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In response to our By The Numbers: July 2006 post, a few commenters noted how far behind Toyota was behind General Motors in terms of monthly sales in the U.S. Toyota sold 241,826 units while GM sold more than twice that at 410,332 units. From appearances it seemed GM's dominant seat in sales was secure to some.
When talking about which automaker is the biggest in the world, however, global sales must be taken into account. The editors at Drive.com.au, an Australian website with perhaps a little more perspective than some of us, noted that in the first seven months of 2006, General Motors has sold 4.6 million cars worldwide while Toyota has moved 4.32 million. Clearly the gap is not that large... and it's shrinking. In Australia, for instance, Toyota is some 30,000 units ahead of GM's Holden brand in year-to-date sales.

While Toyota did sell more vehicles in the U.S. during the month of July than Ford by a narrow margin, it's still third in sales behind the Big 2 for the first seven months of 2006. Perhaps of greater concern to the Big 2 and Chrysler is that Toyota has been the only one of the four to actually increase its sales volume in 2006.

Toyota believes it may pass GM in worldwide sales by 2008, and some are saying that it will happen as soon as next year. Time will tell, but it's clear that GM won't relinquish its mantle without a fight.

[Source: Drive.com.au]

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      "38. The first step in fixing a problem is realizing what is the problem. America's problem is much bigger than GM and Ford not competing. It is America not competing.

      Posted at 6:30PM on Aug 4th 2006 by Lithous 0 stars"

      -Well Lithous, I agree with you 110% on that, GM/Ford I think would be a great start in helping to turn this country back to an unarguable #1.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Tell me one (1) American company which manufactures a product here and it is #1 in market and isn't gov't subsidies? Ryan should be good at answering that one.

      Posted at 1:10PM on Aug 4th 2006 by Lithous 0 stars"

      -The made in USA printed circuits industry is still the best in the land, think excellon, pragetizer, etc that *build* circuit boards FOR SONY and AT&T products and are still MADE IN THE USA.

      -Craftsman Tools are the best ever

      -Have the Asians ever heard of carbide tipped tools?!

      Oh and Most Bic brand lighters are made in the USA and if you ever have smoked a joint, you can be sure they are the best quality you will ever see.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I've never owned a big three car, and right now I drive a bmw 318i and a toyota mr2 spyder. If I was to replace those cars right now I would probably get a SATURN sky redline and a GMC canyon crewcab 2.8 liter manual. That said, my tastes are hardly representative. I have been seeing A LOT of new sonatas around lately.
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      "In case you haven't paying attention to the news, the Chinese have increased the value of their currency under the pressure from the US."

      And forever the pressure of the U.S. will just make it happen, right? Let's just live the rest of our lives believing this will always work. Nice way to handle it. It worked this time because we still have huge buying power. We are willing to go into debt more than anyone else in the world (that includes people borrowing and gov't borrowing) so we therefore have tremendous buying power at the moment. All good things will come to an end and like GM and Ford who get their ability to get more and more credit slowly taken away so will we. Then we have no reason for the Chinese to have to listen. We will be an also ran in the consumer buying department.

      "While there are many Chinese-MADE products in the US, the brand names still belong to mostly industrial countries like Japan and the US."

      You ever hear of Lenovo? Stop thinking 10 minutes ahead and think (at least) 10 years ahead. Almost, buy, buy Maytag if it wasn't for Whirlpool (making an unsolicited offer IIRC). First, more money goes to China and more and more companies they buy. Second, having a few execs or just a handful of jobs here while they move production to China or Mexico is hardly building a strong America at each class level. We need a middle and lower class as much as an upper. A bunch of companies building everything in China is hardly well rounded job-wise.

      "Chery, the privately-owned car company that plans to sell cars in the US is now planning to build a plant in the US."

      Ah, yes, planning. Planning to get to all the wants of the "built in U.S.A." buyers that Toyota exploits so well. Exploits because they advertise every bit of the fact that they have jobs here. I mean, import fanboys have stated they think it is sick for GM and Ford to wrap themselves in the flag. Toyota sure sees the need for it for themselves, they aren't above wrapping themselves in the flag.

      "In the area of manufacturing, the US cannot possibly compete with the Chinese because of cost of labor."

      Yes, with in the box thinking this is true. Why not pull a Henry Ford and make the price of the Model T half while doubling the assemblers salaries? There are other ways of producing a better/competing product than go to the cheapest labor. Part of it is education. So many Prius owners are worried about greenhouse gases but probably don't dis a Chinese product because they have a lot less environmental protection going on over there.

      "Honestly, who here is willing to work for $.5 an hour?"

      On the other side of the coin. Because I don't get paid $.5 an hour I am will to pay more for American products. Although, as you noted. With $.5 an hour labor the ipod, made in China, is hardly inexpensive. So it comes down to education and a little self control. Don't buy every crappy Chinese product you see when it is dirt cheap and then throw it in the landfill a week later.

      "If we can't compete in the area of manufacturing, forget it. Let's focus on technology, design and development."

      If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Yes, very American. That is what got America to where it is!!

      Except that there are very smart people from other countries too. When the competition gets tougher there in engineering and design, which it will continue to as we don't have as many engineers graduating as other countries more and more, do we give up on that as well? So, we throw everything in the one (services oriented) basket now (and BTW, no total service economy has ever grown like the manufacturing based ones like the U.S. (making 85% of the world's exports at one time), Japan, Korea, and now China is just growing).

      "Let the economy run itself."

      LMAO. That's the solution? Spontaneous generation of growth. Gotcha.

      "It's called MARKET economy, not command!"

      Yes, but the ones who are growing have commanded it. Starting with Japan, then Korea and now China. They control things. They (their gov'ts) fund targeted takeovers of industry. That is the precedence for the latest success stories.

      • 8 Years Ago
      I feel stupid reading all of these inane comments. Lithous, for all that is good please never post your diatribes again. I think they're somewhere on the level of pond scum and gutter trash.

      "Shut up and eat your rice cakes, watch, see and continue to drive your Japanese product. Hopefully the next job that leaves this country is yours, or your mothers, or fathers."

      You mean like those Ford jobs that got moved to Mexico? Insert foot in mouth.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Again, lighters? We should be proud.

      And automated access. That is as much software as anything which leads to...

      Sofware is as much a service as anything. You can reproduce (even by download) 9000000... copies of the same thing unchanged from the original without a blink of an eye.

      Microsoft software is by far not all American. I saw a MS Office box that had made in Puerto Rico on it.

      Oracle, MS and the rest outsource to India and other places constantly for products sold here.

      Boeing is subsidies like hell, btw.

      I still don't see a product that most people would call mainstream and made by an American company in America that clearly is #1 in market share.

      • 8 Years Ago
      The GM/Toyota thing reminds of the Teacher's Strike episode on the Simpsons when Skinner and Kabrappel are addressing the PTA in the gym. Either one says just one word - 'Children' or 'Taxes' and that's all it takes the whole crowd to start arguing.

      It's the same thing on Autoblog. Just say 'GM' or 'Toyota' and it takes less than 3mins for all sorts of analysis and projections to be posted.
      • 8 Years Ago
      ok Lithous, I have one for you.
      How about Harley Davidson. They are American owned and American built. I was a Honda man until I actual rented a Harley in Florida. You wouldn't think one brand could be so much better than the others but they are. A gold wing feels 500 pounds heavier than an electra glide but is only a few pounds heavier. It even cost less than the gold wing. You should try one.
      • 8 Years Ago

      Yes, it does seem to work that way. However because we are able to freely debate these topics is what makes America great.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Chevrolet's Impala is not a valid answer to the question of whether it could be considered an AMERICAN car suitable to compare against the American built Toyota Camry or American built Honda Accord.

      The Impala is built in CANADA.

      The Ford Fusion is not a valid answer to the question, either. It is made in MEXICO on the basis of a Japanese Mazda 6.

      As for the Cadillac, sure, you could compare the US built Caddy to the Accord and Camry. It costs a lot more. And it would probably STILL lose.

      Thus, the conundrum that Ford and GM find themselves in.
      • 8 Years Ago
      You guys are funny in a Terrell Owens sort of way.

      1) Interesting that most companies don't tell the employees that have been with the company the longest to be not just as good but better. Simply doesn't happen. You give decades of service that no one else provided and there is SOME appreciation. GM and Ford were here creating jobs and producing vehicles that the Japanese simply could not do for decade, after decade, after decade. They could not do it. They could not produce a top to bottom line up of work truck to keep America working to family cars that could take a family of 7 around (my parents had 5 kids) to the small ones they did build. They could do it until very, very, very, very recently. Even now I don't think they could in any short amount of time make up for the vehicles produced by GM and Ford if necessary. Supply goes down and demand up if GM and Ford had to exit tomorrow. What does that mean to prices?

      2) I love how we start even with jobs and money brought into America. We forget about the 100 years that GM and Ford created so many more jobs and brought in so much more money. America would not be such an easy country to make a living doing less work for more money if it wasn't for these companies. And that is the situation (less work/more money) in every sector because of them.

      3) You think that GM and Ford go to Canada and Mexico because the times are great for them and they are just being evil? I mean, like Apple makes every ipod in China even though they have 70% of the market, evil? It is because Americans don't know anything other than what they are force fed.

      4) Please show me that an individual Japanese car company has more U.S. factories and U.S. employees than GM.

      5) Stop ignoring the Ford 500 and the Malibu are assembled here (the focus is always on the Fusion for import fanboys who want to make it like GM and Ford don't make any family sedans here).

      6) Tesla Motors is the greatest thing since slice bread!!! Yeah, they bring about 20 jobs to America (the rest are in UK, Tawain and elsewhere). They make an engine in Taiwan. Yet, GM is bad for having a VUE with a supposedly Ohio based Honda engine in it. Gee, is Tesla what you want the future of American car companies to be? 1/10000 the jobs in America?

      Tell me one (1) American company which manufactures a product here and it is #1 in market and isn't gov't subsidies? Ryan should be good at answering that one.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "2) I love how we start even with jobs and money brought into America. We forget about the 100 years that GM and Ford created so many more jobs and brought in so much more money."

      -You don't think GM/Ford have ever been rewarded for this?

      Think circa: 40's,50's,60's,etc... They are still the biggest in the world so I'm not understanding.
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