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One of Ford's veepees', Al Giombetti, said in a e-mail last week to dealerships that when customers confront them about the manufacturer's advertisements in gay publications, to "listen to every customer, correct any misinformation, and ask them to support Ford." The e-mail is considered an acknowledgment that the struggling automaker has been monitoring the boycott launched back in March by the American Family Association and other conservative Christian groups.
The boycott's impact is unknown. Ford Motor Co. donated over $77 million last year, the bulk ($39 million) to educational causes and groups while the rest supporting Asian, blacks, and Hispanics organizations, as well as the gay segment.

Phil Long Ford, a dealership in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where several prominent conservative Christian organizations are based, states it has received about a dozen calls and two dozen e-mails regarding the issue. Says manager Tom White, "The first half-a-dozen calls we got... we said, 'Fine, do what you got to do.' Then we finally started responding back to them, and they came in and [bought] cars or they don't call us anymore."

Ford shareholders reject proposals to drop protections for LGBT workers
Efforts continue in boycott against Ford for its support of gay market

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Know what, Ryan? I work with plenty of gay people, even have gay friends. They know I'm a Christian. I know they're gay. I even carpooled with a lesbian before she moved into town and now I carpool with my wife since my hours changed. We all get along fine at work. We don't bash one another verbally or physically. I just resent the fact that it's "okay" to be hateful towards Christians in our culture, okay? I also resent the fact that "the few" demand rights (exemplified by the recent Dutch political party which became established for pedophiles and bestialists). Just exactly where will that end (sorry, no pun intended)?

      OK "really cool youth pastor" (you've got to be in a church which practices apostacy - look it up in a dictionary - after looking at your statements, but whatever...) - I drive a Toyota Prius.

      So go ahead and boycott Toyota. And yeah, I know that Toyota are "approved" by GLAD or whatever, whereas Honda are not. I didn't happen to like the Civic Hybrid as much, and it's my money to do with as I please, okay?

      And no, I'm not a Republican, nor a Democrat, either.

      I actually understand how to think outside the box of politics as usual, and use my God-given brains to do just that. I'd advise you try it. Have a pleasant day.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Glenn A., "God defined marriage".

      Really? Did He? And all this time I thought it was defined by (democratically elected) lawmakers. I guess if I ever need a divorce I'll see a priest or pastor and not a judge? You know what I think is hurting your argument more than anything? Atheists. They get married all the time.

      Will you join with me in a lobbying effort to create a separate legally recognized partnership? It will be called a "civil union" and will provide the stability of a marriage and benefit any children in the care of these committed partners, but it won't destroy the sanctity of marriage.

      Please note: I'm NOT suggesting civil unions for gay people, I'm saying that you need to protect your "God-defined" institution from the non-believers.

      Yeah... let me know how that goes.

      PS - What do you drive? I just need a company name, and I'll provide you the dollar amount they donated to charities which you are undoubtedly against. Who would Jesus boycott? An American company with already falling market share of course.
      • 9 Years Ago

      what would you do if God spoke from the heavens. Would you tell him "it's not really you, Jesus speaks to us now my chruch told my so and the bible told me so"?

      So Marc, you would reject GOD in his PURE form if he spoke to you from the heavens?
      • 9 Years Ago
      "ME: Ryan, you may have asked, but you cannot receive the gift of Salvation as long as you still have unconfused sin in your life."

      Actions speak LOUDER than words MARC, I asked Jesus into my life and help me be strong as I was coming out. As a result I have 3 wonderful kids a loving partner, etc. Just like YOU said Marc who would know better than ME and JESUS? You and your church?

      "If God said it (the Bible is God’s word), that settles it. There is no longer a need for sacrifice because the bible tells us that Jesus “stood before the world as a lamb slain.” He died for us so that we wouldn’t have to."

      He died for our sins Marc, plus you said as listed "IF GOD SAID IT" so you DONT KNOW. And if God spoke to you and asked for you to KILL your kids (remember GOD can do what GOD wants written or NOT) you said "you did not know" what you would do. Sounds like you are are not supporting GOD or JESUS, MARC. I have accepteed Jesus into my life and you should TO.

      The BIBLE PROVES God asked someone to test his faith by KILLING his kid. So if God spoke from the heavens to YOU and told you to do the same thing, what are you going to do? Quote scriptures back to him?!
      • 9 Years Ago
      " 'Far Right'

      simple marginalization by the liberal media who supports the militant, far left, anti-Christian GLAAD."

      It's funny my father was an Anti-Christian Atheist and was for sure considered the 'far right' and was proud of it, ditto head, etc. He was part of the 'far right'. The point is you can be anti-christian and be 'far right' at the same time.

      When it comes down to it.

      Many will claim they hold the truth, but nobody knows who is correct until there dead.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "Elliott, can you not fathom the difference between a company (Ford) giving tons of money towards trying to alter the culture (via gifts to organizations which wish to "legalize" something in all states against the will of a majority of the people in those states), and most companies, which don't care where they advertise and are thus "approved" by pro-gay organizations? Or companies without smarts enough to say "sorry, no special rights for certain groups of single people when we don't give such rights to other single people"?"

      Glenn Also Stated:

      "Henry Ford the original was a terrible bigot and anti-semite, that is historical FACT. No Jews worldwide would own one of his cars until his changed his position. THAT was a boycott, by God."

      EXACTLY!!! Ford could be the first company to go down in history as helping to tackle a social issue *this time around*. If you look at a decade of polling you will see people are CHANGING the more they know about gay people the more the views keep growing and growing in *favor* of gay people. So from Ford's standpoint what would you call this?! Two things:

      A.) A long term investment
      B.) Delayed Gratification, in other words they are taking an educated gamble they can claim in 60 years they were on the right side of history, as tolerance towards gay people is only expanding, not retracting.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The kindom of God came into my life and changed me.Yours is a secular humanist doctrine that is trying to give people false comfort....from revelation 22 v 18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the phrophesy of this book;If anyone adds anything to them ,God will add to him the plagues described in this book.19And if anyone takes words away from this book of phrophesy,God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city,which are described in this book.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Gardiner Westbound said:

      "It should stick to designing and producing cars and stay out of morality and politics."

      Ford isn't involving itself in anything political or moral. It's the AFA making this a moral or political issue.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Hey Glenn,

      just two thing.

      1. The AFA and the ones like them (and you I'm afraid) are not real Christians. The AFA is a fund raising organization hidden under a religious cloak to avoid paying taxes, and their followers are their hateful tools. Don't call yourselves Christians and stop insulting the memory and the legacy of Jesus Christ.

      2. It is the AFA hateful rethoric in which you can substitute the word gay, for Negro, Jew, Spick, kike, jap, pole, etc, etc, and fly back to times as bad as these. Remember that education is the worst enemy of these types of organizations like the AFA, and ignorace and hate their most powerful waepon.

      I feel sorry for you!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Glenn & Marc:

      Keep kickin' em' while they're down. Now that it looks as if Ford will not be changing their ways.

      Just like both of you admit, the gay lifestyle will be accepted eventually, why would Ford change it's stance?

      So at this point in time, it's obvious your guys goal is to put an American company that employes *thousands* of people, i'm sure including people with strong convictions out of a job and out of business. JESUS will be so proud you guys signed your name to this, SO proud, I'm sure.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Jon, Come to think of it you’re the one being contradictory. First off you stated you were a “homosexual” for 15 years, then in this blog it turned into “about 20 years” so which is it? Surly you cannot be off by a ½ decade. Secondly you stated you were in “relationships” that lasted YEARS. But you also stated you have had OVER 1000 sex partners. So if you divide 1000 by 15 years you get about 66 partners a year. So I have to assume your “relationship” was not monogamous for the “years” that it lasted. Either that or if you take out just two (2) years (your assumed length of this “relationship”) that will in turn have to make up for some lost time meaning that you will then after those (2) years have to have 76 partners a year. BUT THEN, you also have to factor in the relationships that lasted “months” which then shrinks the total time available to have 1000 sex partners. You were sinning all over the place, and nothing is adding up.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Luke ch 17 v1-3 ...Jesus said to his disciples;"things that cause sin are bound to come,but woe to that person through who they come.2IT would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.
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