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Most of the numbers for the month of June are in, and as you can see the red arrows outnumber the green ones yet again. Eighteen out of the 39 automakers below are reporting a rise in June sales over the same period last year. The 25.9% drop in sales by General Motors has attracted the most attention so far, but the General's performance, along with FoMoCo falling 6.9% and the Chrysler Group dropping 15%, can largely be attributed to the successful summer sales drive of 2005 that artificially inflated sales during that period. We should expect all three domestic producers to show a drop in sales throughout the summer because of this anomaly.

Toyota, meanwhile, keeps on chugging with a 14.41% increase in sales last month compared to the year prior. Honda was also up, but only negligibly, and Nissan has yet to report.

Mad props go to Suzuki for picking up the pace with a 28% rise in sales last month. Credit for the big jump goes to the new Grand Vitara, the sales of which jumped 606% since last year to 2,514 units thanks to the all-new model. At the other end of the spectrum, Saab sales have been reduced to a trickle, falling 50.2% to just 3,295 units during the month of June. Another note of interest, all of the Germans saw a rise in sales, with Mercedes-Benz gaining the most ground on itself by posting a 14% rise in sales.

Big Winner:

Big Loser:

-19.4% at 15,107 (June 2005: 18,744)
Audi11.3% at 8,039 (June 2005: 7,209)
BMW3.4% at 24,179 (June 2005: 23,392)
Buick-36.6% at 23,738 (June 2005: 37,446)
Cadillac-21% at 23,265 (June 2005: 29,444)
Chevrolet-25.5% at 243,353 (June 2005: 326,632)
Chrysler-21% at 51,986 (June 2005: 65,594)
Dodge-11% at 96,485 (June 2005: 107,997)
Ford-7.2% at 226,250 (June 2005: 243,678)
GMC-46.5% at 47,604 (June 2005: 88,971)
Honda3.4% at 111,342 (June 2005: 107,672)
HUMMER-16.2% at 5,661 (June 2005: 6,754)
Hyundai4.3% at 44,508 (June 2005: 43,051)
Infiniti20% at 9,300 (June 2005: 11,623)
Isuzu-8.4% at 1,652 (June 2005: 1,803)
Jaguar-25.2% at 2,160 (June 2005: 2,888)
Jeep-19% at 37,475 (June 2005: 46,441)
Kia1.3% at 27,443 (June 2005: 27,095)
Land Rover12.7% at 3,847 (June 2005: 3,414)
Lexus6.3% at 27,686 (June 2005: 26,043)
Lincoln-11.1% at 9,610 (June 2005: 10,808)
Mazda8% at 23,727 (June 2005: 22,063)
Mercedes-Benz14% at 20,802 (June 2005: ~18,247)
Mercury1.7% at 16,670 (June 2005: 16,395)
MINI-1.4%  at 3,556 (June 2005: 3,607)
Mitsubishi-.04% at 10,004 (June 2005: 10,621)
Nissan18.9% at 65,854 (June 2005: 81,158)
Pontiac12.1 at 41,115 (June 2005: 36,665)
Porsche10.4% at 3,058 (June 2005: 2,770)
Saab-50.2% at 3,295 (June 2005: 6,614)
Saturn.70% at 23,790 (June 2005: 23,618)
Subaru3% at 18,476 (June 2005: 17,946)
Suzuki28% at 9,516 (June 2005: 7,449)
Toyota15.71% at 195,332 (June 2005: 168,832)
Volkswagen5.5% at 20,121 (June 2005: 19,071)
Volvo-11.4% at 10,867 (June 2005: 12,266)

Chrysler Group
-15% at 185,946 (June 2005: 220,032)
Ford Motor Co -6.9% at 269,404 (June 2005: 289,449)
General Motors-25.9% at 413,473 (June 2005: 558,092)
Honda America 0% at 126,449 (June 2005: 126,416)
Toyota Motor Co.14.41% at 223,018 (June 2005: 194,875)

UPDATE - Added Nissan, Infiniti, Porsche, Kia and corrected error in Audi's numbers.
UPDATE 2 - Finally found Hyundai's Junes sales and reorganized listing for simplification.

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      Mark: Percentages are taking in account the number of sales days within that month.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "Suzuki Does build small cars, have for years."

      I understand that but their gains over number sold last year could be contributed to adding an SUV. That is all I meant.

      They should have just made another small car and their gains would have doubled, right? [/sarcasm]
      • 9 Years Ago
      Interesting that even Staurn is up by 0.7%. Is that because the Sky/Solstice sell so well? Or did the numbers come from established cars such as the Vue/G6?
      • 9 Years Ago
      I guess there's SOME good news for Isuzu ... if current trends continue Jaguar may drop below it for the dubious title of Slowest Selling Non-Exotic Brand in America :)
      • 9 Years Ago
      What I find most interesting in these numbers (excluding the ones listed in your comments, since they lack the raw data) is not that Suzuki had an almost 28% increase in vehicle sales, which only netted them a .11% increase in total market share, but that Toyota picked up most of GM's slack in market share.
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      Lithous, Scion sales were at 15,837 vehicles for all models (xA, xB, and tC) in June 2006... 2,978 vehicles more than June 2005's sales of the same models.

      So, Scion sales were up about 20 or so percent.
      • 9 Years Ago
      What are Scion's numbers?
      • 9 Years Ago
      For a much easier and more quicker available sales chart go to the following link and about 2/3 down the page on right side there is chart of auto sales, click on the full image link. This is posted monthly and contains YTD info also.

      • 9 Years Ago
      All figures are taken directly from the automakers only. We chose not to take any from news reports.

      Yes, the number of selling days in June was 26. I read that in one of the manufacturer's press releases.

      Thanks for the sharp eyes on the Audi error. That was my fault. I hope you all enjoy this post. I've always wanted to do a post that gathered all of the sales information from every company in one place.

      Also, for Ford, GM and Toyota we included sales info for each company and then their individual brands. Could have done for that for Nissan and Honda, as well as a few others, maybe will next time.

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      #11: hey, Suzuki Does build small cars, have for years.
      In fact, you look at the sales breakdown:
      the 3rd story down.... you'll see that the Forenza family sold the most for Suzuki(Forenza wagon, sedan, and reno 5 door hatchback, all of which should be repalced, or tweaked by next year or two for better performance and MPG).
      Now, all they need is to get their dealerships acts together.
      Also, look at the sx4 story, uf ya like, on this link.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Who forgot to close the bold HTML tag?
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