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Rolls-Royce (literally the "Rolls-Royce" of automobiles) revealed in Paris that they've started working on their long-awaited "baby Rolls-Royce", which it projects will be ready within four years from now.

Saying "baby Rolls-Royce" is relative when it'll still cost as much as a small house, but considering its big-brother Phantom costs as much as a large one, the projected price in the €2-300,000 range seems like a bargain by comparison.

Currently the BMW-owned super-luxe carmaker offers only the Phantom sedan. The smaller sedan, which is expected to share some bits with the next BMW 7-Series, will be joining a few more models, including a stretched Phantom, a new cabriolet (previewed at Geneva '04 by the 101EX showcar) and its possible coupe derivative.

(Follow the jump for the short press release.)


Rolls-Royce new model series

At a private function at the Paris motor show yesterday evening, Ian Robertson, Chairman and Chief Executive of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, confirmed that work has begun on a new model series. It will be launched within the next four years. The new car will be smaller than the Phantom and cost between 200,000 Euros and 300,000 Euros before tax. Planning permission has been granted to expand business operations at Goodwood. Further details will be announced in due course.

Sales of Rolls-Royce Phantoms are forecasted to be around 800 cars by the end of 2006, marking a fourth consecutive year of growth. The Phantom and extended wheelbase version will soon be joined by a new convertible model that will be unveiled in 2007.

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      Rolls-royce of automobiles does not mean the best.

      These days it means straight from the junkyard. Throughout the last 70 years rolls-royce made the most rotten cars on the planet.

      No engineering, no imagination, no quality, no effort.

      Just leather and poorly plastered wood.

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      the baby maybach looks better .
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      These recent post seem to tell the story of where both of our countries are headed in terms of class and intelligents. Where are the real car people on here?
      As for the real subject of this blog; I wish Rolls-Royce was still British. I miss them.
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      Whomever wrote that first sentence "Rolls-Royce (literally the "Rolls-Royce" of automobiles)..." should never be allowed to write anything automotive again. Ever.
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      Where do the world's most reverred sports and luxury marques originate from? Aston Martin, Lotus, TVR, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Land Rover? Er, not the Land of the Fat. You have Cadillac, Lincoln and Hummer. *sniggers*
      Germany and Italy are home to the rest of the world's truly great sporting and luxury marques, as I'm sure you're aware. My point is that these great brands and their cars are mostly engineered for Europe - if they were engineered for America they might as well build a clone of the Dodge Ram or Toyota Camry. Being an American you are too fat and stupid to understand cars and what driver appeal is all about. You drive around in poorly engineered trucks that can't handle, and domestic and japanese cars with all the driving excitement of a washing machine.

      Oh, and BMW is likely to phase out production of its V12 altogether - its simply too heavy. A lighter turbo or bi-turbo V10 will replace the V12 in the 7-series and possibly result in the launch of an M7 variant for the first time.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Andy, UK, go eat a crumpet and pay VAT on a Fiesta. Your post is just fluffy crap. Wow, RR is going to sell a 200,000 Euro-plus sedan in four years; that's almost as exciting as information about a new special edition version of the PT Cruiser. BMW is going to have to turbo their V12 if they want to be competitive.
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