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A survey of 300 drivers in Britain conducted by www.motorinsurance.co.uk found that almost half believe elderly drivers are to blame for country's horrible traffic and should be banned from driving during peak hours of congestion. Other findings reveal that about two-thirds of those surveyed believe elderly motorists can't handle modern road conditions and 49 percent believe that our elders' perceived slow and erratic driving actually causes accidents.
The insurance company who conducted the survey, however, believes that its findings aren't supported by the statistics. The survey did reveal that many drivers stereotype older motorists as bad drivers, but the insurance company points out that they're more experienced and often more careful motorists than the average driver.

The subject of when a person is too old to drive is certainly a touchy one because it involves a person's freedom of mobility. There's no magic age when the ability to competently operate a motor vehicle disappears, but certainly some of our parents and grandparents have past the point where they can safely roam the open roads.

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      • 8 Years Ago
      I find that while they do go slower than traffic flow in the left lane, they are usually doing the speed limit. I agree with GrowUp - with luck I'll be that age someday, and won't tolerate you young whipper snappers telling me what I can and can't do. Also, 300 seems like an awefully small number for a survey, I'd like to see the average age of the survey.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I think that everyone is an individule regardless of age. Therefore instead of banning driving privliges at a certian age I beliveve that people should have the opprotunity to be retested and be given the chance to prove their driving skills.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Perhaps we should leave it up to law enforcement officers to determine whether or not somebody's driving is up to snuff. We have tickets for driving too fast, too recklessly, etc... Why not have one for, say, driving too elderly? It doesn't have to be so much of a ticket as an order to take a driving test. Then the DMV can simply determine whether or not you can continue driving. This idea no where near fully thought-out, I just think taking a driving test every year or so when I am older would be a pain in the ass.
      • 8 Years Ago
      reflex is one problem Another is if the point is to get all seniors to drive at least 10 mph over the legal limit, then wrong. Teen drivers kill more people than seniors. And what about the 18-30 year old female drivers, who speed, drink coffee , talk on their cell phones, etc? I actually have to ride with a senior driver who drives 30 in a 50, 35 on a thruway speed limit 65, and feel in danger all the time. He almost comes to a complete stop when turning a corner halway through the turn, And "if they don't like it, they can go around me" Age alone is not the problem. AND if children were more pleasant about seeing that parents get to the store etc. without begging, maybe they would prefer to NOT drive. By the way, I am 70.
      • 8 Years Ago
      FACT:Reaction time in elderly folks is longer than us "young whipper-snappers".FACT:It is illegal to drive under the influence of controlled substances. Why? Delayed reaction time being the primary reason for not being allowed to operate heavy machinery under the influence.CONCLUSION:A greater percentage of elderly folks will tend to have more of a delayed reaction to developing traffic situations than younger folks.While they may not be in the aggressive category, they sure will cause plenty of accidents that they won't actually be involved in. Come on, how many times have we been driving merrily down a residential block and some old fart backs out of his/her driveway without thinking, causing one to slam his/her brakes? Let's get real, this isn't a sensitivity issue, it's a life safety issue. I'm all for cognitive exams at the DMV for the elderly and the young who wish to stay on the road.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The DMV or highway patrol would have the statistics to make this decision . being a young age does not give someone these qualifications. Look out your window and think like you were going to give tickets to the bad drivers before you make stupid judgements. Also you might look in the mirror
      • 8 Years Ago
      I think this would be less of an issue if we had some actual laws for lane usage on highways or maybe stricter minimum speed limits on main roadways.

      Today for example, I'm coming home from work (at noon) and going 75 in the fast lane with several cars behind me. 2 semis in the right 2 lanes going 55 and this old lady in a caddy in the middle lane behind one of the semis going maybe 60 mph. The caddy gets over in front of me (I did have plenty of space) and so I slow down from 75 to 60 (I am in the fast lane).

      This isn't anything extraodinary, it happens. So we are slowly passing the semi, almost in front of it, when all of the sudden the lady BRAKES to 55 and we are then PASSED by the 2 semis again. Meanwhile she is weaving over the right line here entire right tires are in the middle lane maybe a foot away from the semi. I slow down to 45 because I'm afraid there's about to be a major accident. Then the lady seemingly sobers up and kicks back up to 60 and slowly again passes the semi. I got over as soon as I could and passed her. She stayed in the fast lane going 55 mph as far as I could see in my rear view mirror.

      What kind of behavior is that? Ancedotal evidence and all, as well as drivers as a whole being relatively stupid (especially in America), but maybe some lane usage laws would keep the 55 in a 70 drivers out of the fast lanes.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Actually I think along the same lines as aliasfox, in that everyone should take a test every 10 years, and after 65 or 70 an eye test every year. There are a lot of younger drivers who are just as incompetant as the older drivers. Taking a test every 10 years would stop bad habits forming and clear the streets of those who really should not be driving.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Every two years, here in NY, all school bus drivers are tested behind the wheel.

      We have to pass an annual physical.

      We must attend a safety class (3 hour classroom session) twice a year.

      A significant number are "elderly" in that they have retired from another line of work.

      In Virginia, it was extremely hard to have my father's lisence revoked, even after he had an accident, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and had my policeman (Sgt.) brother-in-law placing the request.

      I've seen both sides. I have asked both of my sons to freely tell me when they believe that I should let others drive. Hopefully my pride will not be in my way.
      Bob K
      • 8 Years Ago
      I certainly understand how slow & cautious will slow down rush hour traffic on most of those too narrow 'highways' in Britain.
      SOME older drivers probably are too slow on their highways. But those people will never test as bad drivers, they are cautious - just too cautious, which doesn't show up in drivers tests, eye tests, or written tests.

      Personal observation shows that the 'wildest' drivers seem to be young (under mid 20's) females. I never see them staying in lane, or under the speed limit.
      Years ago, it was the under 25 male driver that was the typical 'bad driver', but young women outnumber them.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Drivers tests for everyone over 65?
      I challange Paul to a driving test anytime.

      Pick your car Lotus Elise, Porsch Carrera, Jaguar XK8
      or maybe even a Mini Cooper.
      Pick your circuit & I will safely leave you in the dust.
      BTW I am 69 years of age
      • 8 Years Ago
      To ban someone because of their age is unfair but I would like to see elderly drivers pass eye exams upon renewal and have a driving test. Although sad, some cannot move their heads or turn to see on coming traffic. I worked for an eye group for many years and so so many of our elderly patients had vision that clearly did not pass state driving requirements. It was our responsiblity to tell them and when we did the response was always "well I dont drive very far anyway"
      We by law could not report this patient to the DMV because of privacy issues...that should change.I would always catch myself checking to see where they lived hoping it wasn't near me. Some were actually legally blind. Very scary. To be fair there were just as many that had excellent vision and probably did fine on the road. However it is irresponsible for the DMV or the state not to make it a common practice and recheck those people. People with many traffic violations and accidents should also fall into that catagory. Safety should be the primary concern. Something needs to be done in the USA.
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