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General Motors recently gave Aaron Robinson, a junior at the Charter High School for Architecture and Design in Philadelphia, an unforgettable gift. The creative 17-year-old has a love for designing automobiles, so in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish foundation GM designers transformed his sketches of a Pontiac Trans Am design into a virtual 5-foot-by-10-foot computer projection model. Robinson's life has been marked by a battle with leukemia, and he is fortunately now in remission.

The design, of which The Detroit News appears to have no pictures (the one above we believe is another sketch of a future Corvette C16 done by Robinson and reinterpreted by GM designers), shows a model that takes design cues from the 1953 Chevy Corvette, as well as a one-headlight grille inspired by the 1945 Tucker. Amaury Diaz, creative designer for the Rear-Wheel Drive High Performance Studio at GM, said about the experience of interpreting the young man's design, "That is as much fun as I'll have this week."

It was refreshing that we didn't find news of GM's giving nature in its own list of press releases, as something like this shouldn't be treated as a marketing opportunity. Although we do hope GM will release some more pics so we can view Robinson's works from some additional angles.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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      Response to No. 2

      You are joking right?? Rainbow Push - The gimmie gimmie coalition.
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      I'm sorry but that design is really, really bad.

      But I hope his cancer is in permanent remission.


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      A nice gesture, so call me cynical if the idea of having a sketch turned into a 3D model doesn't sound nearly as impressive as if they had turned it into a physical model, even if it was only from foam.
      • 9 Years Ago
      GM is taking advantage of sick children.
      • 9 Years Ago
      They couldn't turn it into a physical model, Giggles, because that department at GM took early retirement. lol
      • 9 Years Ago
      "Stoneman is an asshole. Picking on a kid thats ill."

      ??? Sorry man, but being ill does not make this design better. We all hope he'll get well, but the design is really bad.
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      WhyDrive, why should The General donate any money to an organization that was founded by a racist? If they did that, The General would never get another penny from me. "Revrend" Jesse Jackson can suck my left nut.

      While I think a scholarship to a Desgin school would have been more interesting, this is still a pretty trick gift.
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      Not to be nit-picky John, but the Tucker (commonly referred to as the Tucker Torpedo) was a model year 1948 (having made its debut in 1947), not 1945... OK, yeah, i'm too nit-picky. Sue me. :-)
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      Stoneman is an asshole. Picking on a kid thats ill.

      And BTW, your website is weak. How can you give a top pick on a car, when you've hardly driven many? What the hell makes you an expert anyways?
      DORK ASS!