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Chevy might be tapping coeds for its upcoming Super Bowl ads, but Scion is seeking help in the showroom. ScionZone's Nick 06 tC reports that Scion has recently launched a competition for up-and-coming architects and interior designers to develop a complete design concept for a next generation 750-square-foot Scion dealership. Call it Scion 2.0. First prize is five grand so it might be worth a try if you're in the field. Even if you're not, there is enough information at the website to help you put together a decent proposal.
The contest is called Scion Floorplan and has its own website, scionfloorplan.com. At the site you'll find more details about the competition including what your proposal needs to include, judging criteria, and downloadable resources to help you with your entry. Second and third place winners will receive $1,000 and $500, respectively. Submissions will be accepted until November 10th when Scion executives and design firm Commune will begin the judging process.

[Source: ScionZone]

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      Scion co-exists within Toyota dealerships. I believe there are only 1, maybe 2 as self sufficient dealerships in the US and this is why the 750 sq/ft is the desired size so that it doesn't take away any more of Toyota's showcase floor then it really has to. They just want enough for info, kiosks, a few sales associates, and that's it.
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      Only 750 square feet? That seems awfully small for any kind of dealership, sounds more like a kiosk.
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      Isn't the use of "coed" like totally 1970's at this point? The word has lost all meaning, since almost all colleges are "coeducational", and no one even remembers when schools were men or women only!
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      How long will the scion brand live?

      It doesn't seem to have much substance behind all that flashy advertising. Yeah, it's cool that they are selling hatchbacks to a country that was previously too dumb to realize the hatch is useful, but think about launching this brand in europe... people would say "wow another toyota hatch, who gives a crap" and it would fizzle in a week.