• Oct 5th 2006 at 3:56PM
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Like a dad descending the basement steps and asking in on a round of Halo 2 with his son and his buddies, Buick will be showing up at SEMA this year with no less than 11 customized Lucernes. It will be the first time in the event's 43-year history that General Motors' elder-brand will appear on the show floor. Just to give this some perspective, the median age of a Buick buyer is 65, which happens to be a decade shy of the life expectancy for males in this country.

If you're expecting to see 11 Lucernes that look like part of an Xzibit rental fleet with woofers, LCDs and automatic Red Bull dispensers, you'll likely be disappointed. The Lucerne's will reportedly be customized in the "VIP style" that's popular in Japan right now in which vehicles forego the bling for modifications that enhance their luxury and status. We say good luck to Buick in its efforts to be hip and immerse itself in youth culture, because we know how serious those kids take their Halo 2.

[Source: BrandWeek]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      Ahem, and where is the Buick Super?
      • 9 Years Ago
      With all other companies going back to historical muscle car names and the retro styling that goes along with it, Buick should revive some of its old monikers, such as the Grand National or the GS, for an image improvement. Camaro, Challenger and Shelby are already coming back...Buick should jump on the muscle-car bandwagon quick. Maybe a '09 Camaro-based car or a GTO-type rebadge would be a perfect starting point
      • 9 Years Ago
      You need to give Buick some credit. The Skylark wasn't a badly built car, but it looked (again) just like every other GM offering in that size. Kudos to Buick for trying somethng new. Wait til the Enclave arrives. It's different from anything Detroit is making today. Too bad GM didn't give Oldsmobile this chance.
      • 9 Years Ago
      " The Lucernes will reportedly be customized in the "VIP style" that is popular in Japan right now and will forgo the bling for modifications that enhance their luxury and status. "

      Does this mean that these cars will be tastefully and CONSERVATIVELY customized? Several young posters here say they would buy this car and then ADD bling...if I understand them correctly. Buick's and (FORMERLY) Cadillac's big problem is/was that they were perceived as being too CONSERVATIVE. But hey, maybe this time it will work for them.

      By the way, I'm old enough to have been around when the Skylark of the 60s and 70s were big sellers. Buick had no trouble selling a sporty car to young folks, especially when you added a V8 or a Turbo V6 to the equation. But then some pinhead at GM decided that it was up to Chevy, Pontiac, and Olds to sell performance. The FWD Skylarks of the 80s and 90s? Those were bad jokes of a car. Even the French wouldn't buy a mid 90s Skylark, and the French used to build some of THE ugliest cars on the planet.
      • 9 Years Ago
      #25 makes me lol (*laugh out loud).

      so it's impossible for a ricer boy to take a 07 Avalon which has more quality problems than any Buick and not make it look ridiculous? Hmm...because I saw one the other day w/ ebay dual exhaust mufflers on it and neons and I chuckled to myself saying "what a f'n bitch...riding around in a cock magnet Toyota."
      • 9 Years Ago
      The lucerne is a really nice car. I'll tell you what the problem is, its a FWD!!! If that car was RWD alot more people would consider it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "When better automobiles are built ... BUICK will build them"

      Remember that one ???????

      Invicta, LeSabre, Grand National, GS ...


      The most feared car on the street...a 1955 BUICK CENTURY TWO DOOR HARDTOP. (A Buick Special body with a Roadmaster engine it it) That one would just stand and SMOKE...if you let it.

      Today's LeSabre or rather last years LeSabre...one of the very best values on the road ! ! !
      • 9 Years Ago
      I wouldn't underestimate Buick. I am in Oakland and they're popular with the urban ghetto youths.
      Heck, my employees (HS kids) both male & female aspire to own Buick "scrappers."

      These kids load them up with 22" wheels. I asked them why would anyone buy a cheap $2000 buick and load them up with a $4K rims?

      Apparently it is in like myspace. I guess I'm showing my age at 35.
      • 9 Years Ago
      That buick looks sick...

      • 9 Years Ago
      I like the lucerne and I'd drive it and I'm only 23. But then again I also bought a Camry (new, mind you) when I was 20 so maybe I'm a little more conservative lol. Of course I bought it on purpose since I wanted to settle into a calmer more mature driving style and figured the Camry would be the car that would give me that.

      Of course I like the Avalon too heh (enough of the GM vs Toyota crap people, you're allowed to like cars from both of them). Only problem with the both of them is that they're a little bit too big for NYC driving-I noticed just how huge the Avalon was compared to even luxury cars from the 90's....it's become a behemoth.

      Of course if you don't live in a city where actually being able to parallel park your car is key then this doesn't really matter. But here even my Camry is just a little bit too long sometimes (it's REALLY annoying when a spot is just like 6 inches too small...grr).
      • 9 Years Ago
      I am mid-40's in age, white-ing(not graying) hair, and people gimme looks when I crank up my weird music, still(captain beefheart,the residents,and i sometime slsiten to older smash mouth,too, alice cooper..his new stuff, maybe buckethead,etc...some old, some new, but all "weird" and noisey and loud. Kids say I should listen to oldies and country, old people think I'm a punk, lol).
      I drive a Sonata, and I told my spouse about the Scion tC(great car, BTW. at 65,000, and 26 months old, great car).
      What would I drive(or may look at in the near future)?
      Try the Avenger, possibly the new Corolla(if it looks like the auris), maybe next gen PT cruiser(unless i need a car before Chrysler gets a move on this), possibly next-gen Reno; all Suzuki, not GM-DAT car(sporty car edition)possibly an "old man's" car, the Optima/. Sonata or if I have the cash, and don't care much about MPG(just HP, 0-60 in 6.5 seconds w/automatic) new(brand new) Azera or the Amanti(brand new, looks great).

      Who knows what i will buy, but it won't be GM.
      • 9 Years Ago
      To #10 and the rest... the reason why young urban kids like certain family sedans is because for so long many were getting "stuck" with them as their parents handed them down the family. And in order to make it work for them, they had to fix them up to make it cool. This is true for many other cars, such as Lincoln Town Car, Continental, Mark, Toyota Camry and Avalon, Nissan Altima and Maxima, Chevy Caprice, and Olds Cutlass. Now, like many new fashion things, it is trendy. So much so they rather HAVE a car such as these, rather than the typical high horsepower sports car that used to be the ticket. It's all about bling bling. Cadillac got very lucky. It was absolutely NOTHING the company did on purpose. It just evolved naturally in the urban ghetto and with the rap music scene. I doubt Buick will have the same success because there is no older Buick that the kids all got stuck with and customized. Or if there was one, I have never seen it or been around it. GM just ought to concentrate on building a Buick that copies a Lexus ES and appeals to the older folks. The Lucerne and Lacross are already discounted failures here in Los Angeles.
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