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We wandered into Skoda's booth at the Paris Auto Show expecting to catch our first up-close look at the much-lauded Roomster. What we didn't expect was that we'd spot it in dirigible form, silently gliding 15 feet over our heads.

Apparently floated as a trial balloon for a new series of lighter-than-air people movers, the Czech manufacturer lofted a helium-filled representation of its new crossover vehicle, replete with a radio control system that steers the vehicle via a pair of props mounted on swiveling gimbals. You've seen the future of transportation here first, folks!

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      That yellow car is "joyster" - concept that will probably go to production. I don't really like it... but you can find more photos on this (czech) website: http://auto.idnes.cz/neoficialne-o-skode-joyster-pujde-do-vyroby-fzf-/ak_aktual.asp?c=A060928_133919_ak_aktual_fdv
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      Is that fiberglass? It looks to detailed to be rubber or the typical blimp. Nice but I would rather have a Kangoo.
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      The floating car is a pretty cool gimmick. Must be eerie to see a car hoover and slowly drift over your head.

      Reading the post and seeing the first picture, at first, I though it was a real car suspended on strings...
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      bob, you don't know what you are talking about. 99% of my comments are relevant and insightful, but Andy, UK can't comment on a single car without bashing the US, it gets a bit tiresome. I'm a liberal democrat that questions a lot of US policy, but his comments are just inane. Honestly I would ask that he be banned, but I'm not that petty. This was his last post:

      "Honestly, if BMW engineers wanted the M3 to be production ready at the same time as the standard 3-series coupe, it would have been. These are German engineers, remember. Not Americans.
      I don't see why people query the rationale behind launching the M3 a year or so after the regular 3-series coupe. The launch of the M3 would detract attention from the rest of the 3-series coupe range, which is wholly unfair (as well as making poor business sense.) The 335i is a sensational car in its own right with one hell of an engine - BMW returns to using turbos in its engines with apolmb.
      The wait for BMW's next M car, whilst tantilising, merely serves to create a buzz around the model - great for publicity. The NOW culture evident particularly in America in recent times is getting irksome; congrats to the Germans for not succumbing to it."
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      I agree, this is a blog about cars, not to bash others for their opinions. This place suxz.
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      Andy, UK, this car can't actually float. You probably have Mad Cow Disease and I don't want you to get confused. Not that you could afford a new car since you're British.
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      would someone please ban rwdmtparkingonly from commenting?

      as a matter of fact, i'm done with autoblog... can't stand the lack of moderation. at least TTAC and jalopnik ban consistent trolls.
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      Have the comments threads gone all wonky? I'm seeing things mixing about all over the place - most of this lot don't seem relevant to the post, and there's nothing from Andy, UK here anyway...

      "While ford continues to fire 40,000 workers in america, the british enjoy all the fruits.

      Billions of losses at jaguar and land rover, yet ford protects british jobs and british brands most shamelessly. "

      What a load of shite. Ford have had job losses in the UK as well. One of Jaguar's factories has ceased production of Jaguar vehicles, Ford, I think, don't build passenger cars in the UK any more at all. AFAIK the Ford's sold in this country are built mainly in Belgium, Germany and Spain.

      As for protecting brands... Ford will protect what they need to in order to try and get themselves in better shape. If that means using Land-Rover and Jaguar, then what's wrong with that?
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      Ok, I'm done, back to cars.
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      I remembber one of those as a PT Cruiser at the NY Auto Show a couple years back.
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      Actually, I saw it first on Top gear! :P