• Sep 26th 2006 at 6:37PM
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Rally racing is easily classified as one of the most insane forms of motorsport out there. The thought of running through a series of poorly maintained cow paths at break-neck speed, surrounded by a variety of immovable objects that don't particularly like to give on impact, may not be your idea of fun, but for others, its what they live for.

For two participants of New Zealand's Rally of Nelson, what they live for quickly changed into what they might die from. Following an off road excursion, the duo found themselves upside down in a nearby creek/river. Both the driver and co-driver escaped without injury (the STI was less fortunate), but the video at Stuff.co.nz is enough to make even the most hardened gravel thrasher cringe.

Follow the 'Read' link for all the details, along with an in-car video of the crash.

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      thats not scary.

      this is scary: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zCMiOl272Bc
      • 9 Years Ago
      One would suspect that water that is knee deep, would not really qualify as "narrowly escaping death in the drink".

      From all accounts from people who pulled the car out, the creek was very shallow indeed.

      Particularly in view of the fact that they were then attempting to repair the car that night to run the next day, it certainly tells us the car hadn't been in deep water.

      The usual grossly exaggerated media reports strike again. Never let the facts get in the way of some good hype.
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