• Sep 22nd 2006 at 12:28PM
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The world of auto enthusiasts was surely shocked to learn about the very serious accident Top Gear host Richard Hammond suffered on Wednesday. Current reports tell us he is now out of intensive care and in stable condition.
The outpouring of support for Hammond has been incredible in the last few days and shows just how much the British host meant to enthusiasts around the world. If you'd like to show Hammond your support and haven't done so already, you can leave a get well message for him at The Sun.

Our friends over at PistonHeads.com have also set up a way you can donate money via the website JustGiving to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity. One of this service's helicopters flew Hammond from the scene of the accident to Leeds General Infirmary where he's being treated. These helicopters cost 3,600 a day to keep in the air, and so far fans have generously contributed 39,945.50 in Hammond's name. The first goal of raising 25,000 was met so easily it's been raised to 51,000, which will pay for 150 flights.

Thanks for everyone who sent in these tips.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      Richard is a fighter to have pulled through this, anyone in his postion deserves any help at all no matter what they do for a living. Lets just hope he makes a good recovery. Chad-prob better u dont say anything else coz what u have said so far is cr*p
      • 9 Years Ago
      Doesn't Hammond have insurance which would cover ALL these expenses? We do, because we're in the AFTRA TV and radio union of performers and have been for almost 20 years ... I was the USA 'presenter' for Granada TV's THE MOTOR SHOW in the UK several years ago and they paid my AFTRA payments just as if they were a US company. Surely Hammond is in the UK version of that union. He can use our thoughts and prayers, surely, but he does NOT need money --- THAT IS ALMOST A CERTAINITY. This 'request' and website should be checked out to to see if it is a FRAUD.
      • 9 Years Ago
      i just hope that Richard will be ok and be fit enought to go back into the car and do what he is best at.

      top gear wont be the same without him...
      • 9 Years Ago
      Steve Parker, you Sir, are an arse. Let people donate to who they want to. Justgiving is a well known and trusted donation website being used as a gateway to a registered UK charity.

      Hope the little fella gets well soon.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I'm sick of hearing about this guy. It's not like he is Princess Diana. He is just a automotive TV personality who made a mistake or had some bad luck. We don't know which.
      I hope no one is sending any money to support this guy directly, because I am sure he has plenty and "Top Gear" and the BBC will shell out whatever it takes to keep this guy around for his "miraculous" comeback special.
      Also, If I were driving some jet car, I probably would have paid for a Medivac chopper myself, or at least put it in the show's budget in case something went wrong.
      If the guy didn't actually get hurt, I wouldn't put it past being a PR stunt, which is what the jet car thing was basically, right?

      **Stay Tuned**
      -Hammster speaks!-
      -Richard H. thanks all his adoring fans for their outpouring of support.- "I was overwhelmed by the response"
      -Jeremy Clarkson reviews the latest wheelchairs to speed up Hammsters recovery-
      -Top Gear Special "Hammster's tragic accident" - The courage it took for a mere TV personality to brave the risks of getting totally fecked up at 500kph.
      -Richard Hammonds triumphant return to Top Gear- A teary-eyed celebrity recounts the difficulties he faced after his tragic accident.
      -Richard Hammonds triumphant return to "Brainac" in which he and the team test how many coeds does it take to crash a jet car?-

      And yes, I am in a bad mood today.

      -If your feeling generous, give some money to some starving kids or homeless people, even though they may not be as entertaining to you.

      • 9 Years Ago
      If there was some sort of point you had there, Chad, I missed it with all the noise of you being a massive a-hole.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Again, I would warn everyone to be aware of scams regarding 'donations' for ANYTHING you read about on the Internet ("Gee, there's really NO SUCH THINGS as Internet scams, are there, dear Uncle?") ... As someone who works in the same field as Hammond, and probably is in the same union, I can tell you all ---- He most CERTAINLY and UNDOUBTEDLY has insurance which will cover ALL his costs (and the UK has socialized medicine anyway, something not available in our 'enlightened' the USA) --- If someone wants to contriubte to some air ambulance service, more power to ya! But DON'T think you are going to help pay Hammond's bills --- His no doubt HUGE medical bills will be taken care of. Here's a thought --- Make a donation to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (ccfa.org --- USA's only F1 driver, Scott Speed, is a colitis survivor and very active in this group) of which I am a board member locally, and help someone IN HAMMOND'S NAME --- His family will most likely NOT need your monetary help, but WILL surely appreciate donations made in their name! And why all the nastiness about this? It's a pretty straightforward thing! Guy gets hurt, guy gets flown to hospital, guy recovers ... GUY HAS INSURANCE and everyone's happy the NEXT time he tries something stupid (whici I do on my own on occasion)!
      • 8 Years Ago
      richard is a fighter and it was upsetting to hear about him bein close 2 death:(Hampster is kwl.me and mi friend was talkin about the accident and we nearly ended up in tears cos he is a lovly lad.lol
      • 9 Years Ago
      Hi Richard all the best for a quick recovery, the box is just not the same without you .Wishing you and all your familly all the very best for the future Stephen LOCHINVER
      • 9 Years Ago
      Glad to here he is doing better, I wonder when he will return to the show.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I don't understand how you guys can argue about money when some's life is on the line? I knew some people had issues about cash but i didn't you guys were doing it to the point of saying such things. I mean even if he wasn't ensured and people paid for him would you like ''CHAD'' to be left dying on the streets just because we can saving all the people starving on the planet ? Another question for you #3, what are YOU doing to save these people starving? May we have a sincere answer, and if you are in a bad mood please go see a doctor intead of spreading your bad mood around you ... This is crazy !
      • 9 Years Ago
      Erm.....Chad, learn to read before you start blabbing away m8!!Nobody 'is sending any money to support this guy directly', they're all giving to the Air Ambulance service. Sounds to me you're just jealous of The Hammster, he gets to drive all these fancy cars for a living while you most probably have barely enough money for publiuc transport to and from your boring job, whatever and wherever it may be. As for it being a PR stunt?? He was in intensive care due to significant brain damage, something you are clearly very familiar with since you sound like a complete idiot!!
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