• Sep 24th 2006 at 2:04PM
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During next week's Paris Motor Show or, if you want to get stuffy about it, "Mondial de l'Automobile", Porsche plans on taking the wraps off a few new models that involve more revisions and additions than outright redesigns.

Porsche's slow selling, but helplessly desirable, 911 Targa will gain all-wheel-drive and will be offered in both "S" and non-"S" form. The 911 Targa 4S' new powerplant will churn out 355 BHP, while it's "S"-less sibling will have to make due with 325 BHP. As is the case with any 911 equipped with all-wheel-drive, the rear haunches are widened - 44 mm in the case of the Targa.

Also due for release is the RS variant of Porsche's gloriously maniacal GT3. The race-ready 911 will benefit from a variety of track inspired equipment, notably the 415 BHP, 3.6-liter, flat-six, which will rev all the way to 8,400 RPM, before the rev-limiter stops the madness.

Those of us stuck on this continent are starting to get jealous.

[Source: Carpages.co.uk]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Porsche always has great looking cars I wish I had the money to buy one and the time to drive it. I really like silver on sports cars makes them look that much more rutheless
      • 9 Years Ago
      Not "make due" but rather, "make do."

      Also, "rear haunches" is redundant. That's a bit like saying "front forearm."
      • 9 Years Ago
      love it. Great looks, almost open top motoring without a soft top, all wheel drive. Perfect for the north east.

      1 targa 4s please for xmas.
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