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Toyota is issuing a recall Special Service Campaign for 9,000 FJ Cruisers so that the company can inspect vehicles equipped with Dunlop and Bridgestone tires. There is concern that the inner bead may have been damaged due to a supposedly unique mounting process. This, in itself, is not particularly unusual, but what is a bit strange is how the company announced the recall campaign - with a post on an enthusiast message board.  

The message was posted on the FJ Cruiser Forum by a user with the name "TMS USA", and the spokesperson says that the automaker has not contacted the mainstream media regarding "this small volume service action", but is trying "to be a bit more proactive and provide the right information to consumers and customers via consumer-generated internet discussions".

Now, by law, automakers have to contact owners regarding recalls, but no specifics are put into place regarding the type of media that is to be used. The FJ Cruisers Forum currently has around 3,500 members, which would seem to represent an unusually high percentage of FJ owners. In this sense, it would seem that Toyota has found a tightly-focused means by which to spread the word to the appropriate parties, but it also might appear as if the automaker is making a deliberate attempt to avoid the media scrutiny that follows such announcements. Indeed, as of the writing of this post, a search of Google News returns no hits on this subject.

[Source: FJ Cruisers Forum; tip courtesy of JayC]

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      I think comment #10 is derogatory and should be removed, not to mention that the writer's comments are totally devoid of any real intellectual merit. JR should head back to Dallas and cavort with the rest of his racist ilk.
      • 9 Years Ago
      thank God for Toyota. I have owned cadillac's for years and I must say for the last six I have owned a toyota and I will never owned another cadillac. Toyota
      makes a good dependable car.I can have any car I want, But I am very satisfied with my Toyota
      Michael Kilpatrick
      • 9 Years Ago
      Okay, so I work in the parts department at a large Toyota dealership. Toyota doesn't use the word "recall", they call them Special Service Campaigns. Toyota is not trying to "sneak this under the radar" as some of you believe. When I read this article, this was the first I had heard of this problem on the FJ Cruisers. It's not that Toyota is trying to hide the problem, it's that they haven't even announced it to their own dealers or anybody else yet. This is such a new thing, that nobody even knows about it yet. The truth is, there is already a campaign out concerning this exact same problem on some 2WD 06 Tacomas. Of all the Tacomas we have seen in the dealership with this campaign, we haven't had to replace a single tire yet. That is the difference between Toyota and some other manufacturers. Toyota will go through the trouble of identifying and fixing the problems before they actually become problems. They don't wait until you have lots of failures, and possibly deaths before they deal with the situation. In the Prius steering rod campaign, they haven't actually seen any fail at all, yet they are replacing 1 million of them worldwide just in case. That's exactly what they are doing with the FJ Cruiser. If you read, you'll see that there hasn't been one failure yet, but they just want to be safe. Since I've worked for Toyota, I've only seen one campaign where I've actually seen failed parts. That is the ball joint campaing on the Tacomas, 4Runners, Tundras, and Sequioas. I have personally seen several failures, and if you have one of these vehicles, you need to have the ball joints replaced under the campaign.
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      #1 your a moron for posting such dumb comment "maybe it just shows that Toyota cares about their customers unlike the big 3 who wait until people are killed before they address a problem ". What it shows is that there trying to keep it as hush hush as possiable. They don't want people to think that there products have problems and if someone where to get killed because of a tire mounting problem then it would have been all over the news and Toyota would be making recall out loud to the media and public to take note.If your taking about Ford problem with the firestone tires on the Explorer is not fords fault the the tires were defective and that they blew out that was firestones fault.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Toyota produces crap, their recall rate is 10.6%, GM recall rate is 6.2%, so don't give anyone that bull about Toyota is doing the right thing. They are living in a glass house and it's begining to crack. When a company starts trying to hide it's problems, they are keeping even more problems hid from the public.
      • 9 Years Ago
      As stated so eloquently earlier, this is bullshit. It's not an attempt to be proactive and it not taking care of customers, it's being sneaky. Man, some people just can't be fair-minded when talking about Japanese cars.
      • 9 Years Ago
      This has just come out. Wait and see how they handle it. I hardly feel that Toyota will jeporadize anyones safety everything they sell seems to rate vert high for safety. I think it's pretty progressive thinking on their part for going to an FJ forum first. Keeps people from freaking out and calling their dealers.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Yes, as post #56 indicates, the title of this blog article is quite misleading. The recall/SSC is a matter of public record, because Toyota did provide notice to the NHTSA nearly a week ago. And, they notified their dealers the same day. Customers will receive letters by mail beginning next week. And, the company chose to make this information even more public by posting factual information regarding the campaign on one of most FJ Cruiser owner-rich consumer online forums in existence.


