• Oct 31st 2006 at 8:54AM
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Bruce Newton at drive.com.au just reported on Toyota's next-generation LandCruiser, caught testing in southern Europe. Although there was the usual heaping helping of black disguise cladding (do they celebrate Halloween in Europe?), the new model's more rounded styling shown through. The newer LandCruiser certainly looks larger than the current model too, despite the slump in large SUV sales and projections. But even though gas price hikes have put a scare in the market, Toyota has an ace up its sleeve. A diesel V8.
A powerful V8 turbo-diesel engine is expected to be one of the available powerplants, a first for Toyota. With a displacement of 4.5 liters and a pair of turbochargers, it should be good for more than 200kW (268 hp) and, 650Nm (479 ft-lbs.) of torque. That's a huge improvement over the current I6, which rates 151/357. This new V8 may make its way under the hood of the Tundra, rumor has it. A new Aisin six-speed automatic transmission should also appear on this SUV. And while it will be bigger than the current 'Cruiser, weight is expected to hold steady around the current model's 2710kg (5975 lbs). The LandCruiser replacement will be a body-on-frame with double-wishbone front and live axle rear-end to continue the tradition of outstanding off-road ability.

[Source: drive.com.au]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Will this machine ever be available in Canada. It'd be a great way to get to the mountains or pull a trailer for camping on the lake. Plus you're helping the enviroment.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #2- (pun intended) Where did that come from??? the Land Cruiser, least of all available fullsize SUVs is used as a mall hauler. The current 5000 units sold in the US (between the LC and LX470) PALES in comparison to the units used all over the world for true severe duty applications. Try to look over the fence every now and then. Now, as far as this has significant impact on us here in America, This motor should be exactly par with the other half-ton motors expected in the Silverado, Ram, F150, and Titan. 4.5ish displacement, power just under 300, and tons of tourque.
      • 8 Years Ago
      These pictures are more than 1 month old. The vehicle shown here is constucted from 2 different design just to do the testwork. the nose is a GX470 nose and the rear is the existing Landcruiser 100 series.
      Front suspension in this vehicle looks like the GX470 or Tundra / Sequioa set-up. This fits in with the idea of building more comfort into it and using existing platforms.
      The European Landcruiser 120 is not a rebadged GX470. The 120 was their first with its brother the Prado. GX470 was introduced later but shares the same chassis.
      Chassis set-up + suspension can be found on; FJ Cruiser, GX470, LC120, Prado, Fortuner, 4Runner, Innova-Kiang and the Hi-Lux 2005 and younger ( also named VIGO ).
      Frame copied from LR is a bit easy to say as many vehicles are outfitted with frames. You might as well say that LR has copied this from the A-ford but then worse.
      Anyway nowadays more and more vehicles go to sub frame constructions but its good Landcruiser stays on a frame wich makes it a beautiful vehicle for armouring.

      With best regards,Maarten Verschure.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Ooh, look at how innovative Toyota is. We should all be grateful there are companies like Toyota that care not just about themselves but also care about us and the environment. Everyone should drive a Toyota and the world will be a better place.
      • 8 Years Ago
      On a recent trip to the UK i was surprised to see that Toyota currently sells a rebadge of the Lexus GX as the Lancruiser in the UK. That is a smaller vehicle than the Landcruiser we have had here and as pictured in this post. I'm wondering what the rationale is for the smaller Cruiser in the UK. Toyota has the RAV4 below this - no 4Runner. I would have thought the Landcruiser was the more internationally consistent big ute and would have been less surprised to see the GX rebadged as a 4Runner, since they do share some architecture.
      See for yourself http://www.toyota.co.uk
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Body-on-frame" means once again, Toyota Landcruiser is stealing ideas from Land Rover.
      The LR3 (and now RR Sport) was the 1st offroader with this design.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Frank Filipponio wrote - "Do they celebrate Halloween in Europe?"

      Yes, they do, but it's much more popular in the British isles than on the Continent.
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