• Sep 1st 2006 at 4:24PM
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The Big 3 have been trying to shave their health care costs by cutting eligibility and the percentage of benefits for both retirees and current employees, but as it turns out, the three companies have found tens of thousands of people still receiving benefits despite their ineligibility. As a result, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Group are purging their health care rosters and even forcing reimbursement from some of those on the lists.

As a result, the three companies have dropped over 86,000 people from their health care benefits plans, finding millions of dollars they would have otherwise lost.

Harsh? Maybe, but the companies don't want to be perceived as punishing false beneficiaries, but rather protecting the benefits of those who are actually eligible for them. Though the terms were worked out with the UAW, employees are still seething that the automakers have the right to dock their pay, even in cases where they feel that the HR red tape is to blame for the issues.

[Source: Detroit News]

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      I'm w/You #5.For too long ,certain americans,see a big corporation like Ford and think it's time to raid the candy store.The social "progressive" entitlement crowd with their benefit-addict mindset,selfish white collar types,etc. poisoning the ingetrity of the american work ethic.Seems like nobody cares sometimes.Like it's all take what you get get.Greed.Now look at Ford ,for example .Sad.I'm afraid selling out Ford to a foriegn interest is just an extension of this mindset.
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      and people wonder how gm got in the mess it is in. the first 4 comments are good. # 5, get over what ails you, chill.
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      How do you miss little things like that. You think a major corp like that would have tabs on every aspect of their business.
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      It's time for national healthcare system, and free medications for all.

      We can afford it, put a 10% tariff on everything imported from China and all of us will have this health care cost burdon taken off our wallets.

      It costs about $900 a month for a self employed married couple these days to get a no frills policy, enough is enough!
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      In a word: Management
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      Good move, why the hell didn't they do this as soon as a person became inelidgable? And why aren't these people being made to pay back the auto companies? I imagine it became damn clear when they were no longer elidgable for benefits, but kept on getting them anyways. The big three need to go over every aspect of everything, trim the fat and cut the crap!