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Last week in the UK, a pair of ambitious teens apparently decided that for their joyriding exploits, they'd boost something really special. A short time later they had relieved a Highgate Village residence of one silver Ferrari 360 Modena.
The Ferrari was reported stolen and the underaged GTA artists soon found themselves being chased by police. An eyewitness who saw the 360 fly past him guessed that the car had to be going around 100 miles per hour. That speed was reduced to zero moments later when the Ferrari and a light post tried to become one. The car, seen at right, did not take it well.

The two hooligans responsible for punching the car's ticket to the Scuderia in the Sky escaped with a few scrapes and scratches. They fled the scene on foot but were later picked up by the authorities and arraigned in Youth Court.

Despite the pickle in which the two little delinquents find themselves, they can take some pride in one thing: the little joyride demonstrated that their driving skills are at least equal to those of some Enzo drivers.

[Source: Tottenham Journal]

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      Actually, gkz, the author was simply trying to say that the kids fared better than the car. You are all 100% correct about the apparent safety of Ferraris, however. They seem to refuse to allow their drivers to harm themselves.
      • 9 Years Ago
      1 and 3 are right. The author was way off base when he wrote that the car didn't take the hit well. For people to walk away from a high speed pole impact to a door in ANY car, let alone one engineered more for light weight than crash-worthiness, illustrates how well the car did. I'm pretty sure 360's don't have curtain bags either. Wreckedexotics has lots of pics of high speed ferrari crashes, and drivers walk away surprising often.

      On a postitive note, it looks as though someone should be able to salvage the engine and have themselves a hell of a lot of fun.
      • 9 Years Ago
      (10) Trust me Most cars would not be ok in a collision with a pole.
      Most Supercars ( Italian / German ) Spend huge amounts on R&D on safety and High Speed survival Tests for their vehicle Occupants thus the High survival rates from High speed collisions of thse Cars. Now the same cannot be said for regular vehicles which have been beefed up power wise to reach Supercar speeds. The only safety additions to these cars are Bigger Brakes. Which is why there usually is a huge price difference between Supercars and SuperFast Cars
      Most people have Asked why pay £290,000 GBP for a Carrera GT when you can pay £103,000 GBP for the soon to be released 997 Turbo which is marginally slower in 0-62 times and Top Speed ? The answer is that while you have a good chance of walking away from a 150Mph crash in a Carrera GT you are guaranteed to Die in a 997 in a crash of the same speed.
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      It's always the punks and drunks who walk away. The little bastards should have received an appropriate Darwinistic punishment.
      • 9 Years Ago
      This kids have a real future in grand theft if as teenagers they are able to snatch one... but then again they probably just stole the keys.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I agree. Why the heck don't they get props in crash test ratings? Or safest car of the year awards. And who needs an SUV you need a Ferrari with the "Baby on Board"
      sign in the back window.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Keep in mind that the two prominent Ferrari crashes have both been with POLES. The one where the NHL player died was with a wall.


      Most cars would be fine crashing into poles, I think... so it is not terribly surprising that the Ferrari drivers survive encounters with poles.

      Ferraris are great, let's just not overrate their safety ignorantly.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Well, I have to say, given all the news about people walking away from high speed crashes in Ferraris lately, I have a new found respect for those vehicles. It's refreshing to see that a company which imbues its vehicles with the ability to reach high speeds also designes them to protect talentless drivers at those speeds.
      • 9 Years Ago
      You know JoeL, you are absolutely correct. I did not think of that, but someone buying a Ferrari can take comfort in the fact that they might come off with minor scratches and scuffs if they take a high speed hit (hopefully they won't, but you never know.

      • 9 Years Ago
      Don’t forget everyone that when NHL All-Star Dany Heatley crashed his 360 in October of ’03, his passenger/teammate Dan Snyder died. Google the crash pictures if you want, the 360 split in half.

      But overall from what the media has showed us lately with Ferrari crashes is that they are rather safe, considering.