• Sep 7th 2006 at 5:36PM
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Not only is the Caliber tough to find on dealer lots in the United States, but it's also selling out in Europe as well. According to AutoWeek, Dodge woefully underestimated European demand for its hatchback replacement for the Neon, causing dealers in Europe to put people on a waiting list in excess of six months.

Many questioned whether Dodge's very American design could do well in Western Europe, but that question is now answered, with 3,238 Calibers were sold so far this year. Dodge sold just 311 vehicles in western Europe all of last year, but announced plans earlier this year to push Dodge as an international brand for the automaker.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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      have no love for mitsu. yugo was a better car. do they include a tool box and chiltons manual? you're gonna need em.
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      Keep in mind the Caliber available in Europe has a diesel engine, so it is fairly economical, and just as in the U.S. there are folks who want a car that looks different. IF the Avenger doesn't rack up big sales numbers, the Dodge brand may not make it in Europe as per a recent AutoBlog "article".

      Anyone read EVO magazines short take on the Chrysler 300CDT? The 300 WAGON sold in Europe with a M-B turbo diesel V6....they said it was a great car for folks who want to make a statement about owning American but who are frightened by the gas-swilling V8s. It is nearly as quick as the 3.5 V6 we have as a base 300 engine but has tons more torque and better gas mileage numbers.
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      I wonder what the wait will be for the SRT/4 when it arrives.The German's will love it.
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      Toby, look at European sales figures for American cars. 3200 Calibers for the less than three months the car has been on the market? That is alot.

      The 311 cars Dodge sold in 2005 in Europe were all one vehicle: The Dodge Viper, sold at Chrysler dealers.

      Chrysler sells the most popular American vehicles in Europe. The Chrysler Voyager (aka Town & Country), Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Cherokee (aka Liberty) are among the best selling in their class in Europe
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      Of all the American cars, *this* is the one that's becoming popular? I thought Europeans actually cared about a car's driving dynamics!
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      The caliber appeals to such a huge customer base.. its got alot of utility and at such a good price.

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      The last sentence of the of the Top Gear review sums it pretty accurately. "But for people who own small SUVs, and therefore clearly don't care about driving quality, the Caliber might make a weird kind of sense." The same holds true here...styling the Neon replacement along the lines of an SUV was a really smart move.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "14. mitsubishi fan? no credibility there."

      HEY NOW!!!

      Have some love for Mitsu :-)

      Nothin' in better than my dream car:

      1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Twin turbo, all wheel drive, all wheel steering, hardtop convertible. MMM, that car is hot, and it has to be jet black with under 30k

      Too bad they still go for 25-50k
      • 9 Years Ago
      #14 Daimlerchrysler? No credibility there either!
      Make a crummy car and people flock to it, this is what hurts American car companies.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Sadly, today we learn that there are stupid people in Europe, too. Who knew?

      1st we export bad tv, now this! No wonder the world hates us...
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      Comparing the Caliber to the Outlander doesnt seem quite fair when you consider the Outlanders $6000 price difference comparing base models. The Caliber is an economy market car. You get what you pay for.
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