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On June 15th, 1957 the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma buried a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere beneath a downtown sidewalk in front of the Tulsa County Courthouse. At the time Tulsa has more cars per capita than any U.S. city besides Los Angeles and a fierce rivalry with Oklahoma city. The time capsule stunt was meant as a way to celebrate the city's love of the automobile and one-up Oklahoma City.

The car was filled with all sorts of 1957 mementos, including a case of Schlitz beer, 10 gallons of gasoline, 5 quarts of oil, the contents of a lady's purse, as well as photos and maps of the Tulsa area. No one knows what condition the Plymouth is in, but townsfolk from the era say city officials took every precaution to ensure the car would still be pristine when it was exhumed. That date will come next year during Tulsa's centennial on June 15th, 2007, fifty years to the day after the car was buried.

[Source: BuriedCar, ForwardLook.net]

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      i meant june 15th
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      No comment about the car but I would let someone else try the beer.
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      Yes, the '57 Plymouth wasn't too solid--kind of a big, empty shell of a thing that looked sleek.

      The 1957 year brought the first of the torsion bar ("Torsionaire") suspension in Chrysler cars--designed that way to save space more than anything else. Had pushbutton A/T that appeared the year before in '56.

      Those cars were quite large, too--cars grew too much in the '50s and '60s. It took the energy crunch of '73 to put a stop to that, but more recent cars that were once sensibly sized are becoming too big again.

      The current Honda Civic is bigger than the Accord of 25 years ago.
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      Ken // Chris !!! Are you two for real ??
      So anybody who shows dislike for a particular product is an American Hater ??
      Did it ever occur to you that the reason they dislike these cars is because said cars are inferior ?
      Your imagined world where everybody who has a different view from you is wrong and hates America is very Warped indeed and you really need to wake up from your Meth-Induced Coma (Im hoping it is drug related because if it isnt then it means you are actually Compound Fools)
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      Wow, great site!

      I was going to write an article on the Buried car, but your article is so good, I hint I will just talk about it!

      Keep up the great work!

      BS Brash
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      I have been an American car loyalist; the only difference is that the American brand companies have not been American loyalist. They have been ripping off the American public off for decades by producing inferior garbage.

      I drive an American built Honda Pilot, I bought into a company that tries to bring a quality product to the market and is not overly concerned with share holder profits and bottom line like the “American” brand manufactures.

      Their was one individual that posted that they own an Acura TL and the interior door handle broke and he had to role down the window to remove him self from the vehicle. I wish that was the only problem that I have had over the years owning American brand vehicles! I owned a Ford Explorer that buy the time I hit 100,000 miles I replaced everything from the transmission (twice) ABS unit, heater core (twice), fuel pump, window motors (all four (4) doors), entire A/C system due to something the mechanics called the “Black Death” you name it I replaced it on that wonderful P.O.S. My wife owns a Mustang and @ 45,000 miles the crank shaft damper fell off the engine!!! Now before you Ford haters respond and claim that Ford is a P.O.S. my mom owned a Chevy Caprice and the same thing happened to it!!!! I can go on and on and on about my poor experiences with American Brand vehicles.

      I have a Mustang in my garage that is my toy and that is all I use it for as for, as far as taking me to work to make a living it unfortunately has to be a foreign brand vehicle. I simply can not afford to keep up with the repairs on American brand vehicles and renting cars to take me to work. At the end of the day I need transportation to take me to work to make me money! Period.
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      en malta odottaa päivää kun saadaan maan päälle ehta aito mopari= cant wait for the day!
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      "Note the gap between the hood and passenger-side front fender in the picture. You would never see those kind of body gaps even in the cheapest of cars of today coming from developing countries."

      You know, there was a time when the gaps didn't matter at all, neither did exposed screws holding on the trim Because guess what? That's what screws do. You didn't need a plastic engine cover either (just another piece that adds to the cost) They were cars, they were hot, they were fun and even the low cost ones had some character, not appliances.

      This comment from #18 says it all,"Who builds the best car???The car that get's your rocks off when you nail it down the highway,or go fast around the corner,or the one that makes you feel apart of the road."

      And if that happens to be a 57 Plymouth with shit fits, so be it.
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      there - as in "There is a double standard."
      their - as in "It's their crappy car."
      they're - as in "They're not great cars."
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      iQuack - thanks for information!
      • 9 Years Ago
      slow day for news....

      yeah wouldn't this be more approriate on june 14 2007... where people would actually realize hey! they're taking out the time capsule tmr...

      instead of now... which is like time capsules coming out in 10 months... meh.
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      If GM made a car as good as a Honda, I'd buy the GM car. But they don't, so it's an easy decision to buy the Honda.

      Why should I buy a POS just because it's an American brand if the brand is inferior?

      If the GM brand is inferior because GM's costs are too high as a result of promises the company had to make to the UAW to avert a strike decades ago, why should I buy decontented crap when I can buy quality now?

      I'd rather support the non-union American workers who make Hondas and tell the UAW to go screw itself.
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