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Lo and behold when I checked my inbox did I find word of spy shots of the upcoming and highly anticipated 2008 Nissan Skyline. Here they are courtesy of KGP Photography and the pocketbook of Winding Road. We've been waiting anxiously for more news on the Skyline ever since we saw the GTR-Proto concept that was debuted back in 2005 at the Tokyo Motor Show.
These shots afford us a look at a Skyline that appears to be very close to production spec with minimal shrouding over the front clip and rear. Despite the coverings, we see a two-door coupe that doesn't stray far from the GTR-Proto in appearance and, quite frankly, looks drop-dead sexy. Look at how the roofline just falls from the top of the A-pillar into a sharply kinked C-pillar. Lovely.

Unlike previous iterations of the Skyline, this coupe is not based on a sedan, but rather is bestowed its own two-door architecture that will likely pay dividends in the car's performance. We don't have much word on the Skyline's mechanicals, but Winding Road's Chris Paukert surmises a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 derived from the 350Z's powerplant putting out somewhere in teh range of 450 horsepower and 370 ft-lbs. of torque. All-wheel drive from the previous GT-R's electronic ATTESA ET-S torque-sensing system is onboard and four-wheel steering is also a possibility. Check out more photos by following the read link.

[Source: Winding Road]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hey, look its a G35 coupe on steroids.
      • 8 Years Ago

      here is difinitive proof that warrior spirit is really what counts and the fact that the zo6 has a 100,000 mile warranty and gets 26 mpg just slows it down fo shizzul
      • 8 Years Ago
      Ok... While the Subaru is an amazing car, I was amuzed at the monkey-fucking-footballery that occured while those accross the pond attempted to handle the LS7 with their brake foot... while being ever so gentle with the loud pedal - Not to mention the lambo... IT was fun to at least watch one person drive the piss out of the Sube, while the other 3 country-clubbed it around. Would have liked to have seen what was left of the front tires on the Sube too.
      So, great video, great cars... (cough cough Skyline R34 3rd place...?) The giddy laugh coming from the vette driver as he came up on the Sube down the back-stretch was priceless though!
      Dont get me wrong, I would pass up a Vette anyday to drive a skyline/GT-R of any vintage. I guess I'm just a Gran Turismo Skyline lover...
      More power to ya Nissan, Subaru, etc... Build a car that will beat the Z06: Here's the kicker - Sell it in the States for that price! I would buy that in a heartbeat!
      (Are the S204 Suby's available in the states?
      • 8 Years Ago
      57, and your gt-r will come in at a whopping 3500+ lbs and the nsx and the corvette come in at 28-2900, the gt-r will barely have a footing with the regular z51 vette for 35,000 less assuming the gtr is 80k. The mustang svt cobra has 500 hp weights 39-4000 and a regular vette walks all over it. Sure this will appeal to fanboys but at 80k it will nsx itself.... 50-60k will be a reasonable sell.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Please do not insult the legendary GT-R by bastardizing it as a Infiniti.

      why are most Americans so worried about image...."

      anyone else see the irony here?

      • 8 Years Ago
      Corvette is for old farts, get with the times you idiots.
      • 8 Years Ago
      ok all you fan boys, here are the facts.

      the r34 skyline is not as fast as a c6 corvette
      the c6 zo6 is faster than a ferrari f430
      the numbers that we have heard about the gtr (450 hp, 370 torque, 3600 lbs) all suggest that this is not in the same league as the zo6. the numbers suggest that it might be as fast as a non zo6 vette.

      for the gtr to be faster than the zo6 everything we have heard about it would have to be wrong.

      the corvette is a better performance machine with a lower center of gravity, better suspension, better aero, more hp (naturally aspirated) at a lower rpm. every aspect of it is better than what we have heard about the gtr.

      oh and all you idiot ricers need to stop quoting specs from special edition tuner skylines when your talking about the r34, you make yourself look stupid and just confuse the issue.

      in short, the new gtr is going to be a really fast car but still nowhere in the same league as the zo6. there is an extremely short list of cars that are faster than the super corvette and none for less than twice its price.
        • 7 Years Ago
        you are wrong again. Z only works in states cause in EU it costs almost as same as 997 GT3 which is as fast as Z. Not to mention Noble M15 also...
      • 8 Years Ago
      blah blah, this car doesnt even exist in production form.

      the Z06 must be the worst car to exist ever. It has 7L too many cubes, on nooo.

