• Sep 29th 2006 at 4:27PM
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The Buick Enclave is shaping up to be the most attractive member of Lambda-based trio of SUVs from General Motors. Or are they CUVs? The Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia have already been revealed to the public, but the Enclave remains shrouded when seen in public and is awaiting an official debut in the near future. Cheers and Gears got its hand on a lengthy spy video showing the Enclave tooling around town and the SUVs decidedly upscale interior. The gauge pod features two large dials place din between three smaller ones, all ringed in chrome, while an analog clock is perched atop the center console right above the rather large navigation system. The Enclave's exterior also retains the attractive styling cues we liked so much on the concept version that debuted last January in Detroit, like the sculpted hood that flows down into flared fenders, the large grille and upwardly sloping beltline.

[Source: Cheers and Gears]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      I am sure there is a long line of people reading autoblog, in hopes of seeing new buicks. man, what a slow news day.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Rising Sun, you're fooling yourself if you don't believe that Toyota doesn't badge engineer, what about the Lexus RX (sold in the U.S.) and the Toyota Harrier (sold in Japan), or the Scion/Bb brands? Please check your facts before you make such unfounded statements. American auto companies also do platform sharing (I.E. ford fusion and lincoln zephyr, Ford 500 and Ford freestyle). I agree with you, the Silverado and the Sierra are virtually the same truck; the only thing I would fault GM for is selling both trucks in the same market, not for badge engineering. It seems like people on this blog believe that "bulletproof" Toyota can never do any wrong. They are no better than GM, its just that people percieve that they are better, and that's making all of the difference
      • 8 Years Ago
      How can I be scapegoating GM when thier badge engineering can be so in your face. I really don't see why the GMC Sierra is being sold side by side with the Silverado. At least with Lexus there is a clear understading you are paying for a luxury vehicle. How can you feel like your driving in a luxury vehicle when you realize your Lincoln Mark LT is simply F-150 with new grille and badges?
      • 8 Years Ago
      5. Don't you just love cookie cutter cars.......why spend millions of dollars to tool up a vechile that looks like everything else on the road ??????????

      Posted at 6:02PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Frank 0 stars

      I dunno--maybe Toyota or Honda knows; because we all know how distinctive they look.

      And as for you:

      3. Why is this even news? Everyone already knows how the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia look like. And since GM refuses to differentiate its clones (we're not talking distinct like Highlander/RX here), it isn't news when some clone comes out.

      Posted at 5:41PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Eric L. 0 stars

      The Highlander and the RX are not clones of each other--and anyone who has ever seen the Enclave concept would never make the statement you just did.
      But with a sharp eye like yours, it's understandable you know very little about even the Highlander or RX (and THEY run on biodiesel, "good intentions" and the approval of your social peers and neighbors).

      I thought Autoblog was for enthusiasts...boy was I wrong!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Don't you just love cookie cutter cars.......why spend millions of dollars to tool up a vechile that looks like everything else on the road ??????????
      • 8 Years Ago
      I believe I can take any GM automobile and given the same TLC owners of jap cars give their cars and drive the GM car mile for mile of the jap car and spend less money. ive driven GM cars and ive never spent a penny on repairs. routine maintenance, gas, tires etc.
      • 8 Years Ago
      An example of GMs horrible badge engineering can be seen in the Cobalt/G5. Take a look at the Holden/GTO, and the upcoming Holden/Grand Prix. The only differences are the grilles and minor interior details.

      The GMC Sierra does serve a purpose in their lineup, though, it's an upmarket Silverado. Better interior.

      When a pickup comes off the line at GM, if it has a problem it's a Chevy, if it doesn't it's a GMC, at least that's how the old saying goes.

      There is a big difference between platform sharing and badge engineering. GM has always done badge engineering, but this Buick is a big step in the right direction. Japanese companies don't badge engineer, they platform share. When Toyota/Nissan/Honda share a platform 95% if not 100% of the sheetmetal is different. Take the Infiniti FX35/45 for example... bet you didn't know it's based on the 350Z platform... Civic/Integra doesn't share a single piece of sheetmetal. No Lexus shares a single piece of metal with its Toyota counterpart.

      Before this Buick, GM could could hardly muster molding a new bumper from ABS to differentiate the models. I hope they're learning.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Ocnj, if you've never been to Japan, you have no clue. I've been there several times and checked out Toyota dealerships there, and believe me, they badge engineer to the same extent as GM. They get away with selling their rebadged Toyota/Lexus here in the U.S. because most Americans don't have a clue, so please stop scapegoating american auto companies for a common industry practice
      • 8 Years Ago
      7. No apparently Autoblog is a forum for GM boys to wax loquacious about how wonderful GM's new vehicles are, ignoring that alternatives exist. I have nothing against the Enclave (its a much better vehicle than the Rendezvous!) but I'm just a little disappointed that the Outlook/Acadia/Enclave are not as distinct from each other as Highlander/RX or Pilot/MDX. Its not like the general cannot make cars look different either - check out the Malibu/G6/93/Aura. Same car, but at least they look different from the outside.

      Posted at 7:07PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Eric L. 0 stars

      If only...

      Look, we all know GM has problems--you certainly didn't make this stuff up out of nothing; but in the case of the Enclave, you KNOW that's not warranted in the least. Anyone who has ever seen the Enclave concept would know it shares no sheetmetal with the Acadia or Outlook.

      With warm regular comments like those above, it's a wonder "GM fans" don't notice anything else ("brad" and "yeahright").
      • 8 Years Ago
      look out Lexus! Here comes Buick!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Looks really nice. I don't know what some posters problems are.. they seem to have the time to post about this vehicle they are apparently bored with. GMAB
      • 8 Years Ago
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