• Sep 2nd 2006 at 8:09AM
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Our buds at Winding Road have a set of new spy shots posted that shows a Subaru Legacy mule sporting a mildly updated front fascia and a pretty substantial hood scoop. Back in May, an updated Legacy debuted in Japan and is now headed to Paris later this month.
There are some differences between the refreshed Legacy and the one seen at right, though. For instance, while the area beneath the bumper is changed, the grille isn't. It sports the same chrome divider as seen on the current US Legacy. The new Japanese and European models (except Outback, which gets unique grillework) have a more pronounced "V" bisecting the grille opening, which we like very much. Also, Japan-market Spec.B cars get a honeycomb grille.

Winding Road notes that the amber inserts on the head and taillights have been scratched in favor of clear ones -- a welcome (albeit extremely minor) change that is in keeping with the facelift other markets are seeing.

What's the big scoop for? Those things don't appear on current Subies unless there's a turbocharged powerplant lurking underneath. In Japan, the 2.0 Spec.B package is good for 280 horses -- more than you get with any current Legacy engine here. Could we see something with WRX STi-type numbers in store for the Legacy? Your guess is as good as ours, but it sure would be nice.

We'll say this: our curiosity has been piqued.

(Photos of the updated Japanese and European Legacy after the jump.)
The Facelifted Legacy
The Legacy in the spy photos at Winding Road sports the same headlamps as the new European and Japanese models, but the rest is different. The mule has the old grille but a new lower fascia. Here are a few shots of the facelifted Legacy that is appearing in other markets right now.

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      • 9 Years Ago
      "What's the big scoop for? Those things don't appear on current Subies unless there's a turbocharged powerplant lurking underneath." Sheesh, they could at least research the current Legacy/Outback offerings before they make themselves look like idiots. The Legacy GT/Outback XT are already available with a slightly-detuned version of the STi's engine, 250 hp/250 lb ft, with a turbo and a scoop for the top-mounted intercooler. That giant snorkel in the spy shot is *NOT* an improvement over the current Legacy's scoop. The current Legacy also has dual tips for some reason... it's a single exhaust running to the back but splits for style over substance before the back bumper. I wouldn't trade my '05 LGT Wagon with its sleeker, low-key scoop for one with that huge wart on the hood...
      • 9 Years Ago
      Those are not the new headlights. Those are US headlights w/ the amber removed. They are not the 07 JDM/EDM headlights (notice it doesnt curve at the side).

      The scoop is not going to make it to production. That is merely there for testing.

      The bumper is from a non-US H6 model.

      There are a few theories:

      1) Testing how much air they need for a new LGT intercooler.
      2) This is just a test mule shell for the new Impreza
      a) large scoop for large sti intercooler
      b) exhaust pipes cant be found b/c they are very short as the new Impreza is based off a shortened LGT chassis.
      • 9 Years Ago
      AutoFan - you didn't get the memo. The airplane grille is out.
      • 9 Years Ago
      As I stated over on Winding Road that front bumper is the the pre '07 standard Japanese bumper for the Legacy. If you also look closely at the pics over at Winding Road, you see that there is only an exhaust tailpipe on one side (albeit with a dual tip). If you notice the Impreza STI while no longer has the larger hood scoop, only has a single exhaust, so let's hope for a more powerful Legacy.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I thought all of Subaru's new grilles were going to have that Edsel-esque toilet seat thing on them. Did I not get a memo or something?