      Im not gonna stop defending it, becuase im an ignorant redneck that has a problem with imports. I love v8 so much they blinded me from technology.

      right. once again, the vette has a thing about nostolgia, the engineers tried to keep it close to it's roots. In case you havent relized the vette has a fully independant suspenstion with these leaf springs, and adjustable shock dampning, and 7 liters = 427 = the lengendary stingray. sorry chevy is lazy and uses the same technology it did 40 years ago. Im glad nissan didn't do that here, A wagon or pickup GTr no thanks.

      No I dont drive a camaro, I dont live in trailer, im not a nascar fan. I just love all cars, and dont like when a one sided ignoramous has everything to hate about 1000s of hours of engineering to make one of the fastest and oldest american sports cars yet. But hell I don't hate Japanese cars, I like skylines, but since the skyline has a legendary image to uphold, why so low numbers, how is this supposed to be faster than a z06 if

      1. it will obviously be heavier, AWD AWS yea...

      2. make less power and torque

      better have a killer suspension, last time i checked a Z06 was pretty quick in the twisties.

      lets get real here apreciate all cars for there engineering and design. Nissan, this cars shape has a good profile, a but to edgy, looks like cadilac gave you too much influence. the motor needs more force.

      the "ricer" logic Ill never get it, just as ignorant as V8 lovin renecks always one sided.

      P.S. Im a loser with a POS pontiac fiero with a 3.4l dohc motor. i suck and japan owns my white ass. japan>america always.

      this is my last post on this blog, you guys arent proving your points, no not anyone can make a 7L with 500hp, becuase this is a full produciton warrentied small block. any home built 7l will probally be a big block, otherwise the cylinder walls will break within a few thousand miles.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "about the nurburing lap times...are you a complete fool.
      7:42.9 in a 500bhp/7L drag racer(z06)driven by a professional race driver whoopie.

      A 2002 3.2L v6 Honda NSX with 280bhp driven by gansan laps at 7:56 which is only 14 seconds behind on a 12mile circuit with a 220bhp disadvantage(280/500bhp)!" - Eastern Wonder

      So let me get this straight. In your own example about how great asian cars are and how bad american cars are, you could not even cite an example where the asian car was faster.

      At least you did not make up an example (like the fictitious importance of hp/liter)
      • 8 Years Ago
      Bland, big and just not all that exciting.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow... I'm a fan of this car but my god, how stupid are some of the people here defending it? You're just as bad, if not worse, than the Corvette guys.

      A few things for starters:

      1. It isn't a Skyline. It's a Nissan GT-R.
      2. There has been absolutely no information released about engine size, let alone power and torque figures. It could be 300hp or 600hp, no one outside of the Nissan/Cosworth folks know.
      3. I'd be very suprised if this car 'kills' the Z06 in terms of performance. The GT-R is aimed squarely at the 911 Turbo, not a car where refinement isn't really a big goal. It could be faster than the Z06, it will probably be a nicer car, but the Z06 is very, very fast.
      4. The old 1600kg (very heavy) R34 GT-R was faster than a C5 Z06, it's ridiculous to say that an '08 GT-R won't be faster than even the base C6 Corvette.

      Oh and yes, it's very stupid to compare a 1.6L engine to an 8.3L engine.

      The GT-R will probably be dead even with the 997 911 Turbo in every performance figure, Nissan don't care about any Corvette. You also have to remember there'll probably be many versions of this car also, with all the V-spec, V-spec II, N1, Nismo versions and such. All with more and more power than the standard model.
      • 8 Years Ago
      83. Audi won Le mans this year in a diesel, your point is? No one gives a shit about the gt1 class. Renault won the 2005 F1 championship but you do not see me rushing down to buy a Clio 197 do you fan boy?
      By the way c6r do not use the 1950's leaf springs(used in the road car) do they...(?)

      The r34 gt-r murdered the C5 z06 so all you redneck fan boys need too understand that Nissan as got the c6 z06 cornered with the upcoming gt-r.

      Again here's a video of a 2007 z06 losing to a 280bhp 2.0 4 cylinder Subaru impreza......over 5 laps too..

      youtube com /watch?v=KE7fQrN4KVo

      To All you Z06 fan boys. If you have (if any) brains then watch this best motoring video race with your beloved Z06 and 3 OTHER CARS and TRY to defend the race result??

      I wont SPOIL the race result but i can tell you NOW that the Corvette C6 Z06 is not the rocket shit GM lead you (and some ring time driven by some danish bloke with funny hair)to believe that the Z06 is the flag-waving-good-ol-boy champion you think it is.

      and you are saying the zo6 is a faster car than the 2007/8 gt-r (that has yet to be released yet).
      stupid American car loving redneck fan boys cannot see what is right in front of them
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