice wheels for sure. But lets be real, you can grab a nice evo or STI for this range and blow the Si out of the water.

      Dont get me wrong, i own th 06 si. in fact, i own the comptech usa civic si, the first S/C 06 SI in the world at that. Even I would not spend $30,000 on a civic. Maybe if they had an Si that came factory turbo or S/C or had a 220hp power plant and got me 45mpg with a 7 speed transmission. I think honda is taking this a bit far. one benifit from this car would only be how rare it is. I suppose people will buy it though. What honda needs to do, is get that damn CRX back into production, keep a nice design and dont get all crazy modern, drop a k20z3 under the hood and keep the weight under 2300lbs. that will sell
      • 8 Years Ago
      Honda out doing Pontiac with tack-ons... Say it ain't so...
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm sorry but 200 HP for 30K? No thanks, Mazda has the SPEED3 that will run rings around this POS all day.
      • 8 Years Ago
      As for the MAZDASPEED3 and Si debate...

      In my opinion, to compare the two, you need to compare them as sport compacts, not sheer performance numbers. The name sport compact is not only who wins around the track; you've gotta keep in mind efficiency, safety, initial price, reliability, etc. I don't know much about the Mazda, but I can tell you that the Honda surpasses the Mazda in at least those categories. Don't get me wrong, the Mazda is definitely laudable in other categories.
      • 8 Years Ago

      yeah, that mazda might be a bit faster, but it was just listed as one on the least safe cars on the road, so you tell that to the drunk driver that hits you as you try to blow past this modified Si

      and at he tack I bet this Si will be a lot more fun when compared to the torque steer adn computer cutting power of you speed3.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It's definitely not cost effective, but nothing Mugen has ever really been about being cost effective, lol. And obviously the performance is probably not that much better.

      But that's never really been the point of most Mugen mods anyway, they're just really really high quality aftermarket pieces that are basically OEM quality or better.

      So this ride is strictly for the very most hardcore Honda/Mugen fans since there's no way this would win in any sort of a performance metric.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I never thought a four-door Civic would look good. The tail may be flamboyant to some, but I'm fine with it. The colors are nice and tastefully applied. The coupe is still much nicer, but the sedan looks nice here. I wouldn't fork over thirty grand on this if it came with Tyra Banks lying naked on the roof. It looks good--but not that good.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The spoiler needs to go.
      • 8 Years Ago

      I read many articles but after seeing this it seems honda civic will rock the limousine business.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This would be more appealing (and maybe worth "under $30k") if they used the JDM (aka Acura CSX) front and rear on it and upgraded that with the standard JDM Mugen styling. (see http://www.mugen-power.com/street/civic/wallpaper/wp03_1024.jpg )

      As it is, justifying the cost of "under $30k" is tough to do when a Civic Si Sedan with Navi and the HFP package will cost under $27k with what seem to be the same mechanical parts but different body styling and wheels. It's even tougher when you can get an Acura TSX without Navi and import and install the equivalent set of Mugen parts for just over $30k.

      Come on, Honda, just give us what you know we really want: the Civic Type R.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Just as an example of what I mean by my last post, Mugen makes aftermarket gas caps, radiator caps, fluid tank caps, for Honda vehicles...none of which actually do anything for performance (unless you have a rather vivid imagination-in which case all of them apparently add 10 horsepower). But they're still extremely expensive and people do buy them (although I'm still kinda unsure why people think buying just one random Mugen part allows them to shove mugen stickers everywhere).

      Anyways, for people who have a ton of money to spend though, and have been a big fan of the Si, this car might actually make some sense. It's sort of a collectible Si if nothing else since it's just a run of 500. I know most people don't think of the Civic as a collectible, but look at the Integra Type-R.
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