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Owners of some 2003 and 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees can be expecting a recall letter sometime in July; that is, if they haven't already experienced charred backsides urging them to return to their dealers. DaimlerChrysler will be performing a campaign on the vehicles to address an issue with the vehicle's heated seats, which can malfunction and lead to a fire. The problem is said to be related to the company's use of a "thin film" carbon resistive element, which replaced the traditional wirewound heating elements.

Approximately 111,000 vehicles are said to be affected, and there have been 32 instances of fire reports so far, with "a few" injuries.

[Source: BusinessWeek]

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      #6 Edsel FTW!
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      Think of it not as a seat warmer, but as an automatic haemorhoid cauterizer.
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      #4.... or LA Times auto reviews.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Why is it that every time I hear about faulty heating element's in car seats I think of Yosemite Sam running around going "YEOW! Mah Biscuits are Burnin' "

      Oh well, another supposed advancement/improvement on Seat Heater Technology proves to be a real Pain in the Butt 2 years down the road...
      • 8 Years Ago
      Into each life a little rain must fall...if it happens, hope I have my sun roof open to put out the flames... All kidding aside, I have an 03 and an 04 GRCHltd and love'em both.
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      I smell a PIG roast...Anyone for Ham?
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      The comments in here are great.

      the friendly grizzly wins, in my opinion. Richard at a very close second.
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      I bet this is leaving some Jeep owners hot and bothered...

      No? No good?

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      Richard, you either write romance novels or hardboiled detective stories
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      He'd bought the Jeep against the wifes whishes, now this.

      Yes,he was in the hot seat for sure this time and it was going to be an intensive grilling. She strapped him in tight, the motor was running.

      Holding the recall notice in front of him, she slowly turned the heat up on the seat. His sweat began to pour off his face in little trickles, she'd teach the bastard, it was going to be one hot night.
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      Yeah, along with #5 why are they showing a WK Grand(05-06) when its a WJ(99-04) recall?