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Last month, Automobile Mag generated some chassis dyno numbers with a turbocharged BMW 335i coupe that were a bit healthier than one would suspect, given the factory's rating of 300 HP at the crankshaft. In a follow-up, they're now stating that the 275 rear-wheel horsepower number that was reported was actually the lowest of four pulls; one even generated 283 ponies. And all of this was with 92 F ambient temps - the sort of air that usually kills the output of boosted engines.
The publication then strapped a second sample to the same dyno, but this time in 78 F weather. Three runs yielded an average of 285 RWHP, with the other two varying from that by a maximum of three HP. Such consistency in the static air environment of a dyno is downright amazing and attests to the effectiveness of the Bimmer's intercooler and engine management system.

[Source: Automobile Mag]

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      #27 Dude

      Go do some reading on any of the M3 forums. Stock for stock this car will be very close in acceleration to the M3. Of course it doesn't have a competition suspension on it since it's not the M model, but it will have a stiffer architecture and probably better geometry (you hope so after 6 years or so anyway), and therefore is a better foundation for mods. The E46 M3 is basically maxxed out in stock form, and doesn't respond much at all to the cheaper mods out there (a credit to BMW engineers, not leaving any "fat" on the car).

      What I'm saying is usually with turbo cars you can make a few simple changes and have a real fire-breather on your hands. Wait and see, on the street these will be eating the E46 M3's. Not to mention, which would you rather drive, something with low end torque, or something you have to wind up to the sky to move down the road?

      On the M3 boards you will quickly see that it's a very touchy subject with current owners of E46 M3's. You gotta remember, the E46 has terrific resale value, so they are paying a high premium and high cost of ownership for something that is now not as impressive as it once was. All of a sudden their cars are going the way of the E36 M3, and they are wondering if they should hang onto their M's or get into one of these things. For now, the controversial styling has many of them content about holding onto their M's.
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      jmfangio - irrelevant as the new M3 will no longer use the S54. Besides, the M3 even in its current form is a more athletic car and has a different audience. There is more to performance than going in a straight line.

      You are missing my point. Maybe I am just more tuned into some of the things BMW has been doing to specifically adress parrasitic losses. I am done writing about it as it is boring me at this point. It is worth reading up on though - quite some interesting stuff (particularly the electric water pump for the cooling system). Check it out.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I just watched a show on SAE certification process for HP. They tested a GM motor to meet a 310 dyno HP mark (no idea what motor). I wonder since these are probably not SAE tested does comparing the marketing values really matter?
      • 9 Years Ago
      "Also, when's the last time you saw a "standard" BMW engine with class-leading HP numbers? Even the new G35 has an "unofficial" rating of 306 HP naturally aspirated."

      Ummm...this is actually where the whole point of this article comes in. Sometimes raw HP numbers are not the most important thing. BMW tends to make very efficient engines AND drivetrains with minimal loss. This is not something new on the 335 - they have always strived for this. couple that with carefully chosen gearing and you will see why a car like a 325 or 330 performs on par with cars that, on paper, would seem to have left them far behind.

      As an aside, I remeber Car and Driver running a group comparison of $35k-ish sport sedans. The G35 won, but they had to knock the BMW down to a 325 (e46) and even then it was close. The article went on to say that it seemed like it should have been a killing with the BMW giving up something in the neighborhood of 75hp (325i is rated at 184hp from BMW) and, while the G35 WAS much faster in acceleration the discrepency was not as much as you would have guessed.

      My point is efficiency in translating power at the crank to power on the ground is a lot more important than generating massive numbers.
      • 9 Years Ago
      #1 What does a high specific output engine do for the car that a low specific output engine cannot? And dont tell me that it revs higher and hence is more exciting.

      Give me a practical example.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I know of someone who went Stage I with his 2.4L Dodge SRT4 which doesn't cost much. The engine makes 375hp at the wheels and is very tractible on the street. Why pay more for less performance?
      • 9 Years Ago
      This motor was designed to have a super fat torque
      band. It basically has the same torque/power output and bandwidth as the LS1. Not bad for a 3.0L vs a 5.7L....

      By the way, Vishnu (www.vishnutuning.com) has already started to mess around with one and got another 30whp peak, and ~70whp on the top end, with just an initial retune.

      • 9 Years Ago
      IN response to #23,

      as mentioned earlier, BMW doesnt want to infringe on its ///M brand. If they advertised 340 HP at the crank for a 335i, it is going to cause potential M3 buyers to pause. They don't want that.

      If you read the original automobile article, it said that it beat the current M3 once you from rolling starts (e.g. 30-70)
      • 8 Years Ago
      They ran a couple of 335's at the recent 12 hour production car race at Bathurst, Australia. They went really well and were always swamping every other car in the field down the long main straight. Didn't even have a brake pad change for the whole 12 hours!!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Also if you want 100hp/L why not check out the M3 or M5.
      • 9 Years Ago
      With a drivetrain loss of 17% taken into effect, that engine would make right around 333hp (nice number, heh)
      • 9 Years Ago
      100 hp/liter is what they and Honda do with NA engines, I would hope they could do a bit better than that with a direct injection turbo. The new Ecotech turbo does 130 hp/liter, if this engine had that much specific output it would have 390 hp.
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