• Jun 26th 2006 at 9:03AM
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Renault will be incorporating the 2.0L diesel powerplant from the Laguna in the Megane RenaultSport. The turbodiesel will be good for around 180 horsepower, a top speed of roughly 139 mph, and a 0-62 time of 7.5 seconds. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the oil-burning sport model should hit the European market in March 2007.

The primary marketplace competitor for the diesel Megane RenaultSport is said to be Volkswagen's Golf GT TDI. Sounds like a recipe for some fun comparos in the big Euro mags once those cars are both in showrooms. Of course, we North Americans would welcome any RenaultSport product on these shores...

Note: Megane RenaultSport depicted above is the most recent gasoline-powered model.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport (translated)]

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      I am *so* jelous of the europeans!! They have all these diesels that get 50+ MPG and have gobs of torque. Lots of Americans who aren't stuck in past memories of VW Rabbits struggleing to do 70 on the highway while beltching blue smoke, are dying of jelosey and loathing Euro diesels!!
      America is ready for Renault, Peugeot and Citroen's to come to come, bringing great diesels with them!
      By the way, Renault-Nissan is a collaberation, Gohsen controlling both.

      And Renault does not stink!!!
      Honda should bring their 2.2DCI to america

      • 9 Years Ago
      "6. Nissan is part of Renault group."

      Autonews - ha funny name, since this is wrong.

      Here from the Renault-Nissan Alliance homepage:

      "Signed on March 27, 1999, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is the first of its kind involving a Japanese and a French company, each with its own distinct corporate culture and brand identity. Both companies share a single joint strategy of profitable growth and a community of interests. To promote this shared objective, the Renault-Nissan Alliance set up joint project structures as early as June 1999 covering most of both companie's activities."

      AS PREVIOUSLY STATED, Renault ownes a controlling share in Nissan. They are technically seperate companies still.
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      Nissan is part of Renault group.
      • 9 Years Ago
      " Ford sells only Mazda/Volvo sourced vehicles.[in Europe]"

      Steve - what do you mean? In Europe, for offers a great range of cars that are not Mazda or Volvo sourced. Mondeo? Fiesta? Even the Volvo "sourced" are not really sourced - they share global platforms. You have the Focus and CMax on the C1.
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      Tsarmina, the problem is was lots of Renault bringed here in Canada and the US in the 1970s and 1980s had mechanics problems like the R18, R15, R5 was good but lacked an automatic transmission and numerous folks still have memories of the Renault Alliance and Encore.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I think its the other way around? Nissan owns Renault? I could be exactly wrong on that though.

      I think that as the US becomes aware of the Audi diesel LeMans car, and other sporting diesels, they will be more apt to buy into diesel cars. (We seem to like the heavy duty diesel trucks ok)
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