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After months of spy shots and rumor, including leaked photos of the car yesterday, BMW has finally released "official" pictures of its much-anticipated M6 ultra-performance convertible, which debuts at the British Motor Show in July. Featuring 2006's International Engine of the Year - BMW's 5-liter V10 - the big M convertible hustles from 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

Mechanically identical to the M6 Coupe, the M6 Convertible includes as standard the seven-speed Sequential M Gearbox (SMG) with BMW's Drivelogic control software, which features no less than 11 different drivetrain management programs. Also included is the Variable M Differential Lock and BMW's Dynamic Stability Control with M Dynamic Mode. Still more driver options are provided in the Electronic Damper Control system, with three user-selectable suspension settings from sport to comfort.

Exterior styling is the same as the M6 Coupe (with the exception of the roof, of course), including aggressive front and rear fascia and the M-trademark quad tailpipes. The M-version is actually slightly longer than the 6-Series convertible, by virtue of the rear fascia with its built-in diffuser.

BMW has made sure that the convertible owner pays very little performance penalty for the privilege of open-air motoring - the company says that the M6 Convertible laps the Nurburgring's Nordschleife "almost as fast" as the M6 Coupe.

UPDATE - all of BMW's official pics after the jump...

[Source: BMW]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      I can't believe they still let these things leave the factory looking like it has a second trunk glued on top of the original trunk.

      Maybe it's there to prevent the actual trunk from being scratched or dented.
      • 9 Years Ago
      TS: Yes, yes, I may not be completely in the know, it was just rhetorical. (But it is Bangle's design language-flame surfacing, the hideous trunk, etc)

      I want to love BMW, I really do, but the current gen-models are just appalling. I absolutely loved the last gen's.

      But the focus has shifted from simple, clean designs where the real strength is driving characteristics to a technology-driven tour-de-force with less emphasis on the actual driving experience and more on making a statement.

      Aki said it perfectly: "They need to go back to their roots, dump the frumpy lines, dump the high-tech obsession and go back to the driving experience itself."

      I concur.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Oh and I'm not a BMW hater per se. I am on my second BMW in the last 4 years and just picked up this one in Europe, so you might say I dig BMWs. Their design guys are just f-ing retards though.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Ahhh! Owww! NO! Please stop beating me with the ugly stick! Oww! Please, no more!
      -M6 convertible to Chris Bangle

      I thought the 6 series was ugly.
      Then they introduced the M6 coupe.
      Now, what the heck do you call this?

      This is a joke. First off, being a convertible throws away all your chassis rigidity. While it might be "almost as fast", it won't be as fun with all the flex in it.

      And is that rear diffuser designed for performance or to scare off kids?
      Hmm, it looks sorta like an old drink guy smiling.

      I agree with Aki. Just give us a car that is a blast to drive, with a real manual transmission, no adjustable ratio steering, and please, please no iDrive.

      Oh yeah, no more Bangle butts, either.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Can't make up my mind whether the central element of the back end looks more like a chicken's bald ass or maybe a cow's udder. The tailpipes are the milk machine nozzles waiting to be hooked up of course;-)
      • 9 Years Ago
      It looks like my buddy's 645 CI except for the quad pipes.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I still think it's a Camaro for rich dudes.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "-M6 convertible to Chris Bangle"

      ^^^ I stopped reading right there.

      Uninformed BMW hater
      • 9 Years Ago
      Is this groundhog day? Didn't you guys post this yesterday.

      Maybe it was just to draw out the BMW-haters some more.
      • 9 Years Ago
      It seems pretty clear to me who the target audience is, given the backdrops in the pictures. This is for the rich guy (a mid-life rich guy, judging by the bald spots in the pics) who just wants to be able to say they own the most expensive, most exclusive convertible BMW builds. Enthusiasts wouldn't put up with the 4,000 lb curb weight or the compromised chassis rigidity.

      Hmm... I suppose I left an almost identical comment on yesterday's M6 story. But then again, if Autoblog can post the same story twice, so can I.
      • 9 Years Ago
      As I felt on bimmerfest.com, that's one silly looking vehicle. Does anyone at BMW realize the 6 series looks like a Camry Solara that's been to the plastic surgeon a bit too much?
      • 8 Years Ago
      In response to who will be driving one...the ones that can afford it, and like it...if you don't then stfu...as far as it looks like a 645cic...the M5 looks like a 525i...the M3cic look like a 325cic...oh wait and the Mcoupe and Mroadster looks like strikingly similar to there counterparts, if you have not figured out that the M in front is just an options package...a very nice options package for the 6 series and every other BMW vehicle then well i hate to say but well let's leave it to your imagination...

      I have driven all of the M models and they are purely BMW at its finest. The SMG is just another invention that you will have to learn in order to experience what it feels like to drive a pure bred sport car. If you do not like it then wait a few years and BMW will retro fit it to a 6-speed so you to can enjoy it...maybe...I will admit the first generation SMG was not all that smooth and took more effort to learn...but the M5 is seemless...and the next generation will be even better.

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