• Jul 28th 2006 at 2:01PM
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So what does an amphibious hydrofoil sports car look like when its making a record-breaking run across the English Channel? We've seen pics of Frank Rinderknecht, the chief executive of Rinspeed, piloting the "Splash" in the chilly and choppy waters of the Channel, but we thought some live action video of the 3 hour and 14 minute-long voyage might make for some interesting viewing. Though the splash reportedly reached speeds of 80 kph on the water, the video shows it wasn't all smooth sailing and Rinderknecht was soaked by the time he reached the opposite shore.

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      I'm sorry, I nodded off...what were we talking about?
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      I answer with a big, fat "who cares".
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      Alan Mullaly needs to reform FORD motor and do what Henry Ford did.......a car for every American...sell a car for under $15,000. Tighten up the unions....they are killing the United States..look at the public schools...Mr. Mullaly should remember that where he came from and when....they did not have teachers unions in the 60s. Would Alan be where he is now if he was in the United States school system during the past 20 years? I doubt it.

      Think Henry Ford.............think reform, reorganize and reduce!
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