• Jun 30th 2006 at 12:31PM
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Today the Chrysler Group announced that all customers would be eligible for employee pricing on qualifying 2006 and select 2005 model year Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles as of July 1st. The Employee Pricing Plus program also offers customers zero percent financing for 36 months on most models financed through Chrysler Financial. Instead of financing, customers can also choose $3,500 cash back. But that's not all, customer's will also have the option to return a vehicle under the 30-day Return Program (providing certain conditions are met).

Which vehicles are excluded, you ask? The Dodge Viper, Ram SRT-10 and Sprinter van.

In order to promote the new Employee Pricing Plus program, participating dealerships will be until midnight starting tomorrow through July 5th. The company has also launched the "Ask Dr. Z" advertising campaign, which we'll have more details about in a later post.

[Source: Chrysler]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      My Story
      Like most people i wanted a good reliable vehicle for my wife... so in
      2001 I purchased the vehicle brand new for my wife..
      A brand new Dodge caravan...
      I drove it home with her happy i had made a smart decision and helped our american Brothers the auto workers..

      If I had known how much grief it would have caused me i would have bought a RUSSIAN compact...

      2002 First time yellow check engine light comes on.. Fixed under warantee (unknown so the computer is reset). we drive it home..

      2003 Vehicle DIES on the freeway taken to dealer..
      Unknown computer reset (under warantee)...

      2004 Vehicle no longer under warantee again DIES (taken to dealer)

      Mechanic stated he could not understand why the code was thrown or the vehicle died

      Computer reset (Billed)..

      2005 october (vehicle check engine light comes on again) gas cap (Billed) Gas CAP my BUT this caused it to die on the FREEWAY????? Give me a BREAK...

      2005 November (vehicle check engine light comes on again) It dies on the freeway again....

      Billed for repairs again for a solenoid diagnostics charge again its supposedly fixed..

      2006 July 15 2006 Vehicle dies again ( This time my wife nearly was hit on the freeway )... as soon as she got home (i was amazed since it died not once but twice)
      I took it immidiatly and sure enough it died going up the hill (third time)...

      I called the dealer who service manager said they have to bill us as it is a different problem...

      Well SIR i just had my wife furious that i had EVER Bought a DODGE..

      This is INSANE..
      I am furious at the laughingstock you have made me out to be..

      A. I am a loyal american trying to support my country by buying AMERICAN made CARS and TRUCKS.

      B. I am then being punished (TWICE) by having to drag this caravan back down to the dealer for repairs almost yearly and then each time its a different repair so i get NAILED AGAIN...

      C. I have worked on ARMY Jeeps that have a better maintance record than this...

      D. Is Dodge purposly TRYING to DRIVE Americans to buy Foreign made CARS?

      E. I have been fighting this battle for over 3 years (every 8 - 12 months the Caravan just DIES)..

      F. I have been told its everything from the gas cap to the oxygen sensor.. to a computer that needs to be reset.. Worse than windows 98...

      G. I have another DODGE stratus that has NEVER had THIS much TROUBLE!!!!

      H. I then have to go back to the dealer to have it repaired Again..

      I. Then i am charged (which i paid)..(Again and Again and AGAIN)... I am running out of money...

      J. Then I get untold grief from Family and FRIENDS BECAUSE i bought a DODGE..

      K. Then Adding insult to injury i had told people because of how much i LIKED DODGE..

      I was going to try and Buy a TRUCK...

      But NOT NOW...

      I HAVE HAD IT.....
      • 9 Years Ago

      That is a very alarming story. Did you contact the customer service center? Although it may take awhile to get through (as most customer service numbers do) they might be able to help or at least reimburse you for your trouble in some way. I hate to hear of loyal American-car-buyers having such negative experiences. I hope someone can help you to change this negative situation into a positive. Thank GOD your wife was not hit on the freeway!

      DaimlerChrysler Customer Assistance Center

      • 9 Years Ago
      "In order to promote the new Employee Pricing Plus program, participating dealerships will be until midnight starting tomorrow through July 5th."

      One of the most awkwardly written sentences, ever.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Are they also going to pay for my gas and wash it every day? If not, no deal.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I wonder if & when Ford & GM will be following suit. Hopefully it will be soon, as the wife has her heart set on getting a new car this weekend.