• Aug 27th 2006 at 10:59AM
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You may recall last week we told you that GM was no longer going to cover the cost of a full tank of gas for newly purchased cars and trucks. Instead, it would only reimburse a portion of each tank's cost, and dealers would be responsible for the rest. One of our readers who shall remain anonymous has come across another dealer communiqué from GM Vice President of Industry Dealer Affairs William Powell that rescinds the company's original penny-pinching policy. The notice explains that GM originally decided to change its fuel fill reimbursement policy based upon "the changing business conditions and competitive environment." Apparently its dealers clued General Motors in on the fact that "a complete fuel fill was viewed as an integral element in the delivery of GM vehicles." Who knows, maybe this whole blog thing had something to do with it, too.
Anonymous thanks for the tip!

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      Hmm, a change of position in just 1 week? Did the initial decision ever really exist? I'm a bit cynical after reading here how BMW was losing the Ultimate Driving Machine slogan, only to have that later "clarified". Still, I'm here everyday anyway.
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      The delivery charge that makes up part of the MSRP is another Union negotiated fee for transport of the vehicle to the dealership. The fee is even charged if the cars are never put on one of the Allied trucks that is responsible for the charges. If Unions were not involved in the production of American automobiles the price of all American made cars would be cut by 30-40 percent. With all the mistrust of dealers and manufacturers no one seems to think that paying unskilled laborers $30 an hour and paying 100% of their families health care cost is rediculous. It's time to lay some of the blame where it belongs.
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      Well, especially since we have to pay what, $500 for delivery?
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      haha, well that was a quick change :p

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      "After seeing all the ways dealers attempt to screw extra money from their customers after they've already agreed to a price--sales document preparation fees, concealed surcharges on state title and registration fees"

      If you do not want to pay the doc fee refuse. See what happens. Or better yet tell them up front that you walked out of a another store when they tried to charge a doc fee.

      The state charges the dealer title and registration fees or the the lender makes these charges. They would be passed onto the customer. Same as sales tax.