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There are very few things that truly piss us off when behind the wheel. While inattention and ignorance seem to top that list, there is one specific act that infuriates us beyond description and causes our fuel-enriched blood to boil. Ladies and gentlemen (and yes, we know we're preaching to the choir on this one), the left lane is for one thing and one thing only, now say it with me. PASSING!

One solution to this overwhelming social problem may be the advent of driverightpassleft.com. Although in its infancy, the site seeks to be the definitive information source for laws, opinions and research of one of the cardinal commandments in all of motordom.

The site takes a definitive stance on why the law should be enforced, provides statistics that reinforce the argument (although certain stats can be skewed, i.e. crashes per capita vs. crashes per mile driven) and why the overall traffic situation is so bad, plus how it can be fixed cheaply and overnight.

We'll hope against hope that somehow this gets picked up by every major network, finds its way onto the front page of every newspaper and website, gets taught in driver's education and reinforced when you pay your registration at the DMV. The idealist in us thinks there's a chance, but the realist won't allow us to dream. Damn you reality, damn you.

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      • 9 Years Ago
      i drive 60 mph in the left lane.every lane is the same as far as i'm concerned.if you need to get around me, go right or move to Washington Speedy Gonzalez!
      • 9 Years Ago
      This is why I have started adding another little bit of flair to the light show when encountering a stone in the river.

      In addition to passing them, I also get right in front of them, and LAY on the windshield washers, creating a spray UP and OVER my car and landing squarely on theirs. It's probably wreckless, but I'd like to see someone pull me over for it, and while I'm not sure if it gets the point across, it does make me feel better. Lots better.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Ah America! Where they'll give anyone over 16 a licence to kill...uh, drive...just for passing a five minute driving test and a ten minute multiple guess test.

      Oh, and for #29. Get your (bleep bleeping) big rig out of the fast lane!!! I know it is you who is trying to pass that semi in the right lane that is going a half mile an hour slower than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Here's hoping someone starts mandating a trucks only lane sometime soon, too!
      • 9 Years Ago
      I think I have found one of the problems. #41 is right about the selfishness of drivers, however, the left lane is for the faster traffic. Even thought you might be passing a car in the left lane, if there is a faster car coming up your ass, you need to get out. This does not mean maintain your current passing speed, but rather, step on it because now YOU are the slow one! If you don’t accelerate, then you are being selfish.

      …and this is how it works in Germany! They spend as little time in the left lane as possible when passing cars. Even if one is going 150kph, that Porsche going at 200+ is going to be on your ass real quick…and why should he break?!

      Not to open up a new can of worms, but what about those guys that pull out infront of you and force you to slam on the brakes, only to be stuck behind this guy as it takes him almost a minute to pass a car!!!
      • 9 Years Ago
      I agree. We are a self centered society. We do just enough to get a license and then throw what we have learned, which isn't much, out the window along with the turn signal lever. Our drivers education, like our school system is a joke. The vast majority do not want to learn how to drive. When you start talking about it the PC crowd label you an aggressive driver that should be banned from the roads.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Better yet #22... PULL OVER !!
      • 9 Years Ago
      I believe that better drivers education is necssary.

      For those who want the european road rules, fine as long as you take their laws as well. If you get into an accident on the highway at over 80mph -- automatically your fault -- automatically go to jail if your are not dead. Minimum is 18 months in Germany. Lets go to a 12 point license system with each infraction deducting a certain number of points and deductions never go away after three years. Get 12 points and you loose your license for a year.

      Also, from the Houston Chronical earlier this year "Germany is under pressure from abroad to put on the brakes, with the European Union reportedly gearing up to impose speed limits on highways across the continent.
      German authorities already have used speed caps to make the autobahn safer. Last year, after an 80-mph limit was imposed on the busy stretch between Hamburg and Berlin, traffic-related deaths fell from eight to zero, according to a government study."

      By 2010 unlimited speed limit roads will be completely quashed. Anything over 80mph on busy metro highways is just stupid because you will not beable to react on time or fine a gap to dive into.

      I believe if police would concentrate on other traffice infractions other than speeding they would bring in a lot more revenue
      • 9 Years Ago
      This is the biggest traffic problem in Ohio. The great majority of Ohio freeways do not have enough traffic to create slow downs and traffic jams; it's just all the people driving extremely slow in all lanes of traffic.
      • 9 Years Ago
      It would also cure much of the road rage.

      "MOVE OVER YOU !$@%#&? !&%$@*#"
      • 9 Years Ago
      NO DOUBT .... THESE MORONS THAT CHOOSE TO SIT IN THE LEFT LANE AND DOG IT ARE SO ANNOYING!!! Then.... if you flash them and they still sit there.... Yuppppp.... it is test of ones patience.
      • 9 Years Ago
      This law is actually enforced up in WA where I live and it works wonderfully on sparsly traveled highways. When you reach large cities like Seattle, it's the same as coming into San Fransico... no real change. Congestion is congestion, no amount of enforced pass left drive right mehtodologies will affect the sheer number of vehicles traveling on a road, especially when the trip per hour are exceeding the capacity of said road.
      • 9 Years Ago
      #41, #46,
      I agree, just plain selfishness on the part of these left lane slowpokes.
      I see it all the time, N. cal to S. Cal, and pretty much any other freeway in California. This applies to truckers too. I'm sure many of you have driven behind a heavy cargo truck that cuts left in front of you just so he can pass another slow truck. It takes 10 minutes to gain, what 30 feet just because the truck driver doesn't want to disengage his cruise control. All the while a line of 30 cars has built up behind him. Sheeesh, we're a selfish country.
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