• Jul 11th 2006 at 6:24PM
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You would think that Ford Motors would be but a whisper on anyone's tongue with all the merger talk about an alliance between General Motors and Renault/Nissan. But according to the Keller Fay Group, the Blue Oval is actually the most talked about brand among in America at the moment. The marketing research and consulting company, which measures brands via word of mouth advertising, ranks the automotive company ahead of wireless company Verizon and computer maker Dell.
But being the talk of the town is not all good news. Ford failed to crack the top ten for positive word of mouth. Rival Toyota Motor Corp scored the number one spot in that list. Interesting, Wal-Mart scored second after Toyota despite all the negative press about the retail chain.

So how important is word of mouth? According to Keller Fay Group CEO Ed Keller, nearly half of the consumers who participated in these surveys are likely to buy a brand because of what other people say about the product.

[Source: Associated Press via Canton Repository]

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      #13 -> You are a sad, sad soul.

      And, I do not doubt that Ford is most talked about. I talk about them all the time. Of course what I say is not going to make anyone want to buy them.

      • 9 Years Ago
      Ford should be talked about. It is a great example of where we are going as a nation. Perception is taking over logic. What kind of america are we building? What kind of america do you want? If ford had a contract to build a unit for toyoda that also carried the ford badge (like a ford/mercury unit) I believe people would buy the toyoda even if the cars were identical. Every action causes a reaction, even if you cannot perceive it. 4 & 7 & 13, so are you really building a better america or are you slowly removing the smaller stones from the foundation of american culture?
      • 9 Years Ago
      Only think about Ford I can think about is the Found On the Road Democrat.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Cristi, Have you actually seen the ads or are you just assuming they are "wrong". I have seen the ads and they are for vehicles. It is not of homosexual lovers behind closed doors or anything even remotely close to this. I stand behind my previous comment. Let's leave the political agenda out of advertising it is just an ad and you really need to get over these issues you are having with them.
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      Regarding the Wal-mart comment. Consumers who don't own a small business love Walmart for their cheap prices. I know first hand some of the tactics Wal-mart employs, which is why I don't buy anything from them. I can't count the amount of times they were found 'dumping' their pharmaceuticals to under cut their competition in their area. Then when the small pharmacies go out of business, they just raise their prices again.

      I'm in the clothing business and Wal-mart sells very cheaply made clothing at a very low price point. The old saying 'you get what you paid for' still applies.

      And iQuack, if you were a merchant or supplier to Walmart and they agree to buy X number of goods from you, on credit of course. They will pay you almost what your cost is on the items. Then here is the kicker which a lot of people don't know about. If they don't sell what they bought from you, THEY WON'T PAY YOU FOR IT!!! Why the hell do you think so many small American companies went out of business because of Walmart? Americans are price whores, all they care about is price, price price. Walmart delivers to the needs of the majority of Americans, but we are paying a price for it.

      The lowest price isn't always the best price.
      • 9 Years Ago
      anyone else notice the ad right next to the article

      "the american people love the truth and they love an underdog"

      you sure about that?
      • 9 Years Ago
      That's strange : nobody is prophet in his country. I'm living in Europe and I see a lot of prestigious brands here which encounter a lot (but a lot...) of problems on their production. I must tell you that in the same time a brand like Ford , which perhaps is not making the most appealing cars in the world, ok, is selling very good cars, here and very reliable. But of course it has not the prestigious name of Mercedes , BMW or other Audis...
      But in fact their quality is as good as those brands but at a cheaper price. The problem is that people buy more often the name or the look of a car instead of the real quality...in fact they buy the "supposed to be" instead of "is". Ford has probably the most fantastic history in auto-makers because its creator was moved by an idealistic view of his job: "to put the world on wheels" and by doing that he became a popular car maker! Please do not reproach Ford for that by snobing the brand which really worth it!
      You have great car makers in the USA...you must fight to save them!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Money is green from all people. I don't blame Ford for advertising anywhere. If we want to blame ford for paying to advertise in alternative magazines, who cares. I don't think they are going to straight people and giving them money to be gay. So they can sell to whoever. If you are so mad that ford advertises in alternative lifestyle media, why don't you start riding a bike to work so we don't support the middle east with abundant cash flow.

      In reality, hate is a real time waister. I could care less what you do or anyone else does, and I can understand that Ford doesn't care who's money is green. Business is buisiness and politics is politics.
      • 9 Years Ago
      CNN, NY Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, Etc. = GM, Ford, DCX

      Fox News, Talk Radio, Internet Bloggers = Toyota, Honda, Hyundai

      In other words the old standbys are losing ground to the new competitors. And they don't even know what hit them.

      You want perception??? How about CBS and Dan Rather's forged documents story? And after it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they were not legit his pathetic producer of that show, Mary Mapes, told an interviewer that it was not up to her to prove that the documents were authentic, it was up to others to prove that they were not authentic!? WTF!!!??? Yea, baby I want to get my news from those folks - not! And this does not even scratch the surface. Just read Stossels new book.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The only reason Fords cars appeal to anyone is because they are cheap and easy to get financing on. Look at used car lots, they are full of newer Ford cars and trucks with high mileage, that tells me they are lease buy backs that Ford has boldly told everyone that they were apart of their sales. Ford needs a makeover that includes getting a new ad agency, BOLD MOVES, give me a break, how stupid does that sound. The only BOLD MOVE that I associate FORD with is the movement that is apart of most peoples morning rituals.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Toyota sure doesn't get any positive word of mouth from me...
      • 9 Years Ago
      13/18 That's crazy how you are making a mix with things that have nothing in common. Ford, is a car maker not a Priest nor a Pastor neither a Rabbin... Its job is not to judge the way of life of people! (Anyway only Gog can do that not you!) The company is trying to go out of the mess and to save thousands of jobs by advertising in all categories of people. That's its duty to make the best cars and the best business it can do. That's its responsability in front of the thousands of families which rely on Ford's jobs and in front of the thousands of stock holders who owns it. That's it!!! and nothing else! For sure not to speak about Gays or anything else touching about way of life. OK?
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