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High gas prices combined with the Hummer's bottom-of-the-barrell gas mileage should spell doom for sales for the boxy SUV, right? Well, two Hummer dealerships may have found a technological workaround. Sib blog engadget reports that Detroit Hummer and Hummer of Novi are selling a modification, called the "Mileage Maximizer," that supposedly increases the SUV's miles per gallon up to as much as the mid-twenties. The modification comes from the aftermarket parts company Air Synergy Labs Inc. with the the dealerships charging $185.95 for the device.
The modifiers have not yet been tested by Hummer or the brand's parent company, General Motors. Both strongly discourage such modifications and hint they may not honor any warranties to modified vehicles. Also, no governmental body has certified the device's claims. The dealerships, though, are pleased with the brisk sales of the modified SUVs. States Russ Reimer, service director for both dealerships, "....We've had some customers already call us back and say they have seen an improvement."

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[Source: Wall Street Journal via engadget; picture by Getty Images]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Anybody doubting who James works for?
      • 8 Years Ago
      This just in: mr from Post#13 is a Hummer dealer.

      Hey mr, grow up and make an intelligent point---if you can. Hummers are a rediculous over-indulgence that ego maniacs drive. With that said, why do you think that calling them sophmoric names will help your cause?
      You just feed their ego by giving them one more reason to believe they are better than you.

      The Hummer driver I know are trying to compensate for inadequacies and love making you angry enough to revert to 6th grade insults. They need to be embarassed, but we need a more responsible (an effective) approach----you dumb ass.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Sure the product works. It's called the placebo effect. People need to find a way to justify the $200 useless piece of metal and plastic they just bought. :p

      Anyway, the product has been debunked several times, by places like Popular Science and Mythbusters.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Brilliant! It's almost unfair. Skilled marketing departments vs. idiotic public.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "The Tornado device actually will increase fuel efficiency, but most intake manifolds currently designed already have turbulence creation centers designed in, thus they do not do anything. Current fuel injectors atomize the fuel so well that the Tornado is not able to help out. Of course, with these monsters, I wouldn't be surprised that such advanced manifold designs were not incorporated."

      You want to REDUCE turbulence. Laminar flow. Look it up.

      Cylinder head design strongly emphasizes this, so had you known what you were talking about, you'd be right. The Vortex and devices like it *may have* worked for carbureted engines, but they are useless in a modern engine.

      In a fuel injected engine -- ANY fuel injected engine, the effects of a Vortex-like device wouldn't contribute anything to the atomization of fuel. The only conceivable benefit (in a carbureted engine) is to reduce turbulence, which by definition increases the volume of air that can be rammed into the motor over a given period of time.

      But the saddest part of this is that the silly little Vortex thing is available at places like Pep Boys for $20 or $30, and these people buying Tahoes -- er, Hummers -- are blowing eight or nine times that much on them.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It is called a 6 speed automatic, then EEGR, then cylinder shutoff.

      GM really sucks
      • 8 Years Ago
      You know I installed one of these tornado devices as well and it actually keeps the outside of my car cleaner due to the vortex effect of it encompassing the entire car and keeping dirt and bugs away. Of course mine has a super secret coating that I would be happy to modify for the low cost of $999.99 but think of the savings in car washes!
      • 8 Years Ago
      The real cure is called a Duramax diesel engine coupled with a Allison auto trans. I get 18mpg in my fullsized pickup of equil weight and size. Never below 13mpg towing 10+k lb and running hard. Fast, quiet and awesomely powerfull!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Snake oil.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hey, this thing really does work. Since I installed it,my ac is colder,my heater is hotter and my headache is gone!(she ran away with the milkman)
      • 8 Years Ago
      These dealers need choked to death. If a magic bullet could add mpg to these vehicles, GM would have installed it from the factory. Everyone else is having problems getting rid of SUVs, these asshats are adding dealer markups.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Honda makes a similar device that increases gas mileage for Hummers.

      It's called the Civic.
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