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One upcoming Paris debut that caught our eyes is the new Škoda Octavia Scout. Based on the Volkswagen Golf MkV, the Octavia Scout is a small wagon whose ride height is 16mm higher than that of the regular Octavia Combi 4x4.

Its unpainted bumpers, fender flares and side skirts, combined with skidplates fore and aft, scream "AUDI ALLROAD," and if you ask us, that's a good thing. The rear view is very reminiscent of the Porsche Cayenne, thanks to a rear glass angle and taillamps that look like they were lifted from the Porsche SUV, shrunken down, and applied here. The thing is, they look better on the Scout. Beefy 17" five-spoke wheels add to the car's attractive yet commanding presence.

Underhood, a 140-hp 2.0 TDI with particulate filter or a 150-horse 2.0 FSI provide motivation. Power goes to the ground via Škoda's version of VW's 4Motion system. In keeping with its off-road theme, there's even a passenger grab handle in the cabin. This is a nice package all around, and we have to wonder if a Jetta-ized version would look nearly as good as its Škoda cousin. We'd take this car -- as is -- in a heartbeat.

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[Source: Skoda]
Skoda Octavia Scout
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Sometimes there is not a comfortable road on the way to the final destination, but the new Škoda Octavia Scout is prepared to continue – anytime, anywhere. Its ground clearance is 40 millimetres higher than that of the Octavia Combi and 16 mm greater than that of the Octavia Combi 4x4, thus increasing the its off-road ability considerably, enabling it to master poor and rutted tracks effortlessly.

The reliable four-wheel drive estate car, with its boot volume of up to 1620 litres, can cope with even the most demanding transport tasks and is ideally suited for hard daily use or as a partner for leisure and vacation. The Octavia Scout radiates a feeling of both power and dynamics. Robust and authentic, it is representative of the brand's competence in four-wheel drive and represents a further step in the still-young life cycle of the Octavia.

The Octavia Scout, at 4581 millimetres in length, is one centimetre longer, 1.5 centimetres wider and 1.3 centimetres higher than the Octavia 4x4. Newly designed bumpers at the front and rear, side mouldings and profiled door sills lend the Scout its design and are also an indication of its possible uses. Protective strips on the wheel housings, front door sills with "Scout" engraved on them and sumpguard protection front and rear equip the car for difficult tasks. The 17" "Proteus" alloy wheels cope with even the worst roads and provide reliability in the flight from the humdrum of the day. The Octavia Scout is also distinguished by its exclusive logo and polished steel dual exhaust pipes.

In the interior, the driver and passengers enjoy outstanding comfort. Under the comfortable front central armrest is the Jumbo box, a spacious storage compartment, something which normally is offered only in higher level models. Upholstery that is exclusive to the Octavia Scout, and a front passenger handgrip on the dashboard are further characteristics of the new model.

The Škoda Octavia Scout is supplied with the most powerful diesel and petrol engines - the 2.0 TDI PD diesel engine with 103 kW (140 HP) and the 2.0 FSI petrol engine with 110 kW (150 HP), both of which are four cylinder engines. The diesel is fitted with a diesel particle filter (DPF) as standard. Both engines are combined with a six-speed manual transmission.

To provide its off-road capability, the Octavia Scout is fitted with the well-proven four-wheel drive system from Škoda Auto. The core of the drive train is the Haldex multi-plate clutch installed in front of the rear axle.

The Octavia Scout will make its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September 2006. Its market introduction is planned for the first quarter of 2007.

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Skodas were the butt of many jokes in the UK during the 80s and early 90s. VW have really turned them around. The Skoda marketing campaign featured people in dealerships being first impressed with the new car then running screaming through the doors when they found out it was a Skoda. The little Favorits are great.
      • 9 Years Ago
      funny how the comments so far have been either neutral or positive about this car, whose design is at best bland, nondescript car with styling cues taken/stolen from porsche, etc. if this were from china, people would no doubt be dissing/bashing/trashing it for sure...
      • 9 Years Ago
      Isn't VW working on bringing a similar mini-SUV for the U.S. as a Rabbit/Golf variant? This sort of looks (without that grille) like what a Volvo V50 XC would look like, if and when Volvo gets a smaller XC in the pipeline.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "... I really wish we could get a fuel efficient AWD small diesel wagon here. Tried a Subaru Impreza, but they're gas hogs, outdated, and not very refined IMO...

      Posted at 7:40PM on Sep 2nd 2006 by Bill"

      They're working on it:


      • 9 Years Ago
      Ehh-- Nothing terribly remarkable about it that warrants a BRING IT BRING IT BRING IT!!! we want! comment. I'll agree with the diesel statement, just not in this or any of those other brands that America "needs".
      • 9 Years Ago

      I am very impressed.....very nice styling......would like to see the inside, though !!!!
      Greg A.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Correction: On sale in Europe beginning with model year 2008, on sale in U.S. beginning with model year 2009. If I recall correctly.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Isn't the Scout name still a trademark of International (Navistar)?
      • 9 Years Ago
      The interior will probably look like something between these two: http://www.auto.cz/base/2005-28/teskoc02_42d2445c6e8f5.jpg (standard better equipped Octavia) http://www.auto.cz/base/2005-36/teskocrs03_4324118acc6d0.jpg (Octavia RS - similar car as Golf GTI only with different looks)
      • 9 Years Ago
      I love it. I've admired modern Skodas for a few years now. I doubt there's a business case for them in the US. My heart has always been set on an Octavia Combi 4X4 with TDI and Tiptronic. I really wish we could get a fuel efficient AWD small diesel wagon here. Tried a Subaru Impreza, but they're gas hogs, outdated, and not very refined IMO.

      Perhaps the new-improved, Opelized Saturn will bring something in this niche to the US market?
      • 8 Years Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      It is simply excellent car!!
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