      That doesn't seem sneaky at all--Seems pretty smart and customer-focused.
      • 9 Years Ago
      We contacted toyota and the full skinny is here:

      Blame the NHTSA for not updating their recall list asap. Toyota filed the recall on June 26.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "yeah, funniest thing is how in 2005 Toyota spent half amount of money for warranties (including recalls) as opposed to GM and Ford..."

      Toyota sold almost exactly half the vehicles GM did in 2005 in America (assuming that is what your data is for, America). Or did you mean that Toyota had half as many as GM and Ford combined? Maybe that is what you meant. Either way, not look spectacular.
      • 9 Years Ago
      All I can say is WOW. That wow is for the absolute lunacy of some of the posts in this blog.

      I am not a "Nancy boy Toyota lover" or a "big three Bubba" but instead I am a consumer who wants to get the best product available for my money. That being said, here are a few things for everyone here and some of you are not going to like it but regardless, this is fact.

      All of the automotive companies today in the U.S. are really not U.S. based companies at all, but instead are world companies. They have different divisions in different parts of the world. Toyota happens to be one that actually uses the same corporate name everywhere. Gm Chrysler Corp. and Ford do not. Let's focus on these world companies for just a moment. All three of our "domestic" companies go by many aliases around the globe. There are so many comments about people who buy "jap" cars are not supporting America. That is shear ignorance and even if those people know the truth, they're still going to support our "American" made vehicles.

      Do any of you read the window sticker when you buy a new vehicle or are you so blind you don't want to see the truth? A Chevy truck built for 2006 is less than 70% American parts and is assembled in either Mexico or Canada. American made? I think not. Ford is no different. Speaking of Ford, I went and watched their on line video segments called "The Truth About Trucks". What a crock! If I was a real Ford lover, I would beg Ford to take that drivel off of the web so I wouldn't be embarrassed to drive my Ford. That is like watching a science fiction. It make look real, but was so fake I was laughing all the way through it. It should be on "Mystery Science Theater".

      Did you know Ford is about to add 9.2 BILLION dollars to the Mexican economy to build “American made” vehicles to be sold here in the US? They are going to build and invest that money in MEXICO, not the USA. That will increase the Mexican economy by 15%!! Don’t you think we can use that money here?? Ford doesn’t think so.

      Now more statistics, again truth without bias. Toyota of America engineered and designed the upcoming 2007 Tundra completely in the United States. It will be built 100% in the U.S. with 100% U.S. made parts by proud Americans in Texas. Toyota of America keeps 100% of their money in the U.S. for further R&D, building new plants and creating more jobs for Americans. Right now Toyota employs more than 300,000 Americans that actually LIKE to go to work each day because they work for a company they can be proud of. Don't kid yourself, that number will continue to grow.

      The last thing I have to say is if people didn’t have any pre-dispositions about vehicle makers, I know the majority would choose Toyota. This is based on quality, dependability and resale value. If there was no brand loyalty and you actually took the time to compare, there would be a lot less Ford and GM vehicles running around the U.S.

      For those of you that think I am just plain brand loyal to Toyota, you are dead wrong. I can drive anything I want because I work for a dealer group that has new car franchises for Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, KIA, Toyota, Nissan, Scion and we get more than our fair share of Ford trade-ins. I get a dealer demo and I drive a Toyota. I also have my own vehicles and three of them happen to be Toyota. You know why? Because I am a smart American that supports an American made vehicle that will still be running and will be worth something when I go to get something new. That something will probably be another AMERICAN MADE TOYOTA!

      If you are going to bash me with negative comments, you are wasting your breath. If you want to post statistics that are reality that proves something I said here is wrong, I hope you can back it up because what I just posted here isn’t speculation, it’s FACT.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Wow! I love Toyota! You can tell that they love us so much that they don't want to worry us about a simple little recall about some stupid little problem like a steering defect. They're so thoughtful. Unlike the evil American auto companies that want to kill our children and our environment. GM, or should I say General Murderers, should be ashamed of themselves for not being so thoughtful. They should be bought out by Toyota immediately and then all factories should be destroyed. Shame on Ford for even building cars. How dare they. Toyota will show us the way with their love. They don't care about profits. They care about loving us.

      If you can't tell.. I was being sarcastic.
      Wake up all you Toyota fans. The company is not perfect because it's growing very fast. No car company is. If you keep denying the fact that Toyota is starting to lose it's luster, you'll be very dissapointed.
      Like any company, as it grows bigger, especially at a fast rate, the quality and efficiency will take a nosedive.
      If you want another example, look at Apple computers. Now that they're building more computers and iPods then ever before, quality has gone down the tubes.
      With the domestics and the Germans, to regain quality and efficiency, they had to reduce their size. As a result, they've gotten much better. Toyota will do the same. Just you wait and see.
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