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If you owned a Ferrari, wouldn't you be tempted to push the boundaries of legality, especially while playing with like-minded peers? Well, several Ferrari owners learned that yielding to temptation does not exempt them from the law. According to sibling blog Luxist, several participants of the "Ferrari Challenge Rally: The Rally of Northern Oregon" were cited by police for excessive speed. How excessive? While many drivers were gunning their luxomobiles between 80 and 98 miles per hour, one driver, Bruce L. Jamison of Houston, Texas, was cited going 123 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Ah, the perils of wealth.

[Source: KTVZ via Luxist]

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      While i understand that any sensible government will have Speed Limits to keep the roadways from becoming arteries of pileups, I do feel the main reason all americans are not in uproar about the ridiculously low limits is because it suits MOST OF them to be able to Read magazines, Drink their Coffes, Talk on the Phone, and Tie the Kids Shoelaces while the car is on Cruise Control doing 55Mph.

      For me, If i had to do 55 / 65mph on a clear straight road with no obstructions for more than 15 mins, I WOULD FALL ASLEEP, and that people is more dangerous than me doing 150mph on the I-5 north (which was ALOTOOFFUN) on a clear september evening with very few cars around except for my friends cars.

      A lot more emphasis needs to be placed on getting much tougher License testing in place because a Driving Test conducted by: Move Foward, Stop, Turn Around (U-Turn, not 3-Point) OK, you have PASSED !!!! Is not a driving test at all, its more of an Instruction Following Ability Test. ( And please don't say i am exaggerating because what i mentioned above is exactly what my friend had to do to pass his driving test in 2003 and i was right there. he is from the UK like i am but never dreamed of attempting a driving test over here because he has no clue what to do with a manual transmission, in fact he had never been behind the steering wheel of a car prior to us moving to the US and after watching me drive the Automatics for a few months he decided to give it a try, He simply got behind the wheel of my rental vehicle while i was asleep and off he went.
      4 months later and numerous near misses and actuall accidents later he Passed his driving test (Never actually had a driving lesson). Now this is one of my closest friends and I love him dearly but i NEVER allow him near my car keys, that is how Horrendous his driving is, but he is in the USA as we speak, in Brooklyn driving a BMW X5 4.8is.
      Now i ask you, why is it that he picked an SUV?
      It is because after wrecking numerous Rental Sedans ( Hertz of JFK hate us because of him ) He has decided the SUV is the better vehicle to be in during a collision with another sedan or a guard rail or anything else for that matter, He was going to buy an Escalade but i steered him towards the X5.
      Why did he go for the 4.8is rather than one less powerful ?
      Because he could afford it, the price over the 4.4 was not that much, Petrol prices are Giveaways compared to UK prices which would have detered him for sure. ( I spent £40 a day average on my 4.8is just commuting around london)
      And finally he like most people absolutely believes in his driving abilities, even after so many Crashes. ( Reason I did not go all the way to 180mph on the I-5 north was because he was driving the other vehicle and i did not want him to crash and maybe take us both out).

      The point to that very long winded story was to explain how very inadequate the Testing Program in the USA is and how that can lead to very dangerous roads, 55mph limits will not address that problem it will just increase Revenues from Fines ( I Know, because i've paid more than $4,800 to date, and they cannot revoke my license because mine is from the UK:)
      • 9 Years Ago
      "On stretches of highways like these, it's not the road conditions that limit the 'safe' speed but the other idiots driving on the road."

      Agreed. I certainly believe that plenty of enthusiasts are capable of driving 80 in many 55 zones, and 90 in 65 zones, just as safely than most people drive the speed limit.

      The bigger problem is the idiots, and the inadequate driver training that creates them. In the meantime, though, I have no sympathy for the few rich idiots that drive twice the speed limit and endanger others' lives because they feel that money entitles them to do so.
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      123mph in a Ferrari is pathetic. I took my measly (by comparison) '94 325is up to 135mph in N. California a month ago. Here in Phoenix, the speed limit is 55mph on the I-17, and people regularly drive at 80+mph, even while cops routinely pass them, without a second glance. You'd think that if you could afford a Ferrari, you could afford to drop a couple hundred $'s on a decent radar detector before going out to race your friends.

      • 9 Years Ago
      You people are all just jealous, take his license away for years? deffinatly should be suspended? this idiot? sounds like jealosy talking to me. If this was a ferrari meeting I'm sure they were secluded from the public ESPCIALLY in nothern oregon this wasnt like some sidestreet with people coming out of driveways. And the last comment about governed speed limits? are you kidding? If you belive that thats the end all be all limit on your car then i duno what to tell you.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "Bruce L. Jamison of Houston, Texas, was cited going 123 mph in a 55 mph zone. "

      This is obviously a case of negligent driving and not wreck less driving.

      Put some foot into it Bruce!

      • 9 Years Ago
      "...ESPCIALLY [sic] in northern oregon [sic] this wasnt [sic] like some sidestreet [sic]..." Uh, northern Oregon includes plenty of population, not the least of which is the Portland metro area.

      In fact, I checked the Ferrari Oregon schedule and they go through lots of populated areas, including Portland proper. They don't give an exact map but they give destinations and plenty of the destinations and required roads to get there are stuffed with people. I know because I've been to almost all those places.

      And nobody from Oregon calls the area "northern Oregon" because that's a stupid lumping of dramatically diverse geography. Oregon is mainly divided east/west by the Cascade Mountains. [Interesting side fact: America's oldest Ferrari dealership is in Portland and still in business.]

      On the plus side, Sean, that was an impressive number of errors in so few words.
      • 9 Years Ago
      #19- Is the M5 limited to 155mph? I understood that BMW gave the M cars a bit of leeway so they can make their way past the wrung-out 530d on the autobahn. Remember that speed limiters are configured so you can hit 155 on worn-out tyres too. A brand new set will give you a little edge.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Here is a nice 55mph road


      55mph be damned if a UFO is on your ass.
      • 9 Years Ago
      #26: The least expensive 3 series BMW in North America costs $30,900 before the $695 destination charge.


      A quick search on autotrader.com shows that for less than the price of the most basic BMW you can get a:

      '82 Mondial coupe with service records for $17,995

      Another '82 Mondial coupe with fewer miles for $24,975

      '82 308 GTISI for $28,500

      '90 348 GTS with high miles (for those who say Ferraris can't go the distance, this one has over 104,000 miles) for $29,900

      Yeah, maintaining the car won't be cheap, but to some people it will be something special. I don't know about you, but around here the BMWs are common as Camrys.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Just another reason why we need an autobahn here in the US. The one in Germany is actually safer than the highways we have here, and high-performance auto sales here would skyrocket.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Giuseppe, Poconos puts on PLENTY of track days. Just because they aren't put on by the Ferrari club doesn't mean you can't drive there. Porshce club, BMW club, etc. all put on track days there.

      NASA has 20+ events this year in the NE area.... I must say though, it is rare to see ferrari owners out at track events. You see a ton more Porshces and BMWs. I wonder why that is?
      • 9 Years Ago
      That track should also be opened to all common non-supercar like my Acura. I did 135mph in a 65 zone, but I got my lessons :-(
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