• Sep 30th 2006 at 7:44PM
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Spyker-MF1 has struck a deal with Maranello to use Ferrari engines for the 2007 Formula 1 season. The team formerly known as Midland and before that as Jordan was recently purchased by a consortium lead by Spyker, the quirky Dutch exotic carmaker. Autoblog previously speculated on the likelihood of such a deal, as an Emirates crown corporation owns a stake in both companies.

The announcement comes out of Shanghai, where the Chinese Grand Prix weekend is currently underway. The heads of the Spyker team met last week at Ferrari headquarters to strike a deal, but until Saturday, there was still a possibility that they would stick with Cosworth engines for next season.

Ferrari is also expected to provide engines for one of the two Red Bull teams (either Red Bull Racing or Scuderia Toro Rosso), leaving the other to possibly use Cosworth engines or the Northampton, England-based firm could be forced out of F1 without a team to supply.

[Source: GrandPrix.com]

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      Just curious:

      The latin incsription is: "No way is impassable for the persistent"

      It has been a while since I did any latin, had to look up two of the words just to be sure. Can anyone confirm if my translation is correct?
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      Red Bull signed an agreement with Renault, too. So they'll use Ferrari for one team and Renault for the other team next season. No more Cosworth.
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