Just got back from NextFest. Dubbed Wired's version of a new world's fair, NextFest brought together more than 130 exhibitors bearing new technologies in a plethora of fields from all over the globe. Given that it's being held just 3 short subway stops from my apartment, I couldn't quite think of a reason to miss it.

I have to admit, it wasn't quite as big as I thought it would be, but there was still a lot going on. There were a number of worthy exhibits - some green, some interactive and some just plain cool. Our focus here, however, is green land transportation, so I'll try to stay on topic as best I can in the subsequent posts.

As Sam mentioned earlier, GM brought a "portfolio of green advanced propulsion technologies" under their Chevrolet, GMC and Saturn badges. They were the only major auto manufacturer to show up which, of course, is understandable as I imagine everyone else is busy flexing their muscles in Paris. There were, however, a handful of other interesting green vehicles including the Buckeye Bullet (Ohio State's claim to having built "the fastest electric car in the world"), an E85-electric hybrid Chevy Equinox built by Virginia Tech, Xof1's (pronounced "power of one") solar project car aimed at setting a world distance record, Carl Vogel's electric Harley-Davidson and Wheelsurf's recreational disk-shaped motorcycle (trust me, you'll love this one).

More to come soon...

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