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Kind of auto-related... particularly since Busta Rhymes loves his Maybach so much. He loves it so much, in fact, that he's willing to beat somebody over it. Busta could be in some deep doo-doo after kicking a teenager multiple times in the face. The teen, Roberto LeBron from New York, spit and accidentally hit Busta's car as he drove down the street. Busta pulled the car over, got out and asked the kid whether he spit on the car. LeBron admitted that he spit on the rapper's car, but claimed it was an accident. One of Busta's people then hit the teen in the face, and Busta finished the job with a few swift kicks to the face, causing a concussion and a split lip. He was arrested for his alleged conduct after his concert at Randalls Island.

Moral of the story: No matter how much you like your car, it's easier to pack some Kleenex than bear the consequences of going gestapo on some poor kid with bad etiquette.

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      >>. just another hater. I dont condone the beating, but jealous and envious people are lower than the paparazzi.

      isnt busta the hater... its almost as though he goes out of his way to piss people off.. whether in public or on tv his attitude is gonna get him...

      yeah... i am real jealous of always having bodyguards with me becuase i know one of these days one of those people i hated is gonna send a bullet through my maybach
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      just another hater. I dont condone the beating, but jealous and envious people are lower than the paparazzi.
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      "Do I smell extortion???"

      Really? Are you saying the kid was thinking "Hey, I'll spit on the guys Maybach adn he'll beat the snot out of me and I'll get rich."

      Come on, at best the kid owes him a car wash, like $20. Really, he did no actual harm to the car, no more than driving down the road would. I don't care the motivation, there's no call to beat someone over a car, let alone a small bit of saliva on the car.

      I'm with #1, give the kid the car and make Busta drive an Aveo or something.
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      IT IS A FREAKING CAR AND SPIT WOULD WASH OFF!!!!! I am sure that is probally not the worst thing that car has had on it driving around NY city. What a thug Busta Ryhmes is.
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      "Roberto Lebron, 19, admitted to spitting on Rhymes' luxury Maybach Aug. 12 as the rapper was driving down the street..."

      Well, a 19 year-old should have known this could happen and, in fact, may have happened on purpose. Do I smell extortion???

      How close was Busta's car to the curb? How far did the offending projectile travel?

      I would be interested to know.

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      Is Busta a nineteen year old too? Sometimes two teenyweenies can get the best of each other.