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We don't make a practice of showing crash videos for their shock value, but this vidcap of the SPEED Channel broadcast of the Grand American race at Mid-Ohio is worth checking out for a couple of reasons. (Yes, BMW driver Joey  Hand walked away from this amazing crash.)

First, the law of unintended consequences. Hand's BMW was lightly tapped by Paul Edwards' Pontiac as Edwards took an optimistic look down the inside as he battled Hand for the GT class lead late in the race. Hand slid to the grass, saved it, and looked set to take a shortcut across the infield when a newly-constructed access road (probably slightly elevated above the grass for drainage) launched his BMW end-over-end across the track.

Second, what a testimony to the remarkable strides in racecar safety. Hand's cockpit roll cage remained completely intact through multiple high-speed impacts, leaving Hand stiff and sore after the incident, but without even a single broken bone.

Read Hand's account of the crash here.

[Source: YouTube] Thanks and a tip o' the helmet to Brad at TheMustangSource.com

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      Furguson, I thought Dukes also. But there should be a lesson in this to race track developers: If you have apron or run off areas, leave them clear. In this case the approach to the road accross should have been filled. Of course, easy to see that now. But future changes at that track and others should use that as an example.
      The energy dissipation effect is interesting. He's lucky he did those eight or however many flips with a number of small impacts that scrubbed speed off (relatively) slowly. It's nothing anyone would want to go through, but it's a lot better than "dissipating" all that kinetic energy in one mighty whump.
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      Well, I know what the notable highlight of the race will be when I finally watch the race on my Tivo. Incredible.
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      I've raced karts at Blue Max in Davis, CA with Joey and his dad, Les. I can tell you that Joey doesn't believe in contact for it's own sake and I'm glad he walked away from this one.

      He has a long career ahead of him, and I want hom back for more driving instruction.

      Mid-Ohio needs to remove that "launch pad" berm.
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      I wonder if he was wearing a HANS device.

      That is certainly a very tough car. Was it the roll cage that bore the brunt or the frame itself?
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      Yes, the linked article says he was wearing a HANS device. Gave him some trouble getting out of the car with the oil and gas leaking down onto him, but he says without a doubt it saved his life. Thank goodness these are available now.
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      Dukes of Hazzard, anyone?
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