• Sep 27th 2006 at 8:49AM
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And here we thought the Tesla Roadster was one fast EV. Go check out White Zombie, a modified 1972 Datsun 1200. The key site to see has a short, 16-second video clip of the White Zombie going 106.250 mph on the 1/4 mile. With a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, this beast could beat a Tesla.
The drag racing Datsun does have regular-driving limitations, though, with a range of only 30 miles and no heater. The White Zombie was given it's high-tech electric brains by Tim Brehm and John Wayland, who you can tell have a good sense of humor because they list the Zombie's seating capacity as "2 scared adults". Brehm and Wayland make up Plasma Boy Racing, and have converted other vehicles - including a riding lawn mower - to electric power. You can read the Zombie's full specs here.

[Source: Dragtimes, Plasma Boy Racing]

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      Yay!!! You have a fast electric car! Now while you're going around hyping how good on the environment it is, be sure you explain how much coal, oil, nuclear power is required to charge your batteries. Oh, don't forget to explain all of the pollution that is created in the manufacturing process to create all of those batteries. I promise you the "carbon footprint" is much bigger than you and all the other tree huggers are willing to admit. But that's cool. The proof is in the putting. No one that matters listens too you because they already know its too expensive, difficult, and/or environmentally unfriendly to mass produce all the parts to make more "White Zomies".
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