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We won't get to see the Audi R8 running around in real life until springtime 2007 when the car is launched, but luckily some squatters on the look for prototypes lapping the famous Nurburgring in Germany caught the car doing hot laps while testing. If a picture's worth a thousand words, this video leaves nothing left to be written in anticipation of Audi's ultimate mid-engine road warrior. The slightly detuned V10 sourced from the Lamborghini Gallardo sounds sonorous as the driver blips the throttle while downshifting in turns. Along with the 450-hp V10 from the Gallardo, the R8 will share many mechanicals with its Italian cousin, as well. It's name is culled from the R8 Le Mans racer in order to emphasize its performance potential, while the R8's shape is a faithful reproduction of the Le Mans Quattro concept car first shown at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show.

[Source: AutoExpress via GermanCarBlog]

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      i don't think the v10 is in that car...audi already announced that the r8 will come with a v8.
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      That sounds like the V-8 in that one..could they be making this car v-8 only? Doing that would make a lot of sense...it would ensure that it really has little in common with the Gallardo and would put it at a more "Audi friendly" price point.
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      yes, that is a v8 manual you are seeing in the video. The car will have both available with both a v10 and a v8. The launch car will be v8 only, with a v10 and other varients to follow.
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      Sweet, during high RPM operations it sounds like a V10 to me, but I'm unsure.

      If you are interested in the Audi R8, please check out:

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      What's with the registration? Anyone have a different video (not a flash version)?
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      This thing will be a performer. The RS4 with the same 4.2 liter engine and extra 400-500 pounds does 0-60 in 4.3 seconds.
      The R8 should be under 4 seconds, 3.8 or something similar.
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