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Fourtitude has nabbed some spy shots of the upcoming Audi A5 wearing original skin for the first time, and clearly its design will be the spitting image of the Nuvolari concept that appeared at the 2003 Detroit auto show. The A5 also looks like it will be a longer, more accommodating coupe than the TT, which can be cramped for those who are gifted in physical stature.
Fourtitude also goes into great detail about the A5's new platform, codenamed the B8. This all-new architecture will first debut in the A5, but soon after will appear in the next generation A4 sedan, an A5 convertible and the Q5 soft-roader. VW/Audi is an industry leader in parts sharing, and the scalable B8 will also likely lend components to the A6, A8 and rumored A7 four-door coupe. Follow the link to see how Fourtitude breaks down the B8 and catch a glimpse of a nice A5 rendering, as well.

[Source: Fourtitude]

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      4schizle -

      I think you misinterpreted what i wrote. i'm a big fan of audis and i wasn't bashing them at all. i'm simply saying that this will be an important step forward for the company. i'm not sure how you took what i wrote (other than the stuff about BOB) as negative, but it wasn't intended that way.

      anyway... someone pi$$ed in my cheerios??? man, that sucks! no wonder they tasted so bad.
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      Audi's Le Mans-winning racecars have little to do with the handling dynamics of their road cars.

      The point is, the changing of the front end's configuration can only help, and as someone who is without a doubt an Audi-phile with few equals, I must say that this will be of tremendous value to Audi's on-the-road feel.
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      I need to change my handle...two "Jason's" in this list of comments. I'm the one from the first two comments. Reborn! (dramatic music)
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      umm BOB, you do realize if you click on the read link they show you the whole picture of the spy shot? The spy shot is not the little snippet of a picture autoblog gives you... yeah.
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      well chris i think your first correction of bob was fine, but your second one was asinine. i think the readers *would* be furious if only the teaser shots were shown. And no it is *not* clear that you have to click on the 'Read' link to see the pictures. It doesn't say so in the text, does it? Other sites at least use something like 'Read full story' which gives a clue. Another natural thing to do is to click on the picture to see the rest of it - here that doesn't do anything.

      doesn't the fact that someone could not easily work out how to see the pictures indicate that the site could be improved? anybody who thinks otherwise obviously has no experience with web design.

      my opinion.
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      That new sheet metal treatment over the normal Kenworth truck grill opening is really cagey!
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      Slow down, Chris...Bob is still learning this intarwebbernet thang. You know, it's like a series of tubes...
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      Actually, 'spitting image' is also correct. It's British slang and has been used since 1901, according to a book on phrase origins that I have handy. By the way, the French have the same expression "spitting image" (in French, of course).
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      The A5 should be a great seller, I wonder what they have planned for the S model engine.
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      If the car is faithful to that concept, it'll look a hell of a lot better than a BMW 5 series or a Cadillac STS.
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      BOB -

      alright, you're still stuck on this so i'll try to address all of your points. bear with me, as this may be lengthy (this isn't about the article, so everybody else should skip ahead).

      first - they were sarcastic comments that came off as "nasty", not vice versa.

      second - i don't have kids. so, that insult pretty much falls flat.

      third - your initial stupid statement, which showed you couldn't follow a simple link, is indeed worthy of ridicule. especially when you bash the operators of this site, who generally do very well at what is clearly a thankless job ( i agree with #12 on this one).

      fourth - writing in CAPS for an extended period is quite annoying.

      finally - i've read several of your posts within several different stories. generally, your writing is irrelevant, ignorant, and of poor quality. that is, you don't directly address the topic at hand, your opinions suggest a general lack of tolerance or knowledge, and you communicate poorly.

      i'm reasonably sure that i've been quite rational in these points, but i'm sure you'll find a way to complain. however, in my last post i moved on to discussion about the a5. if you'd care to debate that subject, i'd be more than happy to discuss the issue. if you want to keep complaining about how i was "mean", i'm done... this is the last i'm writing about it. everybody here would probably agree that i've taken up WAY to much space on it.

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      Everybody is a f**king critic!!! These blog guys are up all hours of the day/night providing us with fresh automotive information and it seems every post I click on someone is bitching about the grammar. Give these guys a break. Remember, every morning at work when your sucking down your four dollar Starbuck coffee while checking your emails along with the latest news in the automotive industry, it was the sometimes grammatically incorrect guys at Auto Blog that brought it ALL to you. So finish that steaming, frothy hot cup of calories and enjoy the pretty photos.
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