A keen observer in the UK, sent the blokes over at PistonHeads the above pic of a BMW 7-Series with '770Li' badging and, even weirder, a 'W12' logo brandishing itself on the left corner of its pseudo-Bangled trunk lid.

If this is authentic, and we're pretty damn sure that it's not, would BMW really take a play from the VW engineers and produce a W12? An even better question would be, is there really a market for another 'quick' luxo-barge? The 760Li does 0-60 in just over five and half seconds, so would such a beast even fit in BMWs lineup? We think not.

As is probably the case, some overly geeky (not to mention wealthy) car guy found a machinist to mill some faux badges and then got creative with the double-sided tape. If that's the case, we're thinking of throwing some 'Sixteen' badges on the flanks of our Mom's Alero. Anyone gonna hook us up?

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