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Toyota has announced that production of its 2006 Scion xA and xB will end in December, and that the two economy cars that kicked things off for Scion will be replaced next spring by two all-new models wearing 2008 badges. That means technically speaking Scion will have but a single car available for model year 2007, the tC coupe.

Scion's vice president Mark Templin gave no other information regarding the upcoming replacements, except their estimated time of arrival. The success of the Scion brand can be largely attributed to the splash made by the xA and xB when they hit U.S. shores in June of 2004. Since then Scion has sold 72,011 units of the xA and 139,091 units of the boxy xB.

[Source: Scion]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      After trying to order a xA I can tell you that there is probably enough stock to last the jump between the old and new model. Buying one was a pain if you wanted one just so so. If your willing to take what ever the dealer gets then your fine. I was quoted 6 to 8 months wait by three different dealers to get the car I wanted. I passed.
      • 8 Years Ago
      In response to Leather Bear, I think that the same time the Renault 16 was introduced to the United States, another, even more influential car was announced: The 1969 Simca 1204. Here was the first transverse-front-engined, front-wheel-driven, small hatchback sold in America. The difference is that it was smaller than the Renault (competing more closely with the Renault 10). And you could get it in several body styles and trim levels. Chrysler-France pretty much had the best-seller year after year until seven years after the launch of this car (in France), when Volkswagen introduced the first Golf/Rabbit. Car and Driver magazine had to give second place to the Simca (in a test of 6 small cars) because it was not as quiet at 70mph as the Vega was! Still, the Simca was made for 20 years, it's a shame Americans also chose to buy the Vega over the Simca!
      • 8 Years Ago
      #21 "Rich, your numbers mean nothing. You're comparing a full marque offering twice the number of vehicles to multiple market segments, to a group that sells three cars in 2 segments. Apples and Oranges."

      Actually, numbers are numbers. If you have multiple segments, that's what you do, if you want to niche that's what you do. However the company name on the vehicle is the same, you sell cars 3 models or 20 models.

      Manufacturers choice, want to only build toasters with your name on them, fine, want to offer a broader range, fine. Mercury is a marque so is Scion, you get what you get, the numbers tell the story.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #31 Saddlysore.. i bet if your ass was in the south pacific during ww2 you wouldnt be bragging about driving one of those pieces of shit tyoties.. YOU MORON
      • 8 Years Ago
      I bought a brand new 1975 "Gremlin". Another econo car and the hatch was just a flat rear windshield. My first view of a hatchback was a Triumph. I fell in love with that car. As Poe said NA hatchbacks were pretty low on the car chain. Anyone remember the Chevette Scooter?
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm interested in what they will be replaced by. No doubt it will cost the same or less, and be better than the products that are being phased out. I have always liked the Xb, but I like the Tacoma and FJ a little bit more.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I love how American guys are still afraid to drive a hatchback. Everywhere else in the world, no one cares, but here you need a trunk or you're a girl.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Most economy cars in the late 70's and early 80's were pretty simple products, certainly by today's standards. I think we got in the habit of associating small hatchbacks with spartan, underpowered products and when gas prices fell in the mid-80's it was "So long!" to the hatches.

      And now, suddenly, they don't look so bad. Go figure.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #15 Agreed 110% Gotta love the spin.

      "The success of the Scion brand can be largely attributed to the splash made by the xA and xB when they hit U.S."

      211,092 vehicles sold in 30 months = an average of 7036.4 vehicles per month.

      If a domestic produced and sold this few units you'd hear the cry. Kill it! Kill it!

      In fact it was just yesterday the call came, Mercury Kill it! Kill it!

      Same period of time

      211,092 Scion
      431,121 Mercury That's double the sales per month

      Yet the Scion figue is considered a huge success. Amazing! Fantastic! (OK insert, "It's a startup and look they sold 1/2 the cars and they are new" here) Uh Huh.

      The B still looks like a toaster.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Rich, your numbers mean nothing. You're comparing a full marque offering twice the number of vehicles to multiple market segments, to a group that sells three cars in 2 segments. Apples and Oranges.

      I'll laugh if Scion's "new" models are the bB and ist.
      • 8 Years Ago

      I feel that Toyota is screwing the pooch by cutting off the xB production so soon after introduction (region by region)..
      The xB has really taken off, first in Cali., then the NW, now it is getting good sales in the south but the east coast and midwest have yet to reach their potential sales..
      btw.. it's the "over 50" buyers that are boosting the xB's past the targeted sales...it just takes a while for us "gray hairs" to see the true potential of the box.. ie: easy ingress/egress,& economy.
      It's a great buy when you are on a "fixed income"
      And YES, I am well over 50 and can buy any car I choose... bought 2 xB's for the price of 1 yuppy friend of Chevron.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Richard, for the first year Scions were available in about 3 states, so your average is misleading at best. Toyota is currently selling almost 20,000 Scions a month, with numbers going higher almost every month. Total Mercury last month was bout 15,000, a failry consistently average figure for them.

      FGT, I call bullsh*t on your observation, unless you live in a retirement community and never leave the ol' cul de sac. Scion has the lowest average age of any make. And even that low number should be lowe, because it does not include parents purchasing Scions for their children. Unless 22 year olds are buying them for their grandparents, your "obsevation" just smacks of a lie, just a typical smear on Toyota.
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