• Aug 25th 2006 at 7:02AM
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Car & Driver has the latest, greatest spy photos of the facelifted Porsche Cayenne that won't be seen in these here parts until MY 2008. The new nose is crisp and organized -- a clear improvement over the current car, but that's really not saying much. To this day, it's difficult to fathom how such a boring design got approved to wear the Porsche badge. The best-looking Cayennes require copious aftermarket attention to get the looks somewhat in order.
The new headlights are a shape exclusive to the SUV, and the trio of intakes has been reshaped and tightened up, with the turn signals taking up residence in the side openings on. Round foglights are integrated in the fascia's lower portion. Around back, the revised rear isn't exactly going to set hearts aflutter. The taillights get a very mild reshaping, with the most noticeable change being the rounding of the lower inside corners of each one. A new rear bumper with cutouts for the exhausts is fitted as well, but sadly, there's not much visual interest there.

In summary, the changes are welcome --especially the new face-- but we're afraid they're not nearly enough to give the Cayenne the sort of curb appeal we see in the Audi Q7 or even the VW Touareg. How Porsche's SUV came to be the bronze medalist in that particular three-way fashion show is beyond us. While we do look forward to seeing the revised Cayenne when it hits the upcoming show circuit, we're really looking forward to 2010, when it seems Porsche is going to make the Cayenne lower, sportier and a lot less trucklike. You know, like a Porsche is supposed to be.

C&D has more shots, including super-clear views of the rear.

[Source: Car & Driver via German Car Blog]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      Looks a bit like a Ferrari grill. Hmmm, imagine Ferrari making an SUV!
      • 9 Years Ago
      I agree with Alex, that this is a definite improvement, but that's not saying much. A number of people have told me I should drive and review one of these, but each time I find myself at a Porsche dealer something else seems a better way to go.

      • 9 Years Ago
      Oh my god, what is wrong with Porsche. In my last post I was hoping that Porsche was taking a year off production to change the name, but it looks like it will be “same confusing name, even uglier looks.” If my dad accidentally gets me another Cayenne instead of a Cayman I’m going to kill him this time

      There must be Porsche sales people on this blog, who else would say “it looks airy and jewel like, but menacing at the same time.” Dude, you’re nuttier than one of my mom’s friends off Xanax. You better not be the guy with hair plugs and a pinky ring that always hits on my mom at our local Porsche dealer. Luckily she has the good sense to be screwing one of the mechanics instead.

      Anyway, Porsche needs a car that people will lease or buy on three year cycles independent of the economy’s health, so I can’t blame them for making, oops I mean having VW make this thing for them. I blame the customers. Some of you might have been trying to get a Cayman, and got this accidentally. I don’t blame you, you need to return it as soon as possible and get the correct Porsche. I blame the people that buy this thing on purpose.

      If you’re a guy and you bought this, get your balls back. Even my douche bag dad has the dignity to drive an S-class. Do you really think you look cool in a soccer mom station wagon just because it is labeled, inaccurately, a Porsche? If your wife is nagging you for this thing get her a Sprinter and throw on the MB badges instead, she’s probably so drugged up that she’ll think it’s a German luxury SUV, and you’ll have a real truck to use on the side instead of this compromised piece of crap.

      By the way, the new front end was stolen off of the last generation Firebird.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "9. The face is definitely more refined and less cartoonish; it looks airy and jewel like, but menacing at the same time."

      Dont forget the Cayenne's dark oaky flavor containing a slight hint of citrus. It also goes well with both fish and meat.
      • 9 Years Ago
      A bunch of amateur non-car fans talking here. Cayenne is specifically designed by Porsche to be the way it looks. The people to blame are those who don't have enough sense to appreciate it. Porsche practically invented a new segment of fast SUVs. Look at all the other copy cats that have come out since -- The Range Rover Sport, Jeep SR something, etc. Just as the 911 was a revolutionary concept, the Cayenne is a revoluntionary concept in this era of SUVs. Unlike the other pretend-to-be SUVs, Porsche created something that is not only fast, but can actually go offroad.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "A bunch of amateur non-car fans talking here."

      Racer, your mommy probably got you a Porsche t-shirt for Christmas, so I feel your need to be dogmatically loyal to the brand. However, the "amateur non-car fans" are actually the people who like this thing, instead of liking real cars. I see a lot of trixie blonds driving them, but none showed up, even as support vehicles, at my last SCCA meet.

      Thank you for conceding that Porsche "practically" invented a new segment of fast SUVs, since the Lamborghini LM002, GMC Typhoon, Range Rover HSE, AMG M-Class and BMW X5, among others, came first.

      By the way, how far off road do you recommend going on 19 or 20 inch low profile tires?

      You are right about the business case for this aaron bluestone, trustfundkid noted that in his post before you, but Porsche needing to sell this does not mean that this is a Porsche.
      • 9 Years Ago
      What happened to those cool XC90 taillights? The thing may drive like a bat out of hell, but those pipes are from hell too.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I wouldn't exactly call it an improvement. Different, yes...

      Too bad this thing's looks can't match how it drives.
      • 9 Years Ago
      In the Sopranos Carmella gets a Cayenne from Tony. She gets excited for a while to have gotten anything, but when she finds out her friend got a C6 Corvette she gets really jealous that she's stuck with this thing. She definitely has her priorities straight.
      • 9 Years Ago
      In business the measure of success is sales. Porsche has done very well selling this well designed SUV. Buyers like the car so cares what wannabe car critics think. As for the trustafarian poster nice job you get an A for gonzo writing. Your junior college prof I am sure is very proud of you. Please put down the pipe, get in your KIA and go away. The Cayenne is and will be the best SUV for years to come, get used to it.
      • 9 Years Ago
      G - I was lucky enough to have driven the Cayenne Turbo S once, and I was amazed, it does go like the dickens. The pro driver in the passenger seat kept telling me to push it harder. It just stuck on the hairpin. I couldn't believe such a hulking beast could move like that, especially after I had just taken it through the off-road course.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Looks like they mated an Envoy with it.
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