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You have to love the eccentrics of the world. Elton John with his wardrobe, Freddy Mercury with his theatrics, Michael Jackson with his, well, let's stop there. But when it comes to automotive eccentrics, the Japanese seem to indulge in the most bizarre acts of vehicular carnage. One only needs to look at their long-standing "vanning" culture to make the point.

Vans, however, cannot hold a candle to what Japanese tuning firm Rabbit has done to this MR2. The PZR, for Pagani Zonda Rabbit, was the brainchild of a few overly caffeinated designers who wanted to pay homage to one of the world's greatest supercars. As the body panels are easily attached, the whole conversion only took a few weeks.

Sure, it's mid-engine donor car provided them with a good foundation, but would you put it on your car?

[Source: Inside Line]

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      Hi all,

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      If the MR2 Spyder looked like that, it would not be dead, that's for sure.

      For me, the MR2 Spyder is the posterchild for Toyota's failure at "fun." They took a very promising concept (an affordable, mid-engined, RWD car/roadster complete with an optionalal SMG transmission in the latter years) and totally butchered it with terrible execution. The last gen MR2 (pre-Spyder) was the best looking MR2 by far. The Spyder actually needed body kits and aftermarket bits to make it look decent or even good (sometimes).

      Beyond the Spyder's styling, Toyota's creation of an SMG version that was actually slower than the automatic didn't help either. Unfortunately, it didn't matter much since the MR2 was a pretty slow car whether you got the manual, auto, or SMG.
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      I kind of wish they didn't clone the Zonda back end so much...I'm not a big fan of the Buck Rogers treatment on the real Zondas and a cheaper facsimile just looks a lot more silly. Same goes for the fake (or just plain ugly) versions of the vent covers on the rear decklid. Other than that, it looks pretty great.
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      This makeover, certainly makes the MR2 look LESS "girly" than the stock/factory car.

      You sort of have to love Toyota for returning to the original MR2's roots when they brought out the Spyder. Unfortunately, the last model looked about as (un)aggressive as the first model. Change the front and rear ends so that they don't "ape" the Zonda and this would have been a credible replacement for the second-gen. MR.
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      Its like a lamborghini body kit on a fiero. All show and no go, and the show isn't that great from less than 10 feet